Welcome to January of 2018

Get ready for the most amazing year with lots of golden opportunities to come into your life.

This year we have the eleven energy, the spiritual messenger year and the year of the dog. The two combined are magical with empowerment through choice and honesty.

Provided you are doing what is best for you, speaking up, making conscious choices each day this could be your best year ever.  This year is about being loyal to you and to others.

The power is with the conscious choices you make personally each and every day.

The negative of the eleven energy is that it can go either way.   The great way is the spiritual messenger with guidance to lots of golden opportunities. The negative is learning lessons in love, partnerships and co-operation.

The choice is totally yours. Every time you make a choice, no matter how small or how large, you are literally choosing the wealth of your life. You are choosing the life you wish to live. If it is in business, then you are choosing the success of your business and the clients you wish to attract.

When you wake in the morning, before you get out of bed, the first choice of thought will start your day.   For me I always say thank you for the day and I dedicate my day to being of service for others.

The choice of what you do next will build your day right through to the last choices you make in the evening before you go to bed and will be the building blocks of the following day.

Work out a discipline that you can do each morning and evening which will keep you in perfect energy alignment.

For me I know when I wake up I start the day with a thank you for the day. Off to the loo then my push ups.

I then sit for a short period of time for my reiki meditation. These are three powerful disciplines that allow me to be in perfect energy alignment.   At the end of the day as I get into bed and before I go to sleep I simply say “Thank you for my day”.

It may not seem a lot but simple disciplines will lead you to the freedom of being you and attracting what you want in life. Discipline = freedom.

This year is about working in partnerships and in teams – the clue to success is that you must first work on yourself and with yourself. Know your needs and desires. Be clear on your goals then match your goals with others.

Don’t stay, live or work in a tribe that does not represent you. Working, living and being around a tribal energy that does not represent you will pull you out of alignment and you will move away from the pathway to your goals.

Know your tribe members and their values. Don’t waste time, as every minute of this year is precious and extremely valuable. The minute that you waste is a time that does not come back.

The eleven energy reduces to a two energy, which is a great energy to work with. People who are involved in the welfare of the community, this is your year.

Trainers, coaches, mentors especially those in the health and children areas, this is definitely a year to take your work to its highest potential.

For doctors, dentist, nurses this is a year to be innovative in new ways in health.

Wealth Creators. This is a year not to dwell so much on wealth creation but on being of service to others to help them open the doors to a balanced life. If you are solely chasing wealth and money this year it will not be a great year. It is about balance. By having balance you get the best of both worlds. You get to have the success you want and desire and then the love, friendship and health of a loving family and being around friends.

2018 will see people either stay in a relationship or partnership that they love or, if they have found the partnership or relationship difficult, they may give up the fight to keep it going and simply move on.   We could see a lot of break-ups this year but that could also be good as maybe the partners they selected or the partnerships they have been involved in were never the right partnerships. If something is worthwhile you will always push through – if it is not worthwhile then there is no point in staying where you are not being nourished in any way.

2018 could be a year of many divorces depending on the personal year of the people involved. The most difficult will be those in their personal year of two, nine and seventh year.

2018 is definitely a year to keep yourself busy and do not allow too much idle time on your hands. Too much idle time on your hands could result in your feeling down and depressed.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety or simply low energy you really need to start to do something about it this year. That is not so much popping more pills but actually getting to the cause of your depression.

If you have family members or friends who suffer depression then you really need to watch them this year and help them find the answers to why they are lost. You will definitely find my latest book , “Where Do You Go When The Lights are On and Nobody is Home” extremely helpful with actions steps to help either yourself along or a loved one. Just as the book can turn from one side to “WOW Yes I Did It Train Your Brain”, you can change your life. Make the paradigm shift today and this year. Help another in difficulty to make a paradigm shift – the joy you receive when you help another is magical and so rewarding.

2018 is definitely a year to create balance in your life. Too much work and no play is not good for anyone.

If you are born on the 8th, 26th or 17th of any month it is definitely time for you to take time out otherwise watch for stress issues in your life.

Try to work on balance exercises and sports – go for a bike ride, paddle board, do Yoga. Any balance exercise you will find will truly benefit you in so many ways.

