Welcome to the Month of December

Welcome to the Month of December.

This is out last month for the year.

Thank you for being part of my world this year.  It has been an awesome year working with you.

I do hope you will join me for another amazing year in 2019.  Now that is a year that is going to be treasured.

First say thank you for all you have received this year.

Write a list so you can see both the big things and the little things.  Often the little gifts are what matter the most.

Be sure to give a gift to someone who is least expecting it.  You will know who that person is – a giver all the time.  Even if you don’t know them personally giveth gift as a surprise.  You may just make their day or their year.

 The Energy of the Month

This month you have a 12/23 energy so very magical.

The 12 energy  can work to your benefit. 

The 12 links to having to go through sacrifice and struggle to have what you want. Flip the energies around and you move onto the Empress/Emperor pathway of having everything you could possibly want at the click of your fingers or the asking out loud.

To move from struggle and sacrifice you need to move into the energy of deserving, worthy and self esteem.  You need to leave the energy and belief of martyr or servant.

Everyone is worth and deserving to have what they want and desire in their life. It is simply the person with the wrong belief that continues to struggle.

The 12 energy reduces to the energy of three which is fun, adventure, travel, and growth. The three is one of the luckiest numbers you can work with. 

It is about asking, believing and allowing yourself to receive.

The three energy this month coupled with the 23 Energy The Royal Star of the Lion means that if you do what is best and right for you the universe will simply take care of the rest.

Make conscious choices that will give to you this month and see how the universe will endeavor to make those gifts and rewards even larger.

23 reduces to the five energy so change will be on the way to you this month.  If you have been working towards change all year then this month could just see that change appear out of no-where.

With the five energy be ready to work on nourishment.  Particularly work on the foods that  nourish you each day.  Do you partake of the right foods or do you allow foods and beverages into the body that you know are harmful to your health and wellbeing?

The five is about change.  So make sure you change items around in the home.

You could simply make changes in the knives, spoons and fork drawer.  Swapping the items around to different positions.

You could swap items around in the pantry.

The kitchen is the area in the home where you manifest so swapping items around in drawers and cupboard will help you swap energies around in your life.

Remembering to always say “Thank You”

Gifts Of Gratitude

Make sure you give a gift of gratitude to yourself for following through and doing what has been best for you during the year.

That special gift to say thank you for going through  the challenges you did especially the ginger tea five minute challenge, the no sugar and wine challenge.  Both great challenges that were tough but gave great results.

When you acknowledge what you have done for youself and allow yourself to bath in the pleasure of success you invite more pleasure and success into your life.

I always buy myself a Christmas present. 

It will be interesting what I purchase this year for 2019.

Just go with the flow, fun and celebration of the Christmas time and know that as you made this year a great year you can make next year even better.

Once you have done that then give a gift of gratitude or thanks to someone you know has been a giver all year and now it is time to receive.  It could be some you know or someone you only see who gives.  Never be frightened to give a gift to a stranger.  Some gifts I have given to a stranger have been my best experiences.

The Area in the Home to Work On

Area in the home

 It is important at the start of December to give your home a good smudge.

Work with Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme – give the home a deep seated cleansing so the celebration of Christmas brings lots of love and cheer to the family.

We have a great selection of smudge sticks in the shop or give me a call and I can sort for you.

Sage smudge sticks by themselves will not be enough.

Double Check the Kitchen

Do you need to make changes or any extra cleaning to do?  I looked at my kitchen at Arlingten Park and realised that it is the next part to be renovated – way too much wood.

Try and place as much red around the home as possible.  Red lanterns in Chinese Rituals will bring luck and fortune for 2019.  The more red you place the more luck you will be attracting.  And don’t forget the Christmas Tree with lots of decorations.

Colours for the Month

We are going to work with colours in two ways.

Colour for the home which in turn represents you and then colours for you personally to wear.

For the home it will be red – as much as you can put in a fun and happy way.

For yourself – any colour you love – Allow yourself to just go to what ever colour makes you feel great.

The more colours you can use and work with the better.  Remember this month is about fun, nourishment, change and adventure.

Your Wallet


If you need a new wallet – this is the month to do so.

I know I am heading to find something totally new and different to any sort of wallet I have had in the past.

Wallets connect to your energy association with money so make sure you have the perfect wallet for you.

Two years ago I had an Arlington Wallet – what did I purchase our property which we originally called Arlingten Park which is now The Yellow Door Farm?

2018 I purchase a Celini Wallet which I had one similar when I wrote my first book – certainly I worked hard this year in promoting my books to take to a higher level as well as writing new books.

I will be on the look out now for a groovy fun, and colourful wallet for a groovy fun and colourful year in 2019.


Affirmation for the Month

No Affirmation this month

Allow yourself time to be free and have fun.

You have laid the foundations during the year it is now time to receive.

Oil and Flowers for the Month

Aromas and Plants

The best aromas and plant to work with will be the pine tree and the aroma of Frankincense and pine.

The pine oils or pine trees will always help you to do what is best for you.  It brings out the truth within and around you.

Frankincense a wonderful oil to work with in cleansing and around Christmas time. It connects the mind to the spirit of birth, God and Christmas.



Crystals for the Month

Rose Quartz and Turquoise.

Turquoise will help you to be true and do what is best for you.

Rose quartz simply to invite love, peace and calmness into your life.  When you are still and calm you can start to see the woods for the trees.  You will know exactly what to say when and what doors to open and what doors to close.

Don’t forget to cleanse or change over your lucky coins.

Don’t forget to write out your wishes and goals for 2019 on New Years Eve on your Buddha Paper.  At the same time cleanse or change over the coins in your lucky envelope or on your front door.  If you had a great year simply cleanse the coins in dirt.  If your year was not that great you can either swap for new coins or simply change one or two of your coins.  Make sure you do cleanse your coins before using for 2019.  To cleanse simply place in the garden or a pot plant.  Leave them for a couple of days then be ready to put the new coins in on 1st January 2019.  You should also swap or change over your $2.00 coins under the mat at your front door.

I have a large supply of buddha paper and lucky envelopes.  Pack of one buddha paper and lucky envelope is $3.00 or you can purchase 6 buddha papers and 6 lucky envelopes for $9.00.  Email or call if you would like the larger order.

2019 Membership and Coaching Journal

2019 Membership and Coaching Journal

Our new year starts soon – hard to believe we will be finishing one year and before we know it the new year will be ready for us to start all over again.

The first course will be held on 12th & 13th January at Wollombi – there are still a couple of places left.  This course will be aimed at also teaching you how to work with and use your Access Codes each month in conjunction with the year.  A very powerful way to work.

I was going to hold the same course in Sydney but with lots on already in 2019, the course will only be held in Wollombi.  There are still 2 places left so book asap if you would like to come along.  Accommodation will be available either in Wollombi or if we have enough people the Glamour Tent people will place one of their amazing tents right at our doorstep.  Give me a call or email if you are interested.

Membership for 2019 will be the same as this year $195.00 which includes the online meditations, face book chats as well this year we will be adding a podcast each month for you to download to keep you on track.  My plan is to have a download Journal for the whole year which you can download or print as you like.  We are still looking at the actual printing the same as in 2017 just checking if we can get everything finished in time.  I will keep you up to date on that one.

It was great to have the feed back that you would like all the year at once – so that is what I will do, then each month we will work on the tips and chat about each month as we go through the year.

Thank you again for being part of my world.  Have an awesome Christmas and a very happy new year.

Love to have you part of my world in 2019 – I know we make a great team.

Travel safe, have fun and totally enjoy the celebration month of the year and your life over Christmas.