Flip Your Life to Thriving in Health, Wealth & Success

Join me in Sydney to learn about colours, numbers, feng shui to flip your brain to thrive in life

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WOW   Yes! I did it

Flip Your Life – Create the Life you want in success, health and wealth

Join me for a super weekend learning the fun, colourful and new way with action steps to flip your life and create what you want.

This weekend is for YOU.  Learning how to flip the brain and your thoughts when you feel confused, lost, empty or in a panic.

You may be just feeling down at the moment and you need a way to get back up and going in life.

Are you feeling like you can never make it to the top – not reaching your full potential?

Has something happened in your life or been taken away.

Often after a grief, a lost or an incident you feel down, lost, confused you need a way to back on track.  Lost where you can’t see the woods for the trees.

Sure we are going to talk and have seminars – the seminars will be eduction, inspiration and motivative.

In life, especially working with your brain and brain control talking is talking at some stage you have to take action.  Action through conscious choices.

You have to learn how to take back control when the mind is in madness, confusion, down and lost.

After a WOW weekend

You start to feel as if you can conquer and obstacle and climb any mountain.

Often in life you get a little lost.  You feel as if you cannot get ahead or cope with bills, life or even your health.

A WOW workshop teaches you how to take small steps that can lead you to open doors of new opportunities.

A new way of thinking and feeling.  A new of seeing possibilities.

WOW Girls in Hawaii

There is no mountain that you cannot climb

 There is no river that you cannot cross

There is no forrest that you cannot find a path

When you work with WOW and the magical of being in a

Tribe of people who live in a conscious way.

The everyday people achieving the extra ordinary

These are not pretend people, real people

Achieving real results.

Join Chris Brazel and the WOW Commnity and start to live life to the fullest.

At the WOW workshops and bootcamps you learn  all about YOU.  You learn the energy connection of the mind, body and your environment.

How to work with colours to connect and create the power of the mind through working with and using colours both personally, in your life and in your business.

The power of your home – simple changes in your home can totally create change in your life.  You get to step out of the emotions and into the power of doing and being.  You learn how to make conscious choices which empower you.  When you can make conscious choices with a purpose you immediately feel like you are set free and have a whole new way of looking at life.

The WOW Game to learn mind control, focus and release the past to move to the future.


WOW Yes! I did it

Check out my flip successes

Join others who have flipped their mind to change everything about their life from health, wealth, career and success

If They can do it – So can you.  Be the Master of Your Destiny.  

Learn to thrive in every aspect of your life.  You can have everything once you choose to have everything.

Cathy and her success

From Breast Cancer to selling her business

to selling her home and creating a life that she loved.

Margaret, Tina and Mary

From housewives to:

Margaret, International Best Seller with her books

Top Ten of Amazon, New York Best Seller

Tina – Achieved the most amazing change in purchasing her new


Now following her passion and helping people change their lives with her new business

Mary – selling her home, moving towns and creating an amazing place for her family

Robbie –  When the mind controls you – life is not great

Listen to Robbie and his story of taking control of his mind,

finding a new love of his life, creating a new move in his career

and living a wonderful life in the most amazing way.

Listen Now

Friday Evening

YOU the person through your personal profile

What are the key elements that makes you tick

What are the keys to controlling your mind and your destiny

How to connect to your true tribal energies

Setting your goals

How to work step by step to your goal

How to keep the mind focused


Morning Meditation

Buddha Walking – The power of the feet

Reversing – the mind technique to removes a pattern

Environments how they affect you

Action steps to empower you through your personal spaces

ART – Powerful way to trick the brain

the way to having love, wealth and abundance


Playing The WOW Balls Game – hands and minds with colour power

Agreements – Past, Present & Future

Is an agreement from the past holding you back from your future

What to do when you go home to power you to your goals

Colour and how to work with colour and colour combinations

Declarations and Affirmations

Leaving with an Action Plan


2 Days 2 Evenings –   $896.00

This bootcamps also includes your Where Do You Go, When the lights are on and Nobody is Home latest edition and workbook.

Accommodation for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.  Meals and Accommodation

It includes 2017 Membership to the WOW Community

Venue:  Collaroy Conference Centre

Dates and Time:  Friday 7.00pm start on 12th May – 4.00pm on Sunday 14th May

Extra:  If you would like a personal one on one session with Chris before the course you are welcome to book in.  Cost is $145.00 or if you wish to work on your business cost is $230.00


Special Feature this Camp is Sue Nelson

Flipping Your Brain through Time Lines

Sunday – 14th May


Who is Sue Nelson?

How can She flip Your Brain?

Sue knows exactly what it is like when you mind is going at a million miles an hour and you think – I am heading for a crash

She knows what it is like when you feel there is no getting out of bed today

She knows what it is like to be stabbed in the back

Most of all she knows how to get back on track and better still become a winner

She is one of the ultimate NLP and Time Line Therapist in Australia

She will tap into an event that is way back, one that you probably never realised and do not realise now is what is causing you grief, loss and living in lack of.

Sue is also my sister and one of the best experts I know that has used my therapies and action steps for her self and  others to re-train the brain


Chris Brazel  and

Sue Nelson 

Mind Power

is the name of the Game


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