We have an awesome month this month.  The wheel of fortune with 15 energy which is like winning the lottery.  The action steps you take this month are so important to the wealth you can attract to you.

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Energy for the month

 This month we have a 10/1 energy for the month and a force energy code of 15/6

 We have four energies to work with.

Energy of 10 – this is a karmic energy.  It connects to telling you that all your debts have been paid and you are free to move to the new.

 The ten energy is the wheel of fortune.  People often do not get to collect from the wheel of fortune because they believe they are still in debt to others.  Making sure that other people receive before they do.  This is the month to move to you receiving with a knowing that you are both deserving and worthy to receive the best.

 The 0 in the 10 will indicate that there will be a transformation this month if you allow it to take place.  It will be all of a sudden there is clarity with a knowing with confidence and focus to move forward in a new direction.

 The 10 reduces to the one.  The main energy is about focus.  What you focus on is what you will attract to you.

 The one connects to your tribal energy and your identity.  You need to ask yourself are you living in the right location? 

 Do the people around you represent you and where you want to be in life?

 You only get one life and if you stay living where you don’t fit then you are simply allowing your life to slip away from you.

 This is an excellent month to have an eye check-up.  If you wear glasses make sure that your script is up to date.

 You should also check your cholesterol.  Always better safe than sorry when it comes to the heart.

 With the one energy this month you may start projects but not finish them.  Make an extra effort to finish what you start.  Success only comes when you complete.

 You could find writing out a list at the beginning of the week or each morning where you can tick off that you have accomplished what is on the list is great for confidence of mind.

 The sun is an important energy this month try and watch a sunrise with a group of people or family members.  When you see the sun come up make a wish for the month.  Let’s make a day in Brisbane or Gold Coast to see the sun come up together.  Let me know if you are interested.

The force energy of this month is 15/6. 

 15 is an awesome number to work with – totally lucky when you work in the present moment, you take total responsibility for your life, your future and your goals. 

Too often we believe others are needed to fulfill our dreams and goals.  Sure, work as a team but don’t think you can’t do it without them.

 The 15 lucky energy comes when you take action.  Think if you want to win the lottery or lotto you need to take a ticket.  Only people with a ticket can win the prize.

 The six energy needs you to be in the present moment.  What do you need to do right this minute?

 It connects with fear of the future.  Whatever you fear is what you attract to you.  Make sure you face your fears this month.  Work with me in one of our Tuesday meditations and let me help you work with the mind and body to move through the fears and blocks to what you want.

 You may find you start to tackle any financial worries or concerns this month.  If you are worried in any way about your finances this is the month to get them sorted. 

 Next month we have the tower energy and a warning of emotional and financial drainage coming up.

Be prepared and you will get through it all.

 The six energy can go either way – victim or warrior.  Make sure you move into the warrior energy this month.  No point in being in victim mode.  Victims stay victims.

 This month with the 10/15 energy make sure you are looking at your environment through real eyes.  Often, we gaze over what is in our environment each day that we see.

 What you see and create in your home environment connects to what you invite into your life or what you are feeling about life.

 This is the month to take action with a purpose.

 It was great working with one of our members the other day in her home.  She is very visual with a six-energy code as her path code and can take on other people’s emotions with her force code. 

 In the bathroom we had pictures of the family in the relationship corner. 

 So, each time she would use the bathroom she was reminded of her family and what she needed to always be doing. 

 The bathroom and toilet are there for you, your mind and your body to come to peace.  Let go of what you don’t need and be ready to face the world when you come out.

Even in the laundry hanging on the laundry tapes was the word family on a wooden plaque.  So again, she was telling herself each day of all the washing and duties she had for her family.  Interesting it was the word family was swinging on the tapes.

You create your home environment to what you are thinking and feeling about life.

When you make changes in your home you make changes in your life.

 Have fun taking a real look around your home and be honest to what you see.  Should it be there or not?  If it is not reflecting what you want and who you are remove it or replace it.

 Plants are great energies to work with this month.  Try adding the peace lily to your home to invite that gentle feeling of peace or you may like to work with the Star of Bethlehem to help ease from past stress, worries or traumas.

The lotus flower is another great plant to invite peace and tranquillity into your home and life.

 Plants and plant energy are amazing to work with.  You first have the energy of making a conscious choice with a purpose to what you want to invite into your life and second you have the actual energy of the plant being in your home or office environment.

Chris Brazel