Not keen on the bike riding, paddle boarding or the yoga? Then the next best thing is to find a friend or two and go for a run or walk with a mate. Start participating in a team sport. I know for me I am going to aim at competing in the dog and bike race, which is about 20 km. Robo my dog just does not know yet that he is about to start training for the race. It should be fun. We both have to cross the line together and in peak condition. Robo has a bit of training to do and I might add so do I.

Remember the key to 2018 is partnerships, co-operation, balance, choice and most of all being honest and loyal to yourself and those around you.


The Beaver

The beaver teaches and shows you how to build many aspects of your life.

One important aspect is the beaver has extra large lungs so he can teach you the important of the breath. Working with the breath allows calmness of the mind and best of all focus of the mind. When you work with the breath with focus and intention to your goals you will find the answers of how to build your dreams one step at a time.

Often we neglect the real dreams that we desire. We will work towards goals that we think we want, when our real and basic goal that the heart and soul desire is lost. The beaver also teaches you to take action. We can dream a dream but to collect on a dream action must be taken. Once you put the beaver on your computer or phone see what messages come to mind. Maybe you will notice things around your home or office that need attention. Stepping sideways to fix your home or office environment is a great way to open pathways to your goals.

The Colours for the Month of January

In January we are going to work with three powerful colours.

They are

Turquoise, Yellow & White.

Combine in any way you like.

The turquoise will help you to be true and do what is best for you.

The white will give you clarity and help you with structure and completion.

The yellow works in your believing in yourself and having the self worth of deserving in both receiving, speaking up and being loyal to your goals and dreams.

Too often we worry and spend time on what other people want for us and not what we truly want for ourselves.

This is my goal, my true goal or is it a goal I am aiming for another, because they believe it is a goal that I should be shooting for.

There is also a creative exercise for you to do that is working with three stripes.

Take a white sheet of cardboard and create a striped version of the three colours.

Selecting the Building that Represents You

This is going to be a really interesting way of working to find your true tribal energies.

What I need for you to do is select one or two building that you associate yourself with.

To give you an example, I have chosen the Eiffel Tower as one and Ostrog as the other.  The Eiffel Tower to me relates to people meeting with the energy of love.  At Arlingten Park I would love to bring people to this amazing healing place for them to find both their heart and soul.  Heart and soul connections are true love.  Not pretend love but totally connected love.

Ostrog is my other building – when I look at what people have achieved in building a monastery on the side of a cliff in the 1800 it is amazing.  The tools that they had in those days, the effort, the vision simply say what I try to teach so many – where there is a will there is always a way.  These people achieved the extra-ordinary simply by starting with a vision.

What building are you going to select for you tribal energy for the year?  Post your picture and lets see if it matches you.

I have a super amazing trip to Serbia and Ostrog in June teaching and training the girls there.  Love to have you come and join us if you would like.

Can you imagine building either of these buildings without a vision or a plan?

Just as amazing people saw the vision, put a plan into place, worked together as a team – they completed the journey of building these magnificent buildings.

Select your building with a vision in place, a plan to what you want your building to represent and then gather the team to help you make it happen.

One member has selected Buckingham Palace – as soon as we discussed where she is up to in life it all made sense.

We can chat about your building over the month to make sure that you are on track.

Set Your Goals with Pure Intention

Know the reason why

Know Your team

No point in climbing a hill if it is the wrong hill you want to climb.

When setting a goal – know the reason why.

Know the prize when you get to the top and you complete what you start.

When you know the prize at the end of journey you will follow through and complete task easily.

When you are not working towards a goal or dream that is iffy you will lose interest and not follow through.

Recently I wanted to sell a property.  I did most things.  I thought that will do, that will sell the property.  Of course I was only making do.  When there was little interest I decided to ask myself the question – WHY?  Why am I selling and why do I want to close this door?  Once I knew the exact answers I immediately got onto changing pictures, changing wording.  I even wrote out my intention for the sale in Hebrew.

The first thought of writing out my intention in Hebrew – I thought that is way too hard.  But once I started to commit to the sale.  I found writing out the intention in her brew really easy.  I had the why so now I needed to follow through.

