The Lucky Butterfly

A fun easy and creative way to train your brain to Bounce 2 what you want.  Are you ready for a mindset change?

Gather a group of friends who are ready to put a little slice of fun in their life.  Be ready to laugh, play and best of all create The Butterfly to Freedom which will be amazing how easy changes can take place in their life over the 27 days after their creating their butterfly.

What do you do?

  • Meet, share a juice or two
  • Create and design your butterfly
  • Know what comes out of your mind and into your art
  • The subconscious totally steps forward.
  • An absolutley fun 2 -3 hours

Then off home to see the changes start to take place.

You get to stay on track with a declaration each day.  Declare what you are entitled to.

Choose a colour to create that happy feeling.  When you make conscious choices you become the driver of the car.

Walk with intention or bounce a ball.

The choice belongs to you.







Costs – Dates- Time

Courses are run each month.

Date:      Friday 21st January

Time:      6.00pm

Cost:        $95.00

Gather your group today.  It is so much fun being in a group to create changes in your life.

What you Need:    Large sheet of white paper to draw your butterfly on.  Colour pencils or textures.  Often it it wise to bring more than one sheet in case you need to re-do.

Course is by zoom or you can join in person at Gold Coast.








Creating is Fun

If you knew all you had to do was have fun with colour and design with a few friends could totally change your life?  Would you do it?

I know I would?  What have you got to lose?

  • A Declaration each day
  • A colour each day
  • Working with your Butterfly

Anna Won a Major Prize in Lotto

Anna wanted to change her career.

She created her butterfly in the design of a patchwork quilt.

What happened?  She won a major prize in lotto.  Now she has her own business Soul Spaces with Anna Harmon.  Check out her website.

Creater Who Have Won in Amazing Ways

Everyone who has joined us in creating their Butterfly has won in amazing ways.

Are you ready to be a winner today?

Brenda now has a totally new life.

New place to live by the water.

Lost the extra weight she was carrying.

Permanent Job for stability

Sold her $4.5 million home in only days.

Cheque from her ex for $10,000 to say thank.  A new home from her father-in-law to help her until her new home was built.

Leanne a whole new career and life.

Resigned from a position which was not making her happy.

Leanne now teaches this programme to others.

A group of ladies who all had major changes.

It all started with a fun time with friends, colour, creativity, a declaration and a walk.

Check out Fiona’s journey the butterfly on the right it is awesome.

Become a Butterfly Coach

To help others achieve their best

To give them a guiding light when life can be a little dark is the most rewarding gift you can give to yourself or to others.

This is an excellent way to add to a present business that you may already have such as oils, crystals, personal training, health training or business coaching.

Call or email to find out more.


The Butterfly to Freedom is 

Australia Wide


+61 – 0412701408

Chris Brazel