The Year of the Tiger

We have an awesome and exciting year ahead with the Chinese New Year of the Tiger  being coupled with a 2022 energy coded year.

Be ready to take back your power.  Rebuild a new pathway for the future.  One that you will feel love, joy, happiness as well as wealth and abundance.

No more being torn between the material and the spiritual.  A pathway that gives you everything in life.

Working with the power energy of the Tiger.

The energy of the Tiger brings with it power.

It is also a symbol of courage and the warrior energy.

This year being a six energy year you can either choose the energy of the victim or the warrior.

The choice comes back to you.  Step into the power of the tiger, make the conscious choice of wearing the warriors hat and allow yourself the courage to re-build your life to where you want to go.  Not where people want you to go but where you know your heart sits.

The tiger helps you to move into action after a long delay – he reminds you that procrastinating over what needs to be done only keeps you in struggle and agony.


Celebrate with Me

Join me for a fun and exciting session working with the energy of the Tiger.

Course is online so you can join me from anywhere.

What are We Going to Do?

What is the energy you are going to invite into your life this year?

Victim and fear or Warrior and Power?

The Energy of the Tiger

Your Personal Year

The chakra that connects to the Tiger

The Mind and Tiger colour combinations

Design our Tiger to work with for the Year working with colour and creativity

The leap of the Tiger Meditation from the Island to Shore – The meditation will be recorded with a link to use at anytime.

Costs – Date – Time


Online Course by Zoom

Date:     Sunday 6th February

Time:     5.00pm QLD.  6.00pm NSW

Members:  $45.00

Non Members $69

Option:  Become a member $95.00

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Know Where You Want to Move to in 2022

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