Welcome to my Shop

Everything that I have in my shop is specially designed, produced or selected according to energy, numbers, colours, colour combinations and meaning with a purpose.

ART & Designs

When I paint any of my designs I always check the date, the moon energy and the energy around me.  Each piece is designed according to the symbols in the design, the colours and colour combinations.

Most originals are designed on commission for a special purpose.  I then follow where the art work has gone and what the person has achieved.


Books & Journals

I enter a whole new world when I write. The quickest book I have written was Girls, Raise the Bar, It’s Your Time to Shine.  48 hours written 7 days for 2 edits and published within the month.  The book then went to courses in Australia, Dubai, Serbia, New York, New Zealand.  We still have a club in Belgrade.

My books are based on real transformations with real people and real results.  They are easy to read and easy to follow.  Select your book today and make the changes you want.


At the begining of each month I publish a magazine with energy tips to help you move into perfect energy alignment. 

You can join for one month, three months or for the year.

You will learn all about numbers, colours, colour combinations, Soul Energy Feng Shui tips, animal energy, crystals, affirmations to work with to keep your mind focused and on track to your goals.

You also have access to online meditations



I have a great selection of meditations.

Each meditation is designed especially for a purpose.

You can download and watch as many times as you choose.

You can also join my weekly Tuesday online meditations.

Bootcamps & Courses

Click through to select the bootcamp or course you wish to join in.

You may like to gift a bootcamp or course to a friend.

If there is something special you want to give to someone please email or give me a call and we can arrange something special.


Scrubs -Soaps-Lotions

Our scrubs, soaps and lotions are amazing. I make the scrubs personally myself.  They are made on special days according to the moon and date energy.  Each batch is said in prayer, music and mantras.

When you work with the scrubs you will feel the energy come through.

Feng Shui Items

I have a large selection of Feng Shui items for you to choose from.

Windchimes to move  energy – either negative or positive.

Buddha Paper & lucky enveloped




Prayer, Protection & Healing

This is a special section dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, St Francis, St Benedict along with angles.

Protection items such as evil eye

St Benedict Key rings

Many more.




Our candles are made on special days according to the moon and date energy.

Each batch is said in prayer, music and mantras.

The candles are designed to the energy of the colour and to the fragrance to what the person receiving will want to change or manifest in their life.

After the candles are hand poured they are left to sit and take in either the energy of the Ho’oponoopono Healing Meditation or to the Rosary.  It will be marked on the candle what healing the candle was given.

They are then ready to be mailed.

As one happy customer said “The candles jsut have attitude.  They have peace and they have a knowing that everything will be ok.”  How can you feel that way about a candle?  It starts with the pure intention of the candle makers and their mind energy.

At the Chris Brazel shop everything is created with pure intention and purose.



Oils & Crystals

Our Oils and crystals are sold in a pack with other items.

If there is a particular oil or crystal that you would like then email and we will package for you.

The oil and crystal packs are desgined to go with the Monthly Energy Packs.  You can purchase each month or three months in advance to be ready.



Presents with a Purpose

If you would like something special for a friend, work colleague or family member, please feel free to call and chat.  We can always design something special so you can help them reach their goals or change their life.  We also have gift vouchers for either something they can choose for themselves or a coaching Brain Code session.

Gift Voucher

You can choose the amount

Brain Coding Session

Buy 2 Get 1 Free



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