Hebrew is very creative so you are opening the sacral charka at the same time as writing the intention.

You will also go the extra mile when the prize is worthwhile.

Meditation for the Month

This month we are going to work with the tree meditation.

A super grounding meditation that helps you find where your subconscious blockages are for your goals.

You will work according to the Bagua Map.  So you may like to take a look or print out the map so you have a clearer vision.

I have a video which will talk you through.

Start by knowing your goals and then set a pure intention to achieving your goals.

Know why you want your goals.

Affirmation for the Month

“I choose to be the real me and follow my unique path.  I am entitled to collect and receive all the wealth that I wish and desire.”

This affirmation comes to a 15/6 energy which is like winning the lottery.  You do the action steps that you know you need to do and then the universe will take care of the rest for you.

Your Affirmation Book

Select the perfect colour cover for your affirmation book.  Match your thoughts and words to physical items you can see and work with.

Avoid grey, brown, black and salmon pink.  These colours will not match your intentions as grey will keep you in a grey area, brown will relate to being bogged down, salmon pink you are not being true and doing what is best for you.  Black simply means you need to close a door that you are refusing to close.

You need to match your affirmation book to your intentions, thoughts and words.

For example if career is an important goal for the year you would match a red or fuchsia pink cover with white pages.  White pages give an energy of clarity, structure and completing what you set out to do.

You may like to work with a stripe book if your intention is to work more in partnerships.

You could work with a cover of fresh flowers if it is time for you to blossom.

If you need focus then you need to stay with a plain colour on the outside, you could have a different colour on the inside then white pages.

Crystal for the month


Yellow Jasper

I love turquoise – it is calming, soothing, healing and powerful in the answers it can give you.  How can it give you answers?  Easily the actual turquoise stone will change colour if you are not being loyal and true to yourself.  Turquoise cannot stay turquoise when infidelity energy is around you.  Infidelity is not always someone cheating on you.  It can be you cheating on yourself.

Turquoise helps you link to your spirituality, your inner child your self worth.

Jasper brings both tranquility and a feeling of wholeness.  Yellow jasper will work at nurturing you, lifting your self esteem and self worth to follow your soul and your inner child.  Jasper is also great at people helping each other which is what 2018 is all about.  Jasper balances you.

Because Yellow Jasper works on the solar plexus this is the reason it will help you lift your self esteem and self worth.

You can work with your crystal in lots of ways.

Carry in your hand and massage when you feel the need.

Carry in your bag or wallet.

Sit on the side of your bedside table.  Some people love to place them under their pillow.

I will often sit the crystals in the relationship or abundance corner of my office or living room where they help guide me and give me answers when I need them.

Just remember to always cleanse your crystals when you purchase them or after some one has touched them.  Once another person has touched your crystals – the crystal will carry their energy.

No Major Cleaning this Month

No major cleaning this month – we are working on our tribal energies with our buildings.  We are also spending important time on making sure that we have our real goals that we want to achieve by the end of the year.

We are also spending time on the mind through the tree meditation to ensure we are laying the right foundations for our goals.

Super Important –  Know Your Personal Year this Year

We know it will be an eleven/two energy for the universal year.

What you now need to make sure you know what is your personal year and then each month what is your personal month.

How do you work it out?

Really easy – take the day that you were born reduce to a single digit then add to the month you were born and bring to a single digit then add two which represents this year.

Eg:  A person born on 23/5/1955

Take 2+3 +5+2 = 12 then bring to a single digit = 3 personal year


23 = 2+3 = 5.  (bringing the 23 to a single digit before adding the month and year).

5+5+2 = 12

Now you know your personal year – each month work out your personal month.

How do you work your personal month out?

Take your personal year then add the actual month.

Eg:  Personal Year – 3 then in March you add 3+ 3 = 6

You would be in a personal month of six.

I will send you through a link if you do not have all the personal years and months from previous journals so you can work out the energies you will be facing during the year and the month.

Remember this year

You do not have to do everything by yourself

When you need – help ask for help.

This year is such an important year for the future in every aspect of your life.

The more you become involved with the welfare of the community, create balance in your life, balance in your thinking, make conscious choices every day – the doors will open to golden opportunities and an exceptional year for you.