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The success of your business starts and finishes with you.

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When you choose to be in alignment to win you will win

Success in Business starts and finishes with you

It is easy to create a successful business when you are in alignment to your Access Codes and to the business you are creating.  Your personal Access Codes will give you the answers and solutions to how to succeed.  

How to push through when you feel you have hit a wall or a ceiling and you feel stuck.

The Course:

This course is all about energy alignment and Access Coding to success.

  • What is the sweet spot in business?
  • How to find the sweet spot where you have all aspects of a great life and a great business
  • Does Your Access Code match you and your business?
  • What is your natural code to work in business?
  • What is your unblocking code to work with when you are stuck, not growing or complete stagnant?
  • How to work with Access Codes date to connect to your subconscious for success.  Often people release a book or organise a workshop to find nobody turns up – what more then likely happened is that subconsciously they were defeated and didn’t believe in the success as they will have picked an end and blocked date not a new beginning and success date and code.
  • How to build from one product and upwards?
  • Do you match networking marketing or party plan
  • How to connect to your personal Access Codes to work with network marketing and party plan
  • What social media will work best for you?
  • Colours for branding in business.
  • Website tips for energy flow to attract customers to come and stay
  • Colours and energy flow for business cards and brochures

I Teach and Lead by Example

For the last 19 years I have created a great International business for myself as well as worked with large corporations and small business in creating and achieving success.

I have always been on the innovative and cutting edge for new business ideas and concepts.

My business includes consulting, teaching, training.

From writing books I take the books to courses then to training.  Books also have their own product range.

My artwork starts as a painting, it then goes to prints and now to fabrics and our new clothing range will be available soon.

The artwork is also included in our teaching and training programmes.

My Courses, Memberships, books, art have made it to USA, Hawaii, UK, Serbia Belgrade, New Zealand, Singapore, Fiji

My membership has been growing since 2002 and is now an International WOW Club.

My Practitioner training started in 2003 and it has been such a pleasure to teach and train consultants each year.  Then to brand them, mentor then and help them make their business a success.

Take a product and see it grow.

From the publishing of my first book 54 Days to Fall in Love which was a best seller I then added Coloured Undies, The Bedroom and created the Change4 U Transformation Programme.  So from one book, I created two motivational CD and mini books which then turned into a 6 step total transformation programme.  This then moved into Praqctitioner training for consultants.  I now have 21 books with the last 10 being released this year.  A series of books for men in Men Do2 to Children’s books.  All books move to training and workshops.  So I get to enjoy the best of all worlds.

The reason I have such huge success is I am in total alignment to my Access Codes.

I know exactly the Access Codes to Release a new product to be in perfect alignment

I know exactly what prices, covers, colours and symbolisation to use along with name coding to ensure I will attract the clients or customers I want to attract.

I can see and take through an idea and concept to total fruition and collection and harvesting of the rewards.

My business skills started at the University of New England where I was in charge of development and success of the National Sports Camps.  I put into place one of the first wellbeing and Lifestyle programmes in Australia.

I worked with the Department of Recreation and created a hugely successful Fitness concept in the New England area.

Once you know your Access Codes it is easy to be successful.

Let me help you find your success codes.

Dates and Venues:

Sydney, Northern Beaches –  27th October, 2019

Time:  9.30am – 5.00pm

Wollombi, Hunter Valley  – 3rd November

Time: 9.30 – 5.00pm

Cost:       $230.00

This course is also available online.  This course is run every 3 months.  Join in for the next starting time.

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Working with Clients and then Mentoring them to Success

A few clients and the brands I have designed for their business

Need a little help right this minute

Let these Wonderful People Inspire You

Amanda got stuck with her business.  One consult and she was moving again.

Meet three amazing ladies.  Margaret in particular went from being a mum to a best selling author.

Mark was made redundant and needed to get back into the work force.

Donna was stuck trying to sell her home.  One consult and the house was sold.

Michael’s house was in Holland but that did not stop me getting the job done.  This house only told 3 days after being on the market for three years.

Kathy Willmington first beating cancer, then selling their restaurant then writing a book.

Meet Scott who I helped to sell his chicken shop, then we worked together on his career.

Rosa was an amazing lady to work with.  We sold house, we created change in her life.

Susan was fabulous to work with –  She needed to sell her home in the county town of Tamworth.

Meet Scott who changed his life through the Total Transformation Programme

Meet Olivia – we met at McDonalds next Olivia owns a nursery.

It was super working with Peter and his re-branding.

WOW! Yes I Did It Achievers Club

Are You Ready to Join an Amazing International Community of People?

A community caring and sharing living consciously with one an another.  People achieving their dreams and goals no matter what that dream or goal is.  From passion into profit, to health issues to being healthy, from feeling alone and lost to love and adventure, from problems with children to a loving family relationship.  When you work with pure intention and live consciously everything falls into place.

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Easy Tips To Get You Started

  • Say thank you for the day
  • Have a great answer when asked how are you?
  • Breakfast 1st meal of the day – make it good
  • Check the colour of your Undies No black ones
  • Write an affirmation each day to keep on track
  • Check the shoes you are wearing are they comfortable?  Do you love your shoes?
  • Shoes represent where you are walking to for the future
  • Love the shoes you are wearing
  • What is the state of your car?
  • Car represent where you are driving to for the future
  • What is your key ring like? Messy or Tidy
  • Keys represent the doors that you open each day
  • Remove anything that is broken on your key ring

    Broken items give off negative energy

  • Check Your Water Intakes each day – 2 litres min
  • Think Water Think Money and Prosperity
  • Be in the present moment when eating

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