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2020 – The Vision – The Goal

Workshops in Northern Beaches,  Brisbane and Newcastle.

This is a brilliant one day workshop to help you find the clarity to your goals, wants and needs in 2020.

To reach a goal you first must have the vision.  The pure intention that connects you to your goals, your needs and your desires.

Often what you think you want or need is not necessarily what sits in your heart space.  When you go to what the soul and heart really needs all other material goals and possessions will come your way.

This workshop starts with finding what you truly want to achieve in 2020 – It can be health, wealth, weight loss, business success or career changes.

Come join me for this amazing day and see how easy it is to achieve goals, wants and needs with WOW Yes! I Did it.

2020 – The Year of the Metal Rat

The year 2020 is the perfect year to turn your passion and creativity into your gold mine.

With the year of the Metal Rat starting on 25th January you could not find a more perfect time to allow yourself the freedom to create, design and collect on the wealth that sits within you.

The One Day Workshop

The Day

  • We will start with the White Board Exercise
  • This is a great exercise to connect to your real goal for 2020
  • We will then move to your Access Code and Mapping Code for 2020
  • Are you in Alignment to your Vision and your goals.
  • You then create your board
  • We then create one discipline for 2020 to keep you on track to your goals
  • The discipline that will help you keep the focus and push through any obstacles or boundaries that may prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • The key to winning with your vision board is reading your subconscious through the pictures you have selected
  • The colour of your cardboard, where you place the picture, the actual picture itself all tells the story of your mind

White Wall Exercise

This is a powerful exercise that helps you find the truth to your goals.

Often we think we know our goals, needs and desires but either our ego or pride can interfere and take us in the wrong direction.

One example is from our January 2020 workshop one participant had her goals all business and financial – when she did the white wall exercise the goal was actually weight loss.  Now she will work on that as her major goal the other goals will naturally fall into place.

This year being 2020 the core ingredient to winning and achieving is that you have to be heart connected with pure intention.

It also being the year of the Rat the moment you connect to the truth you will at the same time manifest the wealth.

Venue – Cost – Time

Dates:    Sydney Northern Beaches 8th February     

               Brisbane 15th February.      

               Newcastle 29th February

Time:        9.30 – 4.30pm

Cost:         $230.00 non members –   $210.00. Members of WOW Yes! I Did It.

WOW  Yes! I Did It – Club

WOW Yes! I did It

An amazing community of people who achieve amazing goals.

Real people achieving real goals.

People who live consciously and with purpose.

Life does not need to be difficult – it can be easy.  The choice belongs to you.

You can join just for a month, 3 month, 6 months of the year.

The choice belongs to you.

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WOW Yes! I Did It – Achievers

Meet Leigh of Leigh and Co Designs

Leigh has taken her love and passion for beads and jewellery and turned into an amazing business.

This allows her to be at home with her young children and still earn a great income.

If Leigh can do it so can you.

Amanda got stuck with her business.  One consult and she was moving again.

Meet three amazing ladies.  Margaret in particular went from being a mum to a best selling author.

Mark was made redundant and needed to get back into the work force.

Donna was stuck trying to sell her home.  One consult and the house was sold.

Michael’s house was in Holland but that did not stop me getting the job done.  This house only told 3 days after being on the market for three years.

Kathy Willmington first beating cancer, then selling their restaurant then writing a book.

Meet Scott who I helped to sell his chicken shop, then we worked together on his career.

Rosa was an amazing lady to work with.  We sold house, we created change in her life.

Susan was fabulous to work with –  She needed to sell her home in the county town of Tamworth.

Meet Scott who changed his life through the Total Transformation Programme

Meet Olivia – we met at McDonalds next Olivia owns a nursery.

It was super working with Peter and his re-branding.

WOW Yes! I Did It.  The Club of positive people achieving amazing goals.

WOW! Yes I Did It Achievers Club

Are You Ready to Join an Amazing International Community of People?

A community caring and sharing living consciously with one an another.  People achieving their dreams and goals no matter what that dream or goal is.  From passion into profit, to health issues to being healthy, from feeling alone and lost to love and adventure, from problems with children to a loving family relationship.  When you work with pure intention and live consciously everything falls into place.

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Easy Tips To Get You Started

  • Say thank you for the day
  • Have a great answer when asked how are you?
  • Breakfast 1st meal of the day – make it good
  • Check the colour of your Undies No black ones
  • Write an affirmation each day to keep on track
  • Check the shoes you are wearing are they comfortable?  Do you love your shoes?
  • Shoes represent where you are walking to for the future
  • Love the shoes you are wearing
  • What is the state of your car?
  • Car represent where you are driving to for the future
  • What is your key ring like? Messy or Tidy
  • Keys represent the doors that you open each day
  • Remove anything that is broken on your key ring

    Broken items give off negative energy

  • Check Your Water Intakes each day – 2 litres min
  • Think Water Think Money and Prosperity
  • Be in the present moment when eating

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