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The Toothbrush Challenge

Brushing Your Teeth

So simple so powerful when you work this action step you take each morning with a MINDFIT affirmation and intention.

Coloured Undies

The second part of this awesome challenge is the simple decision of the colour of your undies over 27 days.  Can you do it?  Are you ready to be the Empress/Emperor of your life?

You Come First

When you make a conscious choice to put yourself and your needs first it is amazing how walls fall down, doors open and you see a clear and easy path to where you want to go and what you want to have in your life.

The key to the Toothbrush Challenge is you putting yourself first.

There are no excuses.

When you wake of a morning often or normally the first place to go is the bathroom.  All we are doing is giving that trip to the bathroom a little more purpose.

When you start to make conscious choices with a purpose you start to tell your mind where you are going not your mind controlling you and taking you in all directions.

Be ready for new doors to open.  Be ready for a new mind and new life.  Doors will open if you are prepare to go to the door you want to open and be ready.

The Challenge

Dates:  11th March

It is really easy.  You can just stay with the Challenge of coming first with the brushing of your teeth each morning along with a declaration each day.

2 simple decisions that there is no excuse not to do.


Optional – give a little more power to the challenge and add a colour each day.

Give a little more focus and power and work with an oil on your wrist.

Why the wrist and the oil.  The wrist is the area on the body that you work with when you want to know which direction you go to receive.

When you work with rosemary oil you are working with your mind to know that you are in transition from the old to the new.

How easy is this going to be?

What We Do for the Next 27 Days

Know what you want to change.

It could be more money.  It could be a new job.  It could be a relationship.  It could be your health.  It could be sales or new client.  Just go to what you want and know what you want and why.

Set your intention to what you want to change.  Own it, take responsibility for it with no excuses.

Now the action steps.

1st action step each morning.  When I say first I mean first.  Once out of bed to the bathroom.

Step One –  Turn the tap on then turn if off quickly making the following statements.  Do not allow the tap to run for a length of time.  There are four turn on and 4 turn off of the tap.

The Statement.

I stop all drainage in my life

I stop financial drainage

I stop emotional drainage

I stop self sabotage

Then pick up your toothbrush and start to brush your teeth.

As you do make the following statement.

I choose love, luck miracles and magic.  I let go of grievances.  Keep repeating the affirmation over as you brush your teeth.  Just as you are about to finish say the Ho’oponopono words “I love You, I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me.  Thank You.”

That is the everyday step without any excuses.

Step two can be at any time of the day.  Write out your declaration.

The declaration each day will be in your little booklet which I will send through.

The first one is below just in case you miss the email.


Totally optional for those who really want to take on this powerful way of working with the mind.


Work with a colour each day over the 27 days.  I have the colours below for you.


Rosemary oil.  Rub a little on your wrist each morning.  You may find the best time after brushing your teeth.  You can choose also when writing your declaration.  I will leave the time up to you.

The Colours

The Undies are the easiest way to make the move from no-mans land to the choices and life you want.

You can use other ways if your undies are all – white, black, grey and beige.

For me it is the undies and the colours I want in my life.  As working with the undies again puts you in control and nobody knows what you are doing or aiming for.


Days  – 1, 2, 3


Days-  4, 5, 6


Days – 7, 8, 9


Days 10, 11, 12


Days – 13, 14, 15


Days 16, 17, 18


Days – 19, 20, 21


Days – 22, 23, 24


Days – 25, 26, 27

Declaration – Each Day

Day 1


I declare that I have in-creditable blessings in my life.

I will experience greatness, wealth and success

I will move to a higher level

I will reach my full potential

I work with the universe there is nothing I cannot achieve

This is my declaration this day


Day 2


I am full of faith

I have no doubt

I am totally trusting that the universe will help me achieve my goals and dreams

I will open my heart to all the good that is owing to me

I will connect to my soul and set my mind free

I was born to be unique and have everything I want and need

This is my declaration this day


Day 3


I am full of power

I am worthy

I am deserving

What God has given to others he now gives to me plus heaps and heaps more

I will overcome any obstacle in my way

Nothing stands in front of me and my goals and dreams, which cannot be removed

This is my declaration this day


You will receive the other 27 days via email.

Commitment & Check In

There is a facebook page where you can check in each day and confirm you have followed through.

I will send you the link via facebook.

Working as a Team

When I train individuals to either learn energy alignment for themselves or for clients and build as a business – they become part of my team.

When you work as a team there is no mountain you cannot climb, no river you cannot cross.

Team support when you feel you can’t make it.  Team celebration when you have made it.

Team inspiration and motivation when the person in front is pushing through.  You see then and then you know you can do it too.


“Trust me working with Chris Brazel is awesome.  When you think you are ready to give up she gives you the motivation, support and guidance that helps you stay until you cross the line.”

Nathan Cooper

Chris Brazel