The $5.00 Challenge helps you to open your wealth centre

We have access to wealth, money, success we simply do not open and use

The $5.00 Challenge with Chris Brazel 2019-07-16T10:00:08+10:00

I love this challenge.  I am always amazed at what people come up with in order to create wealth from their $5.00 note and their power.

Often in business or in life we become stagnant and we get in the same old, same old way of living, being and receiving.

Money is often an issue.  The problem is that we don’t think outside the square or have fun with money.  It all becomes too serious.

Everyone has access to huge wealth – all you have to do is open the door.  How often do you head of someone who has taken a passion or an idea and turned it into millions?  You can to.

It totally comes back to you and your imagination.  This exercise is about being innovative, motivated and being in imagination.

The power of the $5.00 – you have nothing to loose.

How Did Jason, Ben and Myself take $5.00 and turn into $$$$$$

My Journey

I took my $5.00 and bought a packet muffin cake mix.  It was on special so only needed to spend $1.99.  Then I realised that I needed milk and egg so then did a deal for $1.00 to my sister to purchase enough milk and an egg.  I then realised that I needed paper cups to put the muffin mix in so then went to the $2.00 shop and got a packet so well on my way.  My next thought was sales.  I wanted pre sales.  So I went into the Optometrist shop in Armidale where they had 6 staff members and asked if they would support my challenge to purchase a muffin for $4.50.  Great sales between the Optom Shop and the local cafe where I used to go for coffee I was up to 30 sales of muffins.  They all pre-paid which was great.  The turning point was when I asked my mum if she wanted to buy a muffin.  Her answer was – you can’t cook.  I will give you $4.50 for the muffin to support you but don’t worry about giving me a muffin.  This was the winner.  I found out that I actually didn’t need to cook the muffins to get to the next profit.  I then asked my other sisters and friends who all knew about my cooking skills and sure enough they all wanted to support the challenge but said keep the muffin.  I ended up only need to cook 30 muffins but got paid for 70 muffins.  What I did was worked on my natural code and that was the gift of the voice, and up selling and sales.  At the end I ended up with a profit of $360.00.

It was fun and I loved the challenge.


He took his $5.00 to office works and bought a board for $2.95.  He worked on his natural code as well.

On his board he drew an eye with with great eye lashes and a centre pupil –  above he wrote 2020 Vision.  He knew that he already had a meeting with one of his clients of 15 people the following day.  So he asked his client if he could show his Eye board to the group at the end.  The client agreed.  So at the end of his meeting – he pulled out his $2.95 board and said that he would be hosting a 2 hour vision session on 2020.  It was $150.00 per person.  Immediately he had 6 people book in and pay.  The client offered a room free at the venue he was already working at.  He loved his motivation and the challenge so wanted to help.

So for Jason he is about entertaining and nourishing and speaking.  His $900 came in cash at the workshop for 2 hours a couple of days later.

He took his knowledge, passion and love to sharing and entertaining and collected his cash.  What ever you need is already there for you to collect, use and share.  We often walk past it or can’t see when it is right in front of us.

The $5.00 challenge got Jason to see how easily when he decided to make money he could.


Ben is developing a reputation of luck.  Since he found out about the $2.00 under the mat tip he has collected over $30,000.00

This time around he was going to use his $5.00 first to go and buy petrol to cut up wood.  He thought about it then it all felt like hard work.  His knowing.

Next he thought he would get nails and work on pallets that he had been given to make kids beds.  He had done a couple before and they went well.  All he needed to buy was nails.  The pallets had already been free to him.  He then went into wonder on how to sell.  

Next he asked if could take his $5.00 and go to the pub and put into a poker machine.  His wife said sure.  Before he left he checked on the $2.00 under the mat – gave it a polish then with $5.00 only put into the poker machine.  Sure enough he pulled $6,000.00

He totally annoyed a few people who had been there for hours over days and had invested heaps when all he invested was $5.00.

Because it was a gamble he gave back the consultation prize.  But in his knowing his natural code is that of being lucky.  So in his knowing when he needs to win the $$$$ he takes a set amount it is only a small amount and invests.  He does not put his winnings in – he walks away and that is why the universe will give him the wins – he does it when he needs it.

The $5.00 challenge is a great one for you to open the mind to creativity. It shows you that when you truly put your mind to making something happen it will.  Always work with your natural code to find the quickest and easiest way to build on your $5.00.

Jason did Brilliantly – $5.00 to $900.00 in four days.  So Easily

Jason did brilliantly with his $5.00 challenge – within 4 days he had easily swapped it to $900.00

When I first gave him the challenge, he said he didn’t have time.  In his eyes it was wasting his time.

The truth of the matter he was in fear of failure.

What prompted the attempt was he had come to a stagnation in his business in going to the next level.

He needed to introduce new ways, new ideas.  The fact of the matter he was ready to face his fears, accept where he was and give it a go.  As I said to him.  He had nothing to loose, only ego.

The excitement from his voice when he had swapped his $5.00 to $900 was ecstatic.

All I did to guide his was for his to work through his Power Code.  As soon as he turned to his Power Code he knew what to do.

If you do not already know your power code then simply work on your power spot within.

Have fun, enjoy and share your journey.

A gift at the end for the winner

As a gift at the end for the winner with proof of their success I will give you a free 1 hour of personal or business mentoring.

You can work with me by phone or visit me in Sydney, Newcastle or Wollombi.

I am so looking forward to know who I will be working with to take their ideas to the next level.

This exercise opens the sacral chakra of choice and prosperity.  This is often the chakra that gets blocked.

The key to winning will be to let go and have fun.

There is nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Simply believe in yourself and you gifts which have been given to you at birth