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Life is a journey of choices. Choose wisely. Right choices take you to amazing place.

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Robbie’s Interview with Chris Brazel

Sometimes life just does not go the way you want it to go.

You can be thrown into circumstances beyond your control.  You don’t want to be where you are both head space and reality of life.  But you find you are.  Stuck not knowing what to do.  Not knowing who you can trust, when everything is so personal.  Meet Robbie, he was there but not any more.  A few chats with Chris Brazel, a few pair of coloured undies and bingo you have a new man and a new life.


The boots that created the paradigm shift.

Who would have thought it would be so hard to remove a pair of boots out of your life.


Chats with Robbie, You will love his story

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Listen Now

Robbie reminds you that sometimes all you need to do is simply make a phone call.  One phone call could open a brand new door to a brand new you.

Robbie reminds you to look for the simple things in life.

Live in the present.  Appreciate the little things and soon the larger rewards of life will come your way.

Robbie reminds you that every day can be a new day. Just as the sunsets so does the sun rise.

Look for that special person whom you can trust and confide in.  That person will be there for you.


So Are You Ready To Make The Change?

Your life belongs to you. Make sure you are driving the car to the destination that you want.”



Testimonial From Dave

Hello Chris and a Merry Christmas to you.

It is 1am on Christmas morning, one could be forgiven for considering me nuts. No doubt I am a misplaced soul.

I have been meaning to write for a couple of days after receiving your book and cd’s.

They are no doubt enlightening. And scary; more of that shortly. Chris you have given me a direction that I am eager to pursue.’ 54 days to fall in love.’ I have floundered badly in that dept for far too long. I simply long to be complete again, I feel that cannot happen unless I am in love with the person whom I intend to spend the rest of my life with.

Chris I was touched that you spoke with me on the phone and went to the trouble of writing a note of support. It is warming to see that a person of your affluence is still working at the grass roots level.

Now! I have read the book and listened to the tapes several times. I hear another new suggestion or direction each time. The scary bit is this; the Feng Shui is a major makeover for my house, but more so for my shed (it’s bigger than the house and houses everything the kids have collected, left or lost, me too). I’m workin on it, ok?

But more scary than that is having to clean the oven. J Honestly Chris, I’m from Mars. Is this book really printed for the Venus’s of the world.

I’m thinking there is a market here for you to put together a kit including crystals, incense, oils, coloured soap and undies, Pj’s and heaven forbid pink and green cream, etc etc for us mere males.

Rest assured I am not taking the micky out of you, it’s just hard for us fellas to round-up all this scary stuff. I have shopped at one of gypsy shop to little avail. Hit the markets and scored some more. Have done over two supermarkets and added a little more. I am raising eyebrows everywhere including my kids. If it wasn’t for Jenny and here association with crystals, meditation and reiki in her darkest years I would be running a mile.

I can’t wait to plunge into the love bath and hopefully experience a fraction of the warmth you received. But alas, still more ingredients to track down. I’m afraid the starting date for my 54 days is like chasing a runaway train.

Just one more little problem. Gee I must be sounding really negative here, I will catch that train believe me. But it won’t be this year. Now! You know how us guys don’t like to ask for directions? Even when we have been driving in circles geographically challenged for hours; right. Well the same goes for angels. This is like trying to nit a rug with one arm for me. Am I being naïve here, do others guys suffer this, or do I just need to build a bridge and get over it? When it comes to meditation, I’m a brick. I’ve asked the angels for help here, even left a note asking for a name; naught. Oh, the feather thing, does black crows feathers count, or is that a bad omen? I’m a worry aren’t I?

On the bright side; the house is coming together, my youngest daughter will help tomorrow, umm today. I am promoting your material and I do firmly believe there is more to be gained than lost in doing so.

Please, could you at your leisure put together another pack for me and mail it to Kym Ryan Unit 3, No 1 Sterne St Warwick 4370. She is a bigger lost soul than myself and figured she could do with a lift. She has agoraphobia and some, long story. If you still have my credit card details go for it. If not ring me on my mobile 0418 323655. Remember, at your leisure, it’s xmas.

I have just one more request of you if I may be so impertinent. I have a son named Matthew who is dead set struggling. Full of anger and low self esteem. Has turned away friends and family because of his wearing attitude towards them and life. Alcohol and soft drugs are taking over. Tonight again I feared for his life in his room, because of rejection. There is so much negative energy around him that it drowns me as well. The first chance I get I will smudge his room, see, I am trying. His birthdate is 4/4/1980. Is their something I am missing in those numbers.

Chris I am asking you this as a fellow carer. I help others who have lost loved ones. You would be amazed and heartened at the length I go to at times. It is easier or more accepted to help others at times over your own family.

Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time. It’s now lavender time, J

All the very best to you and those in your heart.


Dave Cook, QLD