Soul Energy Feng Shui

How to Energy Code Your Home

This is a brilliant course that teaches you how to read, code and create changes in a home to create changes in your life.

How to read a home to what is happening in the subconscious of the people living in the home.

How to create changes with colour, furniture and ornaments to total health and wellbeing for the people living in the home.

The Course

 Traditional Feng Shui

  • What is Traditional Feng Shui
  • Different Forms of Feng Shui
  • Protection
  • Five Elements
  • Poison arrows
  • Yin and Yang
  • Cures and antidotes
  • Symbolisation

   Soul Energy Feng Shui

  • What is Soul Energy Feng Shui
  • The Bagua Map
  • Relationships
  • Abundance
  • Career, Fame
  • Health, Children and Creativity
  • Travel and Helpful People
  • Belief, Knowledge and Spirituality
  • Car Keys
  • Wallets
  • Diaries

Soul Energy Spaces

  • The areas in the home that connect to your personal energy code

Cleansing Homes and Spaces

  • Smudging
  • Bells
  • Drums

House Numbers and Energy Codes

  • House Numbers from 1 -9
  • Energy Codes for each home 1 – 9
  • Unit/Apartments – How to read the energy code

Building /Renovations

  • How to read floor plans of homes and offices
  • A tick off list to watch out for with building plans
  • The energy of numbers to floor plans and building sites
  • The energy of renovations to property numerology and what to look for


  • Energy of selection of plants
  • Plants that connect to certain energy spaces

House Sold The Easy Way

  • Styling for a Success sale
  • Auto Suggestions in Marketing
  • Prices
  • Dates for to enter the property market and auctions
  • Why some dates for auctions never work

Check List When Consulting on a Home for a Client

This Course includes Practical Experience

Practical experience I believe is the key to success when consulting and styling properties for clients.

When I train you, I will then work with you so you have a total understanding of energy coding for a home.

How to create changes in your clients life through the changes you make in styling or colour in the home.

From this course you are welcome to also study with me Personal Access Coding, Colour Coding, Total Transformation Coding for Health and Success.

Cost:    $2700.00

This includes your full course with practical experience.

Work books, gift pack and extra gift pack for your 1st 5 clients.

I can also help you with your Business Brand Identity to ensure your success along with Business Mentoring.

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House Sold the Easy Way

I believe there are amazing opportunities working as or with real estate agents to help clients sell their home, the easy way – highest price and shortest time.

House Sold The Easy Way teaches you how the energy of the home for sale.  How best to style the home.  Auto Suggestions in marketing the property.

Extra – Your Choice

The Art of Living Well

6 Step Total Transformation Programme

A brilliant teaching programme to create change in your life through your home.

This course takes you room by room, step by step, colour by colour for a total transformation.

Once you have completed the Soul Energy Feng Shui Course you are welcome to train as a mentor or coach

working with the home, colour and your client.

How Does It Work?

With this Total Transformation Programme you train as you go.  I will teach the course and you will be my assistant.

We take 6 people who are ready to create a change in their life.  6 people who want transformation.  They want a better life.

We start by working out their personal Access Codes.  We then move to their goals.  We then meet every fortnight either online or in person and work through a set process of the energy of a room, a colour, an energy mind link, meditations and affirmations.

The 6 steps takes a period of 12 weeks.  After the 12 weeks there is a celebration for everyone’s achievements.

The 6 participants in the course actually pay for your course and open the doors to your new coaching/mentoring business.

Each participant pays $195 for the course which is normally $870.00 so a great education.  They receive their personal Access Codes, a gift and then the 6 meetings and course.

Once you have completed your training you can then start to run your own coaching courses.

How do you then make money?

The ART of Living Well Coaching Course.

Participants pay $360 to join the coaching programme.  They receive their Personal Access Codes, A gift pack to get them started and a one on one to make sure that they have the right goals with a pure intention.

They then pay $69.00 per meeting when in a group of six per meeting

If they are in a group of 3 they pay $95.00 per meeting

If they are one on one then they pay $145.00 for each session.

What does this give the ART of Living Well Coach

From the $360 you receive $210.00. The balance of $150 pays for the Personal Access Codes and the gift and your license to run the course.

You then receive the individual step fee that each participants pays.

For example if you have a group of 6 each meeting you receive 6 x $69 which is $414.00 for a 2 hr meeting.

You have six meetings which is $414.00 by 6 =  $2484 plus your $210 joining fee.  Total for 6 meetings and approx 12 hours work is $2694.00

You find as at each meeting participants will also purchase from you their crystals, candles, soaps and extra items.

This is a wonderful way to work with the home, colour, meditations, crystals, colours and coaching.

A proven system that has been changing lives for the past 19 years.

Please call or email if you would like to know more.