Feng Shui Life Coaching

Feng Shui Life Coaching


An easy way to change your life by stepping out of the emotions and into action.

Feng Shui Life Coaching teaches the Mind, Body and Environment Energy Connection.


What the Mind thinks, the body feels and your environment reflects.

Work One on One

6 Easy Steps  – Room by Room


Feng Shui Life Coaching is an easy way to change your life.

You first set your intentions and your goals.

You then work room by room creating changes in your home that creates changes in your life.

Step into the reality of what you are creating in your life.

When you work with Soul Energy Feng Shui it is easy to see how the mind thinks.

Once you understand how each room represents areas of your life you simply work room by room combing each room with a colour, an oil and an affirmation you always achieve results.

Work in a Group of 4 – 6

Groups are a fun way to work as a team in creating changes in your life.

You kick off with a one on one to set your goals.

You then meet each fortnight at each others homes or online for each step of the course.

In between each meeting you have a room to work with, a colour, oil and affirmation.

So easy and so powerful as you step out of emotions into seeing what you are creating and taking action steps.

You find working this way you do not feel like you need excuses.

You have 3 Choices:

6 Step Total Transformation either one on one or in a group

This programme has a joining fee and a set format using Feng Shui, Colours, Oils and Affirmations

A more intense programme.


Life Coaching Room by Room – simple easy and fun

6 Step Transformation Financial Returns From Clients


There is a payment to join the programme when they receive their Brain Codes and Information on their home,  phone numbers and car rego.

From their codes they have an understanding of what rooms in the home connect to their mind.  Their personal colours and the energies what they naturally need in their life.

Their joining fee is $360.00

They then pay a fortnightly fee for each session.  Sessions can be held at one centre, at your home or each person hosting a meeting.

This is a great programme that can also be held online.

When you run group sessions each person pays $89 per session.

For a group of 6 over 6 sessions the return is $3204.00

Each session also includes oils, crystals, candles, soaps which you can sell and an extra income.

With the $360 joining fee $270 comes covers their codes and your back up for your clients to ensure that each person achieves their goals.

The balance of $90 goes to you.


Total to you for the 6 Step Life Coaching is $3780.00

This takes 12 hours of your time when you work with 6 people in a group.

One on One 

There is the joining fee of $360 as above.

Then each session is $230 – $320 depending of what you prefer to charge.

Each session is only 1 hour of your time.

One on one does not have the income as the group – it is still a great way to work and with even 2 people a week you would earn minimum of $460 or $540 depending on what you charge.

The results are amazing and the knowing that you have changed a life is amazing.


Feng Shui Life Coaching – Room by Room –

Combining with the Butterfly to Freedom and the

Labyrinth Programme – Unlocking the brain


This is an easy and cost effective programme.

The total coaching programme takes 54 Days.  You work in 2 x 27 Day Challenges to make it easy for your clients.

You can work one on one or in a group.

You work with your client room by room through the home working with them to first see what they are creating then how to make changes in each room one step at a time.

1st Session – what are the goals and what areas of life needs change.

Connecting to real goals not fluffy goals

You then work with the energy of the butterfly and you help them create the imagine of a butterfly.

You then work over a 27 Day Programme working with the rooms in the home, colour and a declaraton.

You take a 3 day break then you move to the Labyrinth Programme to unlock their brain to achieve their goals.

Once they complete the 1st – 27 day programme you can then work with them with the Labryinth Programme or the Ball Programme or  walking or Mala Power Beads to take them over to the next 27 days.

The total programme is 54 Days with a short break in between.

The cost to train is $995 – Room by Room followed by a creative Programme

54 Days in total for each coaching course.

Each time you work with a client you will need to purchase the Butterfly to Freedom Declaration book which is $36.00 per book for the Butterfly Programme – colours and declaraton.

Then $36 for the Brain Labrynth Programme book which gives them a creative way to work through the 27 days.

We also provide the Mala Beads packs which are $27.00 –

It is totally up to you what they cover over the 2nd 27 days.

You are welcome to charge as you please.

You could charge $360 – $995 per person as it is a 6 week course.

I leave it up to the individual to what they want to charge.  You just need to ensure that you have included a cost per person of $72.00 for each of their 27 day colour and declaraton books.

When you join the training the $995 covers one of the 2nd 27 Days you can choose at any time to learn the other programmes which you can also sell as seperate courses.

Cost to Train – the 6 Step Total Transformation 

The trainng course is $2700.00 when you connect to the codes for each client.

If you choose to just work with the 6 steps and no codes cost is $3600.00

Payment plans are available.

How Do you Train

I train coaches by having one or two people who they work with over the 6 steps.

Both the trainee and the participants do the programme.

The trainees gets to see how it works.

Training is online.

You have a course book to follow for each step.

When we have the goal setting I work with you and your goals then with the person working with you.

So many people are looking for ways to help them find focus, become confident and to get on track with their lives.

This is brilliant for a whole family or just an individual.

From this course you can add extra courses to create change for example:

  • The Butterfly Creative Programme
  • Mala Beads and Mind Power
  • The labyrinth – How to Unlock the Brain to Health and Wealth.


Success Stories

Neil and Paul completed a massive 54km walk using their power beads.

Best of all after the walk a new door opened for Paul for his career which he walked though and now enjoying.

Sueme was introduced to Power Beads and the Bounce 2 Ball programme. He now has an amazing opportunity to a new career.

The Group at Moffatdale distance walk working with their power beads.

Everyone was able to push further then they ever imagined by working mind, body and beads.  You can can learn this amazing way to train the brain to push through.

Teaching Power Bead Walking is awesome.

It is amazing how people achieve walks that they did not believe they could achieve.

After their walks obstacles that were previously in their way no longer exist.

The magic of the mind.

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