Springbrook Bootcamp


Springbrook National Park One Day Bootcamp

  • We start with a walk, talk and get to connect to the energies of nature
  • Learn to read messages – what can you really see when you look
  • Meditations this month are the Gold Coin Meditation and the Koala meditation.  The koala meditation will be by a stream so you can totally get into the energy of the flow of wealth in your life
  • Learn the energies of the next month coming up to be in total energy alignment
  • ART – The Beauty and Power of working with both the energy of the rose and ART to open the mind to infinite possibilities.
  • You get to step outside the square.
  • You forget the how and move into allowing



Springbrook National Park Bootcamp

  • Date:   1st May – Saturday
  • Time:   9.30am – Meet Springbrook National Park


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Chris Brazel