As a kid we would just jump in and have a go – bring back the kid in you.

The $5.00 Challenge

I love this challenge.  I am always amazed at what people come up with in order to create wealth from their $5.00 note and their power.

Often in business or in life we become stagnant and we get in the same old, same old way of living, being and receiving.

Money is often an issue.  The problem is that we don’t think outside the square or have fun with money.  It all becomes too serious.

Everyone has access to huge wealth – all you have to do is open the door.  How often do you head of someone who has taken a passion or an idea and turned it into millions?  You can to.

It totally comes back to you and your imagination.  This exercise is about being innovative, motivated and being in imagination.

The power of the $5.00 – you have nothing to loose.

What do You Do?

Starting Date:    8th July, 2019

Finishing Date:    15th July, 2019

Take $5.00 and with your power, imagination, skills, talents, expertise turn that $5.00 into the largest amount that you can.

The record at the moment stands at $900.00 within 4 Days.


You have $5.00 to spend

You have to buy what ever you need with your $5.00

You can use electricity from home

You can use pots and pans, stove and heater

You can use your car, trailer or float

The rest is up to you.

We start on 8th July and we finish on 15th July.  This exercise is amazing in releasing the fear about moving ahead in life in business or just in general.

To take first place you need to produce receipts to prove your journey to success.

I have not given you the ways that others have won as that would be taking away from your imagination and your innovation.

This exercise opens the sacral chakra of choice and prosperity.  This is often the one that gets blocked and hence stops the flow of cash and wealth.  Creativity is the power to open this chakra.

Jason did brilliantly using his power centre with his imagination

Jason did brilliantly with his $5.00 challenge – within 4 days he had easily swapped it to $900.00

When I first gave him the challenge, he said he didn’t have time.  In his eyes it was wasting his time.

The truth of the matter he was in fear of failure.

What prompted the attempt was he had come to a stagnation in his business in going to the next level.

He needed to introduce new ways, new ideas.  The fact of the matter he was ready to face his fears, accept where he was and give it a go.  As I said to him.  He had nothing to loose, only ego.

The excitement from his voice when he had swapped his $5.00 to $900 was ecstatic.

All I did to guide his was for his to work through his Power Code.  As soon as he turned to his Power Code he knew what to do.

If you do not already know your power code then simply work on your power spot within.

Have fun, enjoy and share your journey.

A gift at the end of the Journey

As a gift at the end for the winner with proof of their success I will give you a free 1 hour of personal or business mentoring.

You can work with me by phone or visit me in Sydney, Newcastle or Wollombi.

I am so looking forward to know who I will be working with to take their ideas to the next level.

The key to winning will be let go and have fun.

There is nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Simply believe in yourself and you gifts which have been given to you at birth