WOW Yes! I Did It – Journal 2018


WOW Yes! I did it – Journal.  A brilliant way to work with energies and alignment.  Warriors of Wellbeing.  An International team of people working with the energy connection of the mind, body and environment to be happy, healthy, wealthy and success.  Working with the principals of actions take you to your destination.  Colours, Energies, Numbers, Feng Shui.


Join me for a fabulous 2018.  A year for golden opportunities.  The year of the dog.  Join me and a community of people who are Warriors of Wellbeing.  Warriors who want to transform and reach their full potential.  A community who share, care and choose to allow the diamond within shine.

The journal works month by month working the energies of the month.  You will be inspired, motivated, educated and be mentored the best way to achieve your goals and dreams.

I will teach you how to make conscious choices each month which will empower you and keep you in perfect alignment to achieve your goals no matter what your goal may be.

This month we will have special mentoring groups for the individual as well as the professionals.  The groups will be Real Estate – House Sold The Easy Way.  Passion to Profit for the entrepreneur who wants to win in business and be paid.  Warriors of Wellbeing.

WOW Yes! I Did it is all about creating a great mind, a healthy body and most of all looking after our environment which in turn will look after us.

You can purchase the journal with one payment or you can choose two or three payments.  To purchase through the payment plan click on either the 3 month Journal or 6 Month Journal.  Please email if you need to chat.

The Journal – What Do You Get – How Does it Work?

Each month you will receive:

  • The energy of the month – why you are feeling the way you feel
  • How to work out your personal energy or the energy of your team
  • Colours
  • Numbers which can help you become the power house within
  • Spaces – how to create happy healthy spaces
  • Affirmations – working the mind with words and thoughts
  • Animal energy – learn about different animals and how they can connect your mind and thoughts and the law of manifesting and attracting what you want in your life
  • Mediations – each month you will have a video meditation to work with
  • Meeting – there is a monthly online meeting to chat, ask questions and find answers
  • Support if you are in a certain group e.g.: family, business, real estate team, sports team where you may be experiencing problems that need a professional advice from Chris Brazel to help you get sorted
  • Regular challenges to help you with discipline.   Discipline leads to freedom
  • Best of all you can come and travel with me around the world where I teach and train.



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