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 South Burnett – Moffatdale – Walk with Me-Walk for You

Walking Getaway

Walking is one of the most powerful ways to train your brain.  It is easy, you can walk by yourself, you can walk with a friend, you can walk in a group. You can even walk with me.


Give yourself the gift of a getaway and connect back to you, your goals and your future.

A great way to get MINDFIT and beat any mind blues, depression, anxiety, stagnation, health issues, relationship conflict, career or business issues.


The health benefits of walking are proven.  They are great in creating a healthy mindset to create changes in your life.

Brain Training

Let me teach you easy ways to walk which can help you train your brain to anything you want to create in your life or business

Success - Be a Winner

Walking can be a powerful Brain Training tool to help you achieve your goals and challenges in life.  The goals can be anything from happiness, love to wealth and success



When you walk with a purpose you start to take control of your life.  When you start to take control even in the smallest of ways you start to be the one who can conquer.

South Burnett Rail Trail

Come join me and have some fun, challenge yourself.  Motivate yourself to aim high and receive your goals.

Every month there are South Burnett Rail Trail walks.  We kick off from Moffatdale and have different walks each month.  Moffatdale is only 2.5 hrs from Brisbane.  An amazing part of Australia where you can connecto to the soul of you.  You can find answers, solutions, you get to open doors to infinite possibilites for the future.

A brilliant to get MINDFIT to beat any forms of depression, anxiety, stagnation where it be in your life, relationships or career.

A super way to connect to the young people in your life.

Weekend Coming Up

Dates:  28th & 29th May

Walking, MINDFIT – ART and Creativity

Saturday 28th 

You have the choice of 6 km, 12.9 or 23km Walk.

We meet at  7.00am Saturday work out our Mind and Words for the walk to win in life.

8.00 the 23 km walkers kick off to meet the 12.9 walkers in Murgon who then join as a team and meet the 6km walkers half way to Wondai.

At Wondai we have lunch and work on goals, codes and action steps for the future.

Sunday 29th

ART – Creativity to Open the Mind to infinite possibilities.  We move out of the how and into the now and ‘The Journey” to the new.

ART and creativity open the sacral chakra and the mind to infinite possibilites.

This weekend you have the choice of several art pieces from Kindness stones to sketching to a Canvas to hang at home.  We always leave the choice to you.

After the weekend you will have a 27 day programme to follow to keep on track to your goals.


You can join for one day or both

Saturday:  Walk, Goal Setting and Action plan $145.00

Sunday – ART and Creative Class is $145.00

If you choose to book for both days $270.00

Accommodation and meals are organised by each participant individuality.

Book early as numbers are limited.

Join My Walking Club leading up to the event.

When you join the challenge you will have free membership to Monday MINDFIT Power from date of joining to 1st December, 2022.

Monday MINDFIT Power teaches you how to train your mind to achieve your goals.  Moving the body you move the mind and you start to move into the groove of life.

You have weekly Monday online meetings where you learn about the mind, colour, how to train your brain the easy way.  Mind body action tips to move out of the emotions and into achieving and doing.  You move into the power of conscious choices with action steps.

We have goal setting.  You can join me in person on  walks in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or at home live and online.


Walk-Water- Words – Win

Have you ever seen water walk?  It is an amazing exericse that really connects to your brain space.

Do the exercise and see how it connects to you.  You will see:

Where you are stuck.  Where you are not balanced.  Where you are not using your assets for wealth.

We have access to everything we want in life.   We just block our access.  Working with walking, water, words it does not take long to be a winner.

Make sure you start from the left with a full cup of water then move across.  Check out my video to learn more.

Walk and Train with Me either in Person or Online

Saturday Distance Walks

Check out our calendar for the weekly distance walks held either Brisbane, Brookfield, Sandgate, Burleigh, Mermaid Beach.

Each week we walk with a colour, word and affirmation to train the brain to what we want in life.

Members it is free.

Non members not sure if this works for you simply join in and pay on the day which is $23.00




Walking Interviews

This month I have two great interviews.

Meaghan and The Bedroom

Leanne and the wedding dress.

Both ladies after changes have moved into the energy of love in super amazing ways.

You can walk and listen as it will be a podcast download easy for you to connect to or check out my Youtube Channel.





Weekend Bootcamps

Each month I host a get away walk – words – win with Mind Body and Creativity.

We meet at Moffatdale 2.5 hrs from Brisbane and spend the weekend walking, talking, connecting and creating.

You leave feeling amazing with answers and action steps to take you to solutions to the changes you want to make in your life or business.

Our walks are free to members.

The creative classes are $145.00

Accommodation and meals are organised by the individual.

Young people are welcome to come with a parent.











Working as a Team

When I train individuals to either learn energy alignment for themselves or for clients and build as a business – they become part of my team.

When you work as a team there is no mountain you cannot climb, no river you cannot cross.

Team support when you feel you can’t make it.  Team celebration when you have made it.

Team inspiration and motivation when the person in front is pushing through.  You see then and then you know you can do it too.


“Trust me working with Chris Brazel is awesome.  When you think you are ready to give up she gives you the motivation, support and guidance that helps you stay until you cross the line.”

Nathan Cooper

Walking the most powerful way to train your brain to the life you want to live

It’s Time to Create the Life You Want.

Chris Brazel