House Sold 5 Series DVD pack


You have the choice of working with Chris personally or you can simply purchase her latest 5 Series DVD Pack.


You have the choice of working with Chris personally or you can simply purchase her latest 5 Series DVD Pack.

DVD – One
• Introduction
• Selling Mind Set State
• Selecting the right agent for your sale
• Selecting the price – working with the subconscious and the energy of numbers for your sale
• Marketing – what to look out for in your marketing material
• Organisation – the best way to take care of all your important documents relating to the sale
• Testimonials
• Meet Michael who had his property on the market for three years, one session with Chris and the property was sold within the week
• Meet Susan who had her property on the market without any success. Chris worked on her property and within the week she had three contracts at the top price

DVD – Two
• Preparation tips for the sale of your home
• Cleansing/Smudging your home for sale
• The Bagua Map – how to create a positive flow of energy for you, your home, the agent and the buyers
• What each of the rooms within your home represent

DVD – Three
• On the job – Chris takes you through a home that had been on the market for over seven months with no success. The owners were totally frustrated not getting anywhere
• Chris takes you through the home and shows you the changes that she suggested and best of all a successful outcome of the property being sold within a short period

DVD – Four
• House Numbers – the energy of your home through the number of your house
• How to work out which numbers to calculate when it comes to units and street numbers
• House Numbers 1 – 10 the energy of each number
• Where to find the blockage in your home through the energy of the number

DVD – Five
• 6 Step total turnaround for the home and the occupants
• A brilliant six step programme that helps you find where the blockages to the sale of your home is taking place
• This six step programmes takes you through a series of colours, energies and each of the rooms of your home
• Owners have found this such an easy programme to follow with amazing success in both the sale of their home as well as changes in their life and business.


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