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Welcome to the month of April

What you think is going to happen this month probably won’t happen.

Be prepared for the unpredictable.

Be aware and prepared for the journey knowing that you are not driving the car.

If you are also in a personal four energy month then hold on tight and just set out to enjoy the journey and allow to happen what needs to happen.

Be ready for a roller coaster.

Remember roller coasters can be fun. It is all about the attitude you feel when on the roller coaster.

Just picture yourself at an amusement park and you have got onto the Ferris Wheel. You know it goes up and you know it comes down. You also know that you are not in control. Someone has the ability to actually even leave you up in the air for a little while.   The only fact you know is at some time you will come down and you can get off.

So you have two choices you either enjoy the ride, the adrenalin rushing through the body, the excitement as you come down from being over the top. The excitement of evening climbing to the top. When you get off you feel great. You have that feeling of accomplishment. Or you stay stiff with fear all the way and you miss out on everything.

This is what the month of April will be like.

You will not be in charge of the car you are driving. As on the Ferris wheel you are not in charge of the control. The more you let go and allow the more fun you will have and the more you will enjoy.

Patterns & Systems

April will be a month to release and surrender patterns that keep occurring in your life or business.   What patterns need to be released so you can move forward to success?

List down your patterns and then list next to the pattern the affirmation.

“I choose this day this hour this minute to stop this pattern and allow new energy flows into my life.”


What process or system do you need to put into place?

I know for me my filing system is horrible so during the month of April I will be updating and improving my filing systems.


This month you may have problems with your knees or your back being a force energy of 6. You should also check your blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you have problems with your knees there is simply a blockage there that needs to be released or removed. You are being stubborn about something that you need to get over and just do.

 Heart Connection

With the energy of the month being a four energy and the force energy, which is the month and the year a 15/6 energy you have to be heart connected to what you want. There are no halfway measures.

Time to take a look around you and see if what you see each day connects to the heart or are you just having things for the sake of having things around you.  

Don’t be frightened to making the decisions of reducing the items you have. So often we have so many things around us we actually don’t use the things we love because others are there and hiding them.

Last week I saw a storyteller chair in Sydney and Bianca decided to buy for me. We thought in the store it was ok but when it arrived it simply did not match.

Now we could of course have left it in the living room as an extra chair. But NO that would be settling for second best. We called the store and next week it goes back. This month is about having the true heart connection not the second best.

 The Force Energy 15/6

The force energy for this month is 15/6. 15 is like winning the lottery. It can be such a lucky number. The luck comes in letting go of the fear, taking action and committing.

Commitment is often the key to winning.   Mila last month wanted to win at her swimming carnival. She knew she had six weeks to train. So with her dad who also gave up time and committed they trained three times a week. The results and rewards she took out girls champion winning every race. She even brought her relay team to second position from last.

When you commit to an action plan and you discipline yourself to that commitment and action you will always win at the end of the day. It will only be a matter of time.

This month with the six and the four you may feel like you need to re-build something in your life.

You could feel like you need to stop, break away and start in a totally new direction. It is ok to stop and re-start or re-build.

At the end of the day there is no point walking to Brisbane when you want to go to Sydney.

There is no point in being a builder when you want to be a doctor.

There is no point in being a painter when you want to be an artist.

All you have to do is stop and think what do I want to be famous and remembered for when I leave this world. When you connect to this energy you will allow your heart to open and your luck to start to flow.

The Key to this Month is to Do Something You Totally Love to Do.

The Area in the Home to Work On

What does you Living Room say about You?

Do you need to make changes in your living room?

The living and lounge room.

This is the area in the home, which represents your connection to the outside world.

The walls will play an important role this month.

Do you need to remove or change pictures on the wall, especially pictures you have in your abundance, relationship and fame section.

I was working with one client the other day when we examined the picture she had in her fame section it was actually everything that she had a fear of.

The artwork was a fat French lady. The fears that connected were weight around the stomach, hands not being able to receive, fear in the eyes and not being able to see and more important no feet or legs to move forward.

The picture was cut off at the hips, which is your tribal energy and the energy of choice.   So everything that this picture featured represented every fear my client had. We moved the picture and we moved the energy.

Walls are about structure so the pictures are so important that you place on the walls.

Clocks are also important on your walls. Where you place your clocks connects to movement and time.

Check where your clocks are in your home. Do you have too many clocks, which means that you are racing through life and not being present in life?

Cupboards, Walls, sideboards

Check that you do not have roller coasters in these areas. What do I mean?

When you look at the pictures on the wall do you have a collection that is up and down on the wall?

On your dresser do you have items that look like roller coasters?

Everything around your home represents your mind your attitude and way of thinking. Move the items and you start to create movement in your mind and emotions. You start to create a new flow of energy and law of attraction. You start to attract what you want and not what you don’t want.

I will share a video on this energy connection.

Colours for the Month

This month the colour will be all shades of green.

