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Sometimes we need change and we need it now.

Let me introduce you to easy quick fix changes that you can do right this minute.

Chris Brazel the person to go to when you are stuck and ready to change



Coloured Undies TM

Change the colour of your undies – change your life.

So what colour are you wearing at the moment?

What are the major colours in your drawer?

Now if we only have black, grey, beige or brown then we are really stuck.

If you need change and you want it now go for the orange.  Can’t get to the shop then go have an orange juice or an orange.  Orange is the first colour to move to when change is needed.

Want to get on track be focused and confident then off you go and get the red.

Need a little love girls go for the pink – guys go for the green.

Every colour has an energy vibration that links to a feeling within the mind.

When you make a conscious choice of the colour of your undies you are make a conscious choice with a purpose to what you want to invite into your life.

Take an extra step.  You have the choice of:

27 Day Coloured Undies turn around.  An easy 27 day colour programme which is so easy that you can do to create the changes.


You can totally get serious and join our next 6 Step Total Transformation Programme which is online – fun – easy with super results.


Walk & Steps

Walking is so powerful to help you train your brain to where you want to go and to what you want to do in life.

Steps are another power place to work and train your brain.

When you walk or climb steps always set your intention to what you want to change.

Work with the power of the words to your mind and feet with the “I am”.  An awsome way to work.

Make sure you have either a time set that you are going to walk to or a distance.  That way you know whether you have succeeded in your brain training.

Check the colours you are heading out in.  If you want to be happy and in love you certainly don’t head out in black from top to bottom.  You don’t have any other colours in your wardrobe then at least try for coloured undies or coloured soxs.

How do you walk with the “I am” words.  You always use the three “I am” then your name then a statement.  For example:

“I am Iam I am ………..name

I am powerful

I am strong

I am moving to my new career ( or what you want to move to)





Check Out the Bedroom

The Bedroom is a total represention of  your identity and how you see yourself in the world.

What is your bedroom saying about your life?

Do you make the bed each day?

Do you toss your shoes into a box or just in the bottom or the cupboard as if you don’t care about where you are going to?

Do you have clothes that you need to toss out?

What do you see when you first enter?  Is what you see happy or sad?

What is the artwork on the walls?  Happy or sad?  Reflecting where you want to go or where you don’t want to go?

Make sure you do not have water pictures in the bedroom.  Water in the bedroom will often reflect that you are strugging with your finances.  If you have a water picture above your bedhead this will often indicate that you have financial worries hanging over your head.

Windows give you clarity – give the windows a clean.  Make sure before you start that you set an intention to finding a solution to the problem you are facing.


In Sync MBE  Coaching & Training

The most unique coaching and mentoring systems in the world.  A system where you always get results.  You cannot move forward in life by just talking.  MBE teaches you how to take action.  How to step out of the emotions and into the doing.  You step into your personal power in ways you never thought you could.


It changed my life


My Whole Family Changed


You Never think the same way again


I never miss a January Bootcamp


I did the Coloured Undies TM Walk




We did it as a team


I totally turned my business around


From a chef to a business owner was brilliant

Numbers Training

Unreal when you know how it works

Events – Bootcamps – Courses

Come and join in one of our amazing bootcamps.  You can even book a school group.  The bootcamps, courses and events are fun, powerful, always full of laughter and excitment.

The Club

Reset your mind every Monday online.  Go live with Chris Brazel and learn everything you can about energy.  Learn how to work with the colour of the month.  How to work with your home environment to make changes.  Check into the challenges to help you stay on track to your goals for the year.

What the Month will bring

  • The energy of the month
  • Colours to work with
  • Oils to work with
  • Animal to work with
  • Crystals to work with


  • Learn new ways to meditate
  • Learn mind and the breath
  • Visualisation
  • Paper & Water Meditations
  • New Meditations each month

Challenges if you Choose

  • Walking Challenge
  • Juice Move and Groove Challenge
  • Ribbon Challenge

    Cupboard Challenge

  • Colour Challenges

Ready for Real Change

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You have nothing to lose and everything to win in life and in your business.


Chris Brazel