TRAIN YOUR BRAIN – Flip Your Life Around Today

You will find this book when it is most needed. It will reach your hands when you have chosen to live again. It will reach you when you know you yourself need help, or you are helping a loved one to get back on track. It may even reach you when you are working in the healing industry and you just need extra help to help others.

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2 Books in 1!
Where Do You Go When The Lights Are On But Nobody Is Home?
Successful and easy action steps to overcome depression and anxiety.

First accept you have a problem, we can then chat, we can release but then it is time to release, let go and move on to Train Your Brain to being a new you.

WOW! Yes! I Did It!
Train Your Brain.

I have the most amazing simple, easy and proven action steps to show you how to take back your power and your life.  Depression and anxiety can be crippling.  Drugs and pills keep you in the mess of your mind and take away your life.  Try working with your mind through colours, your home, working with your feet to empower the mind. Come and work with me with the horse, or try paddle boarding.  Life is far too short to let it go today.

  • This contains 295 pages of proven ways to win back your life or help another to win back their life:
  • YOU – know you through your numbers
  • Acceptance
  • Do you or Don’t You
  • Panic Attacks and Anxiety – how to get back in charge
  • The Power of working with colour
  • Working with your home environment to step sideways
  • Buddha Walk
  • Shower Power – working with water
  • Work with the breath to ease and settle the mind
  • Mind power through working with the horse
  • The Butterfly Journey – your journey to freedom
  • Coloured Undies ™ mini Programme to a new you
  • And much, much more.  Purchase today – or even give me a call.  Life is precious.


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