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Welcome to the Month of July

This month it is so important to surrender and allow.

Gain knowledge along with wisdom.

Remove and toss what no longer serves you.

This month it is time to move away from the material side of life and link completely to the spiritual.

Connect to the wisdom of the earth and learn from those who have walked before you.

Allow nature, the earth and animal give you the answers you are seeking.

Before you start with the energies of this month say thank you for what you received last month.

Make a list of what was great about the month.

It is so important to acknowledge what has been given to us.  Acknowledge the small as well as the bigger things.

When you say thank you – it is an act of respect and gratitude.

You will always find the more you acknowledge the receiving side of life the more you will receive.

The energies this month.

First we have a seven energy for the month and a driving force energy of eighteen.

With the seven energy you may find yourself doubting what you are doing or where you are going in life.  It is so important to gain knowledge from a person you trust.

The seven energy this month will show up any drainage that may be in your life or in your business.  You may also find answers to why you are being drained health wise.  If you have been feeling tired, no energy, muscles aching then ask yourself – “are you always doing for others all the time and forgetting your own needs?”

If you are unsure then work with the combination of purple and orange and you will soon see if you are being drained totally because of others.

This month work on any water leaks.  Water = life.  Water = prosperity.  When you allow water leaks in a home or office you are allowing drainage to take place.  Yesterday I finally went into town and bought new pipes and hoses.  For the last week there was a leak gradually getting bigger in the hose so water leaking out.  The hose was on my career path.  New hose yesterday afternoon – no more water going down the road and being wasted.  Also at the horses water tub the water would flow in but because the pipe was not the right size a little water would drop as the tubs filled up.  Often we see things that we know need to be fixed but simply think I need to fix that and another weeks goes by.

The wonderful energy of the seven is also the magic and mystic of life.  When you allow the magic of life to just appear this is when wonder starts and doubt stops.

This month with the eighteen/nine energy it is about finding solutions or finishing off projects.  It is also about stopping the drainage that can be taking place.

This month is not about starting anything new.  You can complete but you do not begin from scratch.  In June I ordered our new studio so the order took place in June and the project will be completed in July.  We would not teach from the studio until August which is a harvesting month.

With the eighteen comes a divorcing energy.  You will know that you need to divorce something in your life.  Work on this divorce and see new doors open.  Sometime a new door cannot open until another door has totally closed.  This means you need to have faith and belief in yourself and a knowing that there is something better out there for you.

The Moon

This month more then any other it is important to connect and link with the energy of the moon.

Know the waxing and waning dates.  When it is waxing you are working on increasing when it is waning you are working on decreasing and letting go.

The Area in the Home to Work On

Check the Belief, Knowledge and Spirituality Area in each of the room

The belief, knowledge and spirituality area of the home or any room is the area on the left as you enter into the home, your yard or any room.

What do you have in this area?

What does it represent?

Is there anything broken or not working that needs to be removed or fixed?

Does the area feel strong or does it feel weak?

Things you can have in this area are:  books, a mountain picture, a spiritual pictures, crystals.  An alter, candles, rocks.  You can have pictures of water, lake or ocean just make sure that the water is not flowing out the door.

Colours for the Month

The base colour for the month is purple.

Purple will connect you to spirituality, belief in yourself as well as projects.  Purple is a great healing colour for the past.  Brilliant colour to work with when you want to be link spirituality,  knowledge, passion to receiving financial rewards.  It is ok to make money from being inspirit.

The other colour combinations will be:

Purple and white when you know you need to face something in your life or business that you need to work on.

Purple and red when you want to be of service or increase your service to mankind in some way.

Purple and green when you want to work from the heart and link your spirituality and knowledge to making a living.

Purple and orange great colour combination for when you feel you are often a puppet being drawn in different directions and not knowing if you are doing what you are doing for yourself or for others.

Too often we are pulled in directions that are not really the direction we want to travel – we some how get convinced we are doing it for ourselves but in fact we are walking another person’s idea of what we should be doing and where we should be going.

Purple and orange is also a super combination when you need knowledge on how to create change in your life or business.

The Key to this Month is  working with Water and Your Feet

Move the Feet and You Move the Mind

Moving the feet to move the mind.

Try and go for a walk each day.  Spend this special time moving the feet to move the mind.  Repeat your affirmation over in your mind as you walk.  I find repeating the affirmation over and over for a block or two then allowing answers to come the following block is a super way to remove blockages and find new pathways.

The important key is to either select a time with a start and finish or a distance.  Confidence comes when you know you have completed what you have started.  By working with a time or a distance you have created discipline at the same time.  Discipline always gives freedom.

Affirmation for the Month


I surrender this day ( write out problems or blockage where you feel stuck)

to a higher source who can see the bigger picture.

I know nothing is done to me it is done for me.

I allow myself to receive

I have the answers and solutions – I am taking action

I will succeed today,  I will have the answers this day

Affirmation when walking

I allow all great things to come my way,  I look with wonder to this day

I look with gratitude and grace.

I open my hands and heart to receive.

All resistance is in the past.

The more you can combine your affirmations with nature the more you will find the answers and solutions.

Fragrance, Aroma and Flower for the month

I have two plants for you to work with this month – Lavender or the Lotus


We will work with both the plant and the oil.

Lavender is a wonderful plant to work with.  It creates a feeling of calm and softness along with