The deeper emerald greens will connect to the six energy and the lighter greens will connect to the four energy.

Lime green will link to brand new ideas, growth and abundance.

Spearmint green will take you more to calmness and getting to know more about you and your purpose in life.

Now if you want to work with a second colour it will be navy blue.

Navy blue is great for opening the intuition, the eye to the soul. Navy blue is also about taking responsibility of your life, your finances, your career and your relationships.

It is about stepping into the owning and out of the blaming energy of your life.

Affirmation for the Month

Often we feel blocked and like we are hitting our head against a brick wall. Everyone has access to what they want, need or desire it is simply our mind that tells us something different.

Years ago I wanted my sports car. I was chatting to a kinesiologist she did a balance for me. She asked me what I wanted I said I had most things but still had not got around to buying my sports car.

She turned to me and said, “I bet if you really wanted the sports car you could go and buy it this afternoon.” She was right. The fact was I was not allowing myself to have the car.   I left that day. Checked out the cars and bought my Porsche – loved it ever since.

This month write out your affirmation each day.

If you really want to break through a blockage then set your alarm and for one day every three days select 5 hours and each hour write it out.

For Example – you may select Mon, Wed & Friday of the week.

Then you set your alarm for 10am 11am 12pm 1 pm 2pm and right on the hour you write out your affirmation.

Often I will play a game with my clients and every hour on the hour they have to text me the affirmation. It is a great energy mover. Try it.

The affirmation is:

I have access to ……………………………(write out what you want)

I choose to collect on ……………………………….now.

Last week I wrote out

I have access to the buyer of my Brisbane Unit

I choose to collect the contract from the buyer

Well I got offers 2 actually – but the wrong price so this week I need to be more specific.

I need to put in the amount I wish to have the buyer pay.

So be a little careful of what you state.

I have worked with some clients to try and help them with their business and we have used.

I have access to $3000 each week being paid for my knowledge, expertise, time, energy and talents.

I choose to collect and be paid immediately my $3000 each week for my knowledge, expertise, time, energy and talents.

You will get results with this affirmation – give it a try, enjoy and then allow.

Fragrance, Aroma and Flower for the month


This month work with the energy gardenia.

The gardenia flower, which is green and white is super to find the structure and balance to allow the heart to feel stability so the doors of the heart can open.

It allows the heart to feel protected as it allows you to move forward in love.

The gardenia flower or oil can help dispel bad feelings or energies in your life or in your home.

I love to pick gardenia flowers and place on the centre of our dining table.   When I pick and place the flowers there I work with the intention of sharing the essence of love.   When you give and share love you immediately have a feeling of growth.

Gardenias have been found to have medicinal properties as well.  Burning the oil is perfect for relaxation and to de-stress.

The leaves, fruit and flowers are mixed with other ingredients as a remedy for the common cold.

Gardenia tea helps to relieve congestion and detoxifies the blood.

It can be used to help you reduce cholesterol.  Used externally as oils or creams, it can help with inflammation and sprains.  Since it’s not a poisonous plant, gardenia can be added to salads as garnish and also works as an antioxidant.

This being a month about the heart flow the gardenia can help in many ways.

The Animal for the Month

I have two animals for you this month. You can choose. The elephant or the eagle.

The elephant is a great representation for teamwork also great to help you remove obstacle out of your way.

The eagle takes you about the problem and helps you find the solution.

Often we don’t know how to open our hearts to love. This can be love of anything in our life. We cannot see the door to open or the key to open the door.

If you feel you cannot find or see the answers to what you want or how to break away from a pattern then work with the eagle and go up high in the sky and look down. Everything looks so much better when you are looking down at it.

If you want to work more as a team or you feel you need to remove a few obstacles with strength and determination then go for the elephant?


Walking the Red Carpet

Online Meditation Evening

Date:     17th April

Time:      8.00pm

Booking:    Please confirm and book your place via face book.

Numbers:    We need 6 participants to go ahead with the meditation

Crystals for the Month




Our crystals this month will be Jade, Malachite and Lapis.

Malachite totally opens the heart so you can have the maximum flow through the body

When the heart is blocked that is when life simply does not flow to the max.

Jade– great for luck and money – you may like to wear a jade ring or bracelet. Hands are about receiving.

Lapis – a great crystal to help you release and let go of the past which may be blocking you to your future.

Also excellent to connect to the soul and open up your intuition.

Lapis is excellent to have as a bracelet working with 23 beads on the bracelets and working with the ho’oponopono words.

Fiona one of our members creates amazing moon bracelets which she cleanses the crystals with the moon energy then creates the bracelet with the number of beads to a meditation. I am sure Fiona will post some of her bracelets to show you or you can order on our website.

Jade bracelets by Fiona

Have a super amazing month of April. Allow yourself to rebuild if you feel you need to rebuild.

There is nothing wrong in starting all over again. Time, commitment and persistence makes winners with results and rewards.