Three Powerful Word + Action = Miracles & Magic

Words are word, thoughts are thoughts – when you step one step further and you take a thought and a word and you place it with an action step that is aligned to your words it is then miracles and magic starts to happen.

The other night I was a little bored not sure why but started to search the youtube for some inspiration.  Well, it didn’t seem to matter which channel I went to what kept coming up was two words – “I AM”.  Very powerful inspirational leaders stating the power of these two words and how they changed their life and they have been able to go on and change other people’s lives.

I totally agree with the power of the words as well as the power of thoughts.  My belief is that you can speak the words, you can write the words but if your actions are totally in a different alignment you do not always reach your goals.

Try this week speaking the words, aligning with an action step that is in total alignment to your goals then watch how easy the miracles and magic starts to happen.

Check out my podcast this week – I know you will enjoy it for we are the cure we just need to take our smart people and get them to think and work smart – instead of being smart and working dum.


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have an awesome week.

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