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Walk and Talk

Inspiration with Education


Walking is one of the most powerful ways to train your brain.  It is easy, you can walk by yourself, you can walk with a friend, you can walk in a group. You can even walk with me.

Kick off Easily

You can kick off with just a 1km.  That can move to 3km then 5km then where ever you want to take it.  The benefits are amazing.


The health benefits of walking are proven.  They are great in creating a healthy mindset to create changes in your life.

Brain Training

Let me teach you easy ways to walk which can help you train your brain to anything you want to create in your life or business

Success - Be a Winner

Walking can be a powerful Brain Training tool to help you achieve your goals and challenges in life.  The goals can be anything from happiness, love to wealth and success



When you walk with a purpose you start to take control of your life.  When you start to take control even in the smallest of ways you start to be the one who can conquer.

My Walking Radio Show

Please click on any of the shows you would like to listen to.  Each show has a team with special guest.

It is live, full of fun, laughter and inspiration.  There are no cuts and fixes you get what you get.

Stories and people are real where they are sharing their life since meeting and living the Chris Brazel way.

Hope you can join me in person or live one day.  Maybe you want to get a group and we can organise a walk. 


Walks in April

April 15th – Meeting Place Sandgate

Guest:  Meaghan and Leanne

Topic:   The Bedroom – the broken bed and The Wedding Dress.


The Password to let you in:


Have fun, smile and laugh with us.


Would you like to Join Me?

Anyone is welcome to join in on any of the walks.

The great thing about Walk with Me is that you can be any where in the world.  

You have choice.  Come and walk with me in person or gather a group or come just yourself and walk with me.

We also have Juice Move and Groove events and team leaders around Australia.  Check to see if there is one in your town.  Maybe you would like to kick off your own group.

Juice Move and Groove

Juice Move and Groove is the name of our Group Walking programmes.

You can join in person or you can join and work with us online.

When you join Juice Move and Groove you become a member of my Walking Club, you also receive the 2022 Be the Creator of Your Life where you learn how to be in perfect energy alignment for the month.

We meet online every Monday evening with tips, action steps to work towards goals, meditations, questions and answers to move you along to your goals.

You will have walking challenges to work with.  So there is goal setting to help you achieve your goals.

It is great to be amongst like minded people.

Each month the walks vary.

You have access to a private facebook group to chat and learn heaps of Brain Training tips.  There are new meditations to learn and work with each month along with mind body exercises.

Walk with Me in April

Sandgate Walk 15th

Join me at 9.00am for our 5 or 10km walk. You can choose the distance.

We will be working with the colour green.

As usual we will have Brain Training with movement and words.

Remember to bring your drink bottle.

Members just turn up

Non members not sure if this works for you simply join in and pay on the day which is $27.00




Walking Interviews

This month I have two great interviews.

Meaghan and The Bedroom

Leanne and the wedding dress.

Both ladies after changes have moved into the energy of love in super amazing ways.

You can walk and listen as it will be a podcast download easy for you to connect to or check out my Youtube Channel.





Distance Walks April

Distance walking is great.  The key is to be prepared.  Kick off with short walks and work your way up.  

The long distance walk in April will be 23km on Saturday 23rd April.

Call or email to find the starting point.  Not sure you can make 23km then come and join in for the distance you feel comfortable at.





Online Meetings

Our Monday online meetings will be at the new time of 7.30pm.  The meetings will be recorded so if you cannot make it they will be there for you when you have time.

For the month of April the challenge is either a one, three or five daily walk with minimum of 3 figure eights.

  • You will learn the colour for the month
  • The word for the month to focus on
  • The area in the home to work with

Always remember it is your pure intention that wins with the mind at the end of the day.



Brookfield Walks

Come out to Brookfield and climb a hill or two. Some days we will be walking tracks, some days winding in our out of figure eights.

We will meet Wednesday mornings at Brookfield General Store at 6.30pm.

The session goes 1 hr for the walk and Brain Training.  You can either stay for a coffee, tea or juice or head off to walk.  The choices is yours.






Walk with Me

Book a one on one to sort out life or business.  We work on a particular issue.  We walk, we talk, we come up with a plan.

Your first session always starts with a Brain Coding session with the walk so we can know exactly what your goals are and how we are going to achieve your goals.  Your first session is $270 which also has your Access and Brain Codes.  Sessions after that are $230.00.





Working as a Team

When I train individuals to either learn energy alignment for themselves or for clients and build as a business – they become part of my team.

When you work as a team there is no mountain you cannot climb, no river you cannot cross.

Team support when you feel you can’t make it.  Team celebration when you have made it.

Team inspiration and motivation when the person in front is pushing through.  You see then and then you know you can do it too.


“Trust me working with Chris Brazel is awesome.  When you think you are ready to give up she gives you the motivation, support and guidance that helps you stay until you cross the line.”

Nathan Cooper

2022 Walking Challenge

Each year we have a major challenge to work towards.  2022 we will walk the Finchley Track.  A super 54 km walk up a great mountain with lots of ups and downs all the way.

Finchley is a powerful energy place that I love to visit.  I learnt when I first visited Wollombi that this sacred meeting place was where aboriginals would come virtually when they had completed their journey of learning.  There is an awesome site where I can show you the markings and you can find answers that touch your soul and spirit.

We kick off our walk on the Saturday finishing late.  Sunday morning we watch a sunrise and have a campfire breakfast with the burning of eucaptylus leaves to finalise our cleansing and our new connection to the outside world.  You will feel amazing, you will have that feeling of freedom.  You will have a feeling of release from the past.

If you cannot make the full 54km there is a 27 km challenge for you.


Saturday 6th August at 5.00am.  Early start

Sunday we go back to Finchley for breakfast and to celebrate the journey.  We do a eucaptylus cleansing to be prepared for the new journey and doors ahead.

It’s Time to Create the Life You Want.

Chris Brazel