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Rail Trail and Country Adventures

The world of Walking – the World of Wellbeing.  There is so much more to life come – join me it is fun.  You will feel amazing.

Hi, I’m Chris Brazel!  Welcome to my world.  Come join me and have some fun.

Walk -Words – ART

When you walk you move the mind, you move the body.  You move from one position to another.  You move from one place to another.  You can create amazing changes in your life, amazing changes in what you are creating in your life.

When you walk you feel free.  When you walk there is nothing blocking you.  The space in front of you is open and free.

It is amazing the energy you move when you walk and talk.  Everything seems possible.

Walk and work with powerful words and affirmation you start to create a powerful mind.  You take charge of the mind instead of the mind controlling you.

I find people can talk about anything when they are walking and talking.  It is like they left what they have talked about back where it was on the road – they get a sense of freedom.

ART a powerful way to release and create the life of your dreams.  ART brings the mind to the present moment.  It helps you forget the HOW to change it simply takes you to the change the easy way.



Next  Event – Moffatdale 28th & 29th May

Walk – Water -Words  

Come and join me for an exciting weekend of walking, working with water and words along with  ART -creating what you want in life.

A new and super way to train your brain to what you want in life and where you want to go.  You step action through choice, movement and creativity.

Walking is powerful for the mind and the body.

Training the body to walk distances empowers the mind to move into commitment and determination to complete what you start.

Learn how to work with words, affirmations and walking to empower the mind.  To build confidence, resilence, presence and silence for the mind.


Walk - Rail Trail - 28th May

We will be walking the rail trail which takes in Moffatdale, Murgeon and Wondai.

You have the choice of 12.91 km or 23km

Buddha Walking - Sunday 29th May

Learn the ART of Buddha walking.  A powerful way to learn to be present.  To connect to the mind and empower the mind through the body.

ART – Creativity – Colour

I absolutely love teaching people the principals of art.  ART does not need to be perfect.  ART connects to creativity and is such a powerful way to train the brain.  When I teach art I teach through the power of technique, colours, colour combinations for the mind, symbols and animals.

You need no artistic ability.  You only need the mind to agree to create.

Creativity opens the sacral chakra.  The chakra within the body for choice and prosperity.

When this energy centre in your body is open life starts to flow.

ART - We will be painting The Tiger

After our walk we will paint the Tiger.  The energy of the Tiger is amazing.  When I teach art I am combining the power of colours to the mind and the symbol or subject.  2022 is the year of the Tiger.

The Butterfly - 23 days to change

Create your butterfly on Sunday morning after the Buddha walking.  This artwork will connect to a 23 day programme working with colour and your butterfly when you get home.  An amazing programme that see so many changes start to take place.

The Event

Saturday – 28th May

Back to Moffatdale for campfire dinner



Come for the whole weekend or come for the event of your choice.

Whole weekend – $270.00

This includes your goal setting, Saturday walk and ART class.  Sunday Buddha walk and Butterfly Programme.

Individual Events:

Distance Walk and ART – $195.00

Sunday – Buddha Walking and Butterfly Programme with 23 day programme to follow after the weekend. $95.00

Meet Brenda who changed her life with the butterfly programme

 Are You Ready to Kick off to a Great Life?

Chris Brazel