Train with me and learn the Unique Training Systems which I have developed over 23 years.


I have been involved in business since a very early age.  I have always had the ability to see an idea all the way through to the money in the bank.  It is something that comes natural.  My early businesses were always successful the moment I started to code the mind of a CEO or business code to their brand, colours and semiotics was when I totally turned companies around.  My passion was explosive I could never wait until the next business to create a success story.

When You Train with me I take you from the course to your brand, marketing and to the success I know you can achieve with my systems.

My Systems

All systems have a Coding Component – Know the numbers of your client or business and you know exactly how the person’s brain works.  You are working in alignment not going against the natural alignment of the person or business.

The uniquness of working with me and the MBE Systems I kick off by training you in a system that matches your passion and expertise, we then work as a team to build your brand, your website and your social media.  I then mentor you for 12 months to ensure your success.

If it is a book you wish to write and release I would love to help you get your message out in the world.

Colour Therapy

Soul Energy Feng Shui

Horse Therapy

The Power of Numbers

ART & Design

Mental Health

Bounce2 Ball

Home Styling – Home = U

Meet Steve Callaghan

Steve Callaghan is an amazing real estate agent specialising in the Newcastle area.

His now owns and runs his own real estate business after working for other real estate companies he realised that there is so much freedom as well as wealth that you can have running your own business.

Steve studies the Real Estate Access Coding course so he totally understood the semiotics of a home, marketing, advertising and House Sold The Easy Way.

He has no need to chase for properties.  The properties come to him.

We often work together to ensure the marketing, semiotics are perfect so the home sells quickly, easily, top price and minimum time.

One reason property the owners were blocking the sale.  I worked with Steve working on his energy, the pictures, the wording of the property then how he could work with his clients in coversation.

Within the 2 weeks propery sold told dollar.

When I work with my clients or students I follow through with their branding, marketing, websites to ensure everything is flowing in perfect energy alignment.

Meet Rieta Mistry

Rieta Mistry – Keys to Bliss

Life and Business Coaching.  Rieta works in Australia as well as internationally.

Rieta studied first the Soul Energy Feng Shui she then studied my 6 Step Total Transformation Programme.

Next she works with my yearly Coaching Programme where she can link with the 2023 Journal and coach from there.  It is so easy to work with the journal and coach from the information.  Such an easy way to coach and earn a great income.


Meet Felicity J Aitken

Felicity J Aitken – Bloom Into You

Transformation  Coaching.  Felicity works in the South Burnett area as well as Sydney.

You will love working with Felicity she is such an amazing person who has totally transformed her life.  She now holds the title of the Flower Crown Queen of Australia.

Felicity has completed my 6 Step Colour Therapy programme along with the Butterfly Programme and Power Beads.

She includes my coaching programmes in with her unique way of working with flowers, colours and creativity.

Meet Sharon Sippel

Sharon is a powerful connector of people and businesses.

Sharon works also with our Sunshine Lollipop Events, Camps and Magazine for kids and families.

Being a Mum, Entrepreneur and Business Connector she knows what it is like to juggle lots of things at once.

If you feel you are not coping with your kids or your business and want to connect to the right people to help you get it all sorted email or call Sharon.

Meet Leigh Fahey of

Leigh and Co Designs

When I first met Leigh she was a mum struggle with kids.  Today she is an amazing entrepreneur with more then one business.

First she kicked off with her jewelery business which has been successful with for over 5 years.  Next through the inspiration of what she was doing she was able to encourage her husband to kick of a bee business – that being 5 Steps to Honey.

Now she is moving into new avenues with Elevate 980.  Who would have thought from a housewife struggling to now thriving with an amazing and exciting life.

Come and Join my World it is



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