23 Day Butterfly Challenge

23 Day Butterfly Programme – Create a Turning Point 2019-07-19T11:28:39+10:00


Create the turning point in Your Life

The 23 Day Butterfly Challenge is an amazing programme over 23 days that truly gives you a turning point in your life.

If you are ready to create a turning point and have change – then this programme will help you create that change.

It is creative opening the sacral chakra – the chakra of choice and wealth.

The butterfly journey teaches you how to select your perfect goals.  To fine tune and be specific.

It also teaches you the power of Attention to your Intention and discipline.

How to focus and what to focus on

How to step sideways to creating and manifesting.  Moving the move out of the HOW and into receiving.

It is colourful – in that you get to learn and use colour over the 23 days

It is easy as you only have five tasks to do:

1.         Creative your butterfly

2.        Work with colour on a daily basis over 23 days

3.        Write out an affirmation each day

4.        Spend 5 minutes a day with Buddha Walking which creates presence and mindfulness

5.        No alcohol, cakes, biscuits, chocolate or lollies


Success Stories that will inspire You

This student wanted to change careers

She wanted to pursue her creative quilting business.

After the butterfly programme she on a major prize in lotto.

This student needed to sell her $4.5 million Home after a marriage split

House sold 1st open house for exact amount

Bonus – $10,000 from ex for helping make it easy.

Everyone in this group got the change they needed

or desired from business opportunities to moving states, to selling property to buying a new home.

Brisbane One Day Butterfly Programme with 2 Access Codes

The Day:

  • The ART of selecting the right goals
  • Attention to your Intention
  • Learn Your Unblocking Code
  • Learn your lucky code
  • How to work with your unblocking code
  • How to work with colours and the area in the home that connects to your unblocking code and your lucky code
  • Create Your butterfly – learning about colours and colour combinations and how they affect your manifesting and mind
  • The ART of Buddha Walking
  • How the programme will work over your 23 days

Date:         Saturday 3rd August

Time:       9.30 am to 4.30pm

Cost:        $270.00

Included:    Course, notes, morning tea

Extra:       5 months free membership to WOW

Venue:      Brisbane


Online Course

  • The ART of selecting the right goals –
  • Attention to Intention
  • Learn your unblocking code and how to work with it
  • Create your butterfly and send to Chris Brazel for analysis and changes
  • Session with Chris Brazel to put you on track with unblocking code, your butterfly and what to focus on
  • Private mentoring group on facebook to keep on track

Dates:        3rd August, 2019

Cost:           $145.00

Included:     Course notes, Butterfly Declarations, Colour combinations, short session with Chris Brazel, Analysis of your butterfly, private mentoring facebook group.

Please note that your one on one session with Chris will be before 4th so you are ready for the journey