#1 Train Your Brain the Easy Way with Chris Brazel


Train Your Brain The Easy Way with Chris Brazel is a super book that empowers you and teaches you how to work with the energies in your everyday life.

Learn all about YOU the person through the power of numbers.  What you attract subconsciously.  How to create change through creativity.  How to work with colours and your home environment to create changes in your life.

Best of all this book gives you the tools to become the powerhouse for your future.

We are all given a life – some people choose to live and some people choose to suffer.  BE THE PERSON WHO CHOOSES TO LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX.

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Train Your Brain is a  brilliant book which includes so much for you.

Teaching you several ways and methods to train the brain and flip your life to the life you would love to have.

Train Your Brain is great for anyone who is suffering depression, anxiety or lost in the world today.

Train Your Brain is also brilliant for the person who simply wants to find a way to get on track with their life.

You learn the art of Number Crunching and you get to know YOU the person.  What colours make you positive, what areas in the home to work with. What action steps work best for you.  What is your personal year and how to work with your personal year.

Soul Energy Feng Shui is a wonderful way to work.  Soul Energy Feng Shui teaches you the Tibetan form of Feng Shui  working with the Bagua Map.  It teaches you several ways to work with Feng Shui from the Bagua Map to simply working with the different rooms and areas of your home.  What each area represents and how to work with each area.

Colours and Colour Combinations.  Colours are a super way to work in creating change in your life.  Uplifting your lifeFeng Shui action tips

The Energy of colours and colour combinations.  Every colour has an energy and an energy vibration.  Working with colours is like giving yourself the vitamins you need to create a healthy you.

Colour Therapy Programme – I have several programmes that you can work with to use both colours, affirmation and your home environment to create a positive mind and create and manifesting what you want in your life.

The Butterfly Programme and The Four Leaf Clover Programme- two programmes to help you take 23 days and turn your life around.  23 Days to creating a new flow of luck.

Horse Therapy – working with horses and animals is amazing – this is a section to teach you how simple exercises will create a new flow of energy.

The WOW  Ball games – The WOW Ball games teach you cause and effect.  What you give out is what you get back.  Working with Coloured Balls totally helps to flip the mind to the positive.  You will find several ways to work with the ball. This is a super exercise to work with kids to help with the down feelings or the anxiety and clouded minds.

Buddha Walking – how to work with your feet, colour and affirmation to create a positive mind and flow of energy.

the bonus of this book you get a flip side to working with what makes the mind feel down, how to cope with anxiety or that feeling of being stuck.

This book has saved lives, helped people get back on track with their lives.  It is has helped people turn their business around from disaster to profit.  Anything in life can change the moment you make the conscious choice to change.




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