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 Chris Brazel and the world of Energy

School of Energy – Everything in your life is energy. 

Your Unique Energy

Every one is a unique individual.  Know your Brain Codes – know the energy of you. When you know the energy of your mind, how it works you then know how to create what you want in life or business.  That easy.

Energy in Your Daily Life

Everything in your life connects to an energy code.  Know the energy codes and you know exactly how to boost your power and be in perfect energy alignment.


  • Brain Codes
  • Numbers in Life
  • Numbers in Business


  • Individual colours
  • Colour Combinations
  • Colours and the mind


  • Your Environment
  • Your Home
  • Your Office


Animals - Plants - Nature

  • Work with animal energy
  • Work with plant energy
  • Train your brain in nature

Take a Class for Interest

Classes are held in all areas on a regular basis.

You can join a class of interest for yourself and your family.

You can join online or come to one of our bootcamps and courses where you have hands on.

You are always welcome to also book one on one classes with Chris Brazel and the team.

Train as a Practitioner

Chris Brazel has been training practitioners with her unique coding, energy systems along with her colour therapy and MINDFIT courses.

You can join a group class or you can book one on one classes.

Chris Brazel will design a special system and unique business to match her systems with your unique way of working.

Where Do We Start?

Give Chris Brazel a call and discuss what you would like to learn about energy.

Book a Brain Coding session about your unique energy.

You have the choice of joining online courses and coaching each month.


Come and join one of our bootcamps, challenges or fun creative days in a park.

There is no time like the present to come and learn about energy.

Coaching and Training at the School of Energy

Brain Coding

Learn the unique art of coding the individual’s brain to know exactly how their mind works.  How to help individuals train their brain the easy way.

How to join the dots of life.




Colour Therapy

Colour is a powerful way to work with conscious choices each day.  You can learn the basic way to work with colour and the mind or you can learn the full 6 step Total Tranformation Programme.





 Horse Therapy

Chris Brazel has developed a unique coding system and way to work with the individual and the horse.

Working with the horse is so powerful. 





ART – Colour and Symbols

Our ART courses are designed to teach both the techniques of art and at the same time the energy of colours, colour combinations, symbols of what you are painting.

The energy connection of colours and animals and how they can connection to your brain.





Creative Classes+ 27 Programmes

We have a great range of creative workshops and courses that you can enjoy either online or in person.  You can also train in our creative colour programmes and turn into a business for yourself.






Soul Energy Feng Shui

Chris Brazel has developed over the past 20 years a unique and powerful Soul Energy Feng Shui Coding system.  She teaches you the energy connection of the Mind, Body and Environment.






Working as a Team

When I train individuals to either learn energy alignment for themselves or for clients and build as a business – they become part of my team.

When you work as a team there is no mountain you cannot climb, no river you cannot cross.

Team support when you feel you can’t make it.  Team celebration when you have made it.

Team inspiration and motivation when the person in front is pushing through.  You see then and then you know you can do it too.


“Trust me working with Chris Brazel is awesome.  When you think you are ready to give up she gives you the motivation, support and guidance that helps you stay until you cross the line.”

Nathan Cooper

Come join one of our adventures, bootcamps or courses.  

You will feel alive again.  You will learn how easy it is to train your brain to what you want.  You start to take control and be the one driving the car to the destination you want to go to.

It’s Time to Create the Life You Want.

Chris Brazel