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Train The Brain – The Easy Way

2 Day workshop with classroom and outdoor activities


  • How to control the thoughts of the mind.  
  • How to empower the mind and the body through body action, colours and movement.
  • Creating the life you wish to live by working with your environment.  
  • Living in the present moment and making conscious choices.
  • Learning the mind, body and environment energy connection.
  • What the mind thinks the body feels and your environment reflects.

Working From My Latest Book

How to train the brain – the easy way with action steps.  You can talk about a problem but talking keeps you in the emotion.  Train the Brain – The Easy way teaches you how you get to know you and what will create a paradigm shift with your mind.  Perfect course for people who suffer from depression, mood swings, lows, or anxiety.

We will be working both in the classroom and outdoors for body movements and learning the art of cause and effect with coloured balls.

Saturday – 17th February – 9.30am – 4.30pm

Knowing Me and Knowing You – The power of knowing you through numbers.  Your date of birth helps you understand you.  This session will also help you to understand others around you and how they act to you.

Making Conscious Choices – learning how to work with colour to empower the mind through conscious choices

The power of each colour and colour combinations – are you a plain colour, stripe, checks or florals.  Eg – if you are a one energy person and you dress in florals you are constantly allowing others to rule you and you are not stepping into your power.

Wind and Water –  how to work with the breath to control the mind.  This segment also teaches shower power.  How easy it is to work with the mind when a simple action in taking a shower you can take control of the emotions and thoughts.

Sunday 18th February – 9.30am – 4.00pm

Buddha Walking to control your thoughts and the power both the mind and the body

WOW Ball Games to learn cause and effect.

How to release the past to move the the future

How to remove obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

The power of your environment .  How to read your environment to what you are creating in your life.

How to make conscious changes in your environment to create changes in your life.

Life is far too short to allow emotions to control the mind.  

Allow me to show you how to stop the mind chatter –

take control of the emotions which in turn allows you to take control of your life.

Dates and Cost

Dates:   17th and 18th February

Time:     9.30am – 4.30pm

Cost:   $495.00

I have a special for any parent attending the course with their daughter or son which is $150.00 for the two day course to learn how you can be help your family members.


  • includes personal profile for each participant.
  • Personal profiles are also available for family members at the course.
  • Gift of my latest book Where Do You Go When the Lights are on and Nobody is Home.  WOW Yes! I Did it.  Train Your Brain
  • Gift of Sandalwood scrub for hands and cleansing the mind.  You will also receive your WOW Train The Brain ball to continue working at home after the course.

Colours in exercising

empowers the mind and the body

at the same time

Buddha Walking

A super way to learn to work in the present moment, control the mind through movement of the feet

At the same time find answers to blockages and questions.

We can create a wonderful world of wellbeing

If we work together as a team and help each other – we as a community can become happy, healthy wealthy and wise.

Check Out Robbie’s Story – You will be inspired to know you can change your life

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