Vison, with responsibility stops drainage –

Energy today 6/16. Six – the fist major energy is all about responsibility the second energy vision.
16 is all about the abuse of love, abuse of knowledge, abuse of belief. The 16 also relates to the tower. The tower will fall if the changes you know you need to make are not made. The tower is a warning number for the future. So today take responsibility of what is draining you at the moment. Take a good look at your life and your business to see who is draining you. Remember your life is your responsibility. Your future is your responsibility. The universal energy this year being a nine energy doors will close or accidents can happen if you do not follow through and do what you know you need to do.

This month it is so important to know the tribe you belong to. Who do you want to share your time your knowledge your passion. Don’t stay amongst people, tribal people or groups that drain you or do not represent you. The sooner you take charge the sooner things will fall into place.

My day.

First thing this morning a tiny foal was born. You can just see him next to his mum. It was interesting to see the gelding stand guard at the gate ready to warn if anyone was coming. As I walked up he moved closer to the mum still protecting the mum and the foal. Simply beautiful and a great way to start a day.

The next thing I saw was someone ride directly in the opposite direction on the track. When you ride a horse towards another horse that is fast working you are setting up an accident to happen. The stupidity of one person could totally change the life of another.

Interesting about the timing or serendipity in life. Why would I have been there at the exact time to see it happen? Normally I would never see an incident like this because I train from home. To me this was an incident to tell me that maybe I need to look at the people I am associating with. Life is too short to suffer from the stupidity or selfishness of another. This is the energy of today the 6/16- it is my responsibility to make the decision to stop the tower from falling.

From there I went to Tamworth to enjoy my second day of the Buck clinic. Today I am going to learn about herds – how to work with horses who want to be part of herds or won’t leave a herd. Interesting the same energy of the day. Six associates with the family, your team your tribe.

Now here I am amongst people who love their horses, want to learn as much as they can to better their horse, better their way of working with the horse.

Today be very aware of who you are associating with – what tribe are you in. Who may be draining you, draining your knowledge, stopping you from following your passion. This is the time to get the life you want.

Have a super day – let me know about your day. One

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