Conversations with strangers can take you to amazing places

How often do you chat to a stranger?

In fact do you ever chat with strangers just for the sake of chatting?

I absolutely love my daily exercise of seeing how many people I can meet in a day and have a chat with or even a hello and how is your day going?

Meeting strangers is a great way of opening new doors to new people.

I know you have to be careful of “stranger danger”.  And I do say “yes, you do need to be careful” but there is a great way to see if the person is right to chat to or not, simply send a message to their soul.  Sounds a bit odd.  Not really what you do is within your mind as you greet or meet someone you are about to have a conversation with say the word silently (namaste).  Works wonders.

What you are doing is simply connecting your energy space and soul to their energy space and soul.  Now if you are not meant to chat, speak or have a conversation you will be diverted in some way.  Saying Namaste even to your loved ones as you see them each, starts to create a wonderful warm and loving energy.  You kinder of break the ice before you even start the conversation.  By offering the words “namaste” you will find only the truth of words through love will be spoken.

Interesting enough this exercise works amazing with horses or any animal as well.

Last year when I had Daisy and Willie at the track staying there and being trained from the track and not from the farm – this one particular morning I sent my message of “Namaste” to Daisy, then to Willie and then interesting enough to their track rider who was only new.

Want to know what happened?  Very Interesting.

First Daisy played up all the way from the stable to the saddling area to meet her rider.  She kept wanting to turn around and go back to the stable which is totally unlike her.  Next when the track work rider turned up she immediately stood on his foot.  Not nice.  He then mounted and off she went.  In the mean time I saddled Willie to be ready when she got back.  On the way he also played up wanting to go back.  I thought wow, what is going on with these horses this morning.  The track rider arrived back, we put Daisy in a stall and I helped him mount Willie.  Next I untied Daisy and started to walk her back to the stables for breakfast.  Next minute Willie comes flying past at speed of lightening,  I turned and here is the rider on the ground.  Willie had decided he did not want him on his back.  I then struggled with Daisy who got away and also took off to the stables.  I thought which way do I go after the two horses or check out the rider.  Of course it was to check out the rider who by this time was sitting up.  Winded but ok.  Both horses headed back to the stables where they had started from and happy.  From my namaste that particular morning the rider had to stop riding for me for 3 months as he had hurt his groin.  I took Daisy and Willie home and went back to training them there.  It turned out that my namaste to the rider got through to his soul well and truly as he was trying to decide whether to continue track work riding or not.  All three namaste’s to three individuals, two horses and one person ended in them all having a change of direction within two hours.

This week work on your conversations – send namaste to each person before you chat – this can be either personal, phone, emails or even online.  Let me know what happens.

Enjoy my pod cast this week which is about a casual conversation with a wonderful three year old on the ferry to Manly.  Which then lead to dating a gorgeous frenchman.  Great experience from a casual conversation.

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