Soul Energy

Feng Shui

Soul Energy Feng Shui is a unique system of combining eastern, western and modern feng shui.

A system I have developed over the past 23 years combining the mind, the body and your environment.





The most amazing way to live life to the full

Chris Brazel

Australia’s Leading Numbers, Colours and Soul Energy Feng Shui Expert.  The Innovator and Developer of Access Coding and Brain Codes.  International Consultant and Best Selling Author.

You will love this course it teaches you so much about you and your life.  What your mind is thinking and feeling about life.  The best thing about this course you can totally changes you life and create a whole new flow of energy.

There are 3 main levels to the course.  You can do just one or you can continue and do all three.  You can also follow on and train with me which is a wonderful way to change people’s lives in the world.  It is easy, it is fun, it is colourful and best of all you get results and rewards.

What the mind thinks.

The body feels and Your Environment Reflects.

With the Soul Energy way you work inside then you work outside.


Learn the ART of Living Well through Conscious Choices

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Come and Train with me either for Interest or Kick off a New Career

This Course is a great course as an Introduction to Soul Energy Feng Shui

You are welcome to chat if you would like to go one step further as a Practitioner, learn more about Access Coding.  Just give me a call and we can chat,

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The Course

Starts 10th August Online at 7.30pm

The Course has 10 Modules

Step One   –     What is Soul Energy Feng Shui

Step Two –       The Bagua Map – How the Read the Map

Step Three –    Tips on reading and creating spaces

Step Four –     Abundance

Step Five –      Relationships

Step Six –        Health & Ancestors – Children & Creativity

Step Seven –   Belief, Knowledge and Spirituality

Step Eight –    The Rooms in the Home

Steps Nine –    Lucky Items

Step Ten –        Plants

What Happens How Does it Work?

We kick off with a zoom introduction on 10th August at 7.30pm

You will receive your Soul Energy Feng Shui to Discovery 54 Days in the mail for extra notes and easy to carry information

We will have 5 zoom meetings for discussion every 2nd Wednesday. at 7.30 

The meetings will be recorded and available for a limited time for you to see.

You will receive your notes each week along with a Youtube Video to explain with tips and a podcasts where you can walk and learn at the same time.

You will have a private facebook group to chat and discuss ideas or areas you are working on in your home.

Starts 10th August 7.30pm Online

Cost:   $595.00

Includes:   Course, Books, Notes

You can pay upfront or two payments.

You can add the Introduction to Numbers and Codes if you Choose with this course.  When you combine with this course you save $100 and pay $495 instead of $595.  This is the Introduction to Numbers and Codes Course run in conjunction

Soul Energy Feng Shui

An awesome way to look at life in a different way

Chris Brazel