The power of Colours -green and white

The power of Colour.  Last week I had the urge to purchase new rugs for Willie, Daisy and Ivory.

When I went looking I didn’t just want rugs I wanted green and white rugs preferably in a check.  Green and white when you combine with the perfect shades will help you find your true purpose.  I have been deciding if the racing industry was my real tribe to be part of.  On went the rugs.  The following morning Willie had a swollen knee which meant that he could not work out.

Daisy came galloping down the hill.  I called my sister to come and see Willie’s leg.  She agreed he needed a month off.  But then out of the blue she suggested that Daisy could race on the 24th which was only 10 days away.  Without hesitation I said “sounds like a plan”.  She said she would help me in taking Daisy in and out for her work outs which made it really easy.

So within 24 hours Willie was out of the racing and Daisy had a date to compete.  It was easy and it flowed.

If you are not sure of your true purpose then work with the combination of green and white and see what comes about.  Just make sure that you use a middle green like a spearmint green.  You may be able to tell from their rugs.

Working with colour is magic as well as powerful try it and see.

Looks like I get to use my trainers license – can I train a winner?  Remember this is the horse that was said was untrainable and would never race.  So I think I am already a winner.  She won her first race for me earlier this year which was only her fourth race and broke a class record.  Saturday 24th, let’s see what happens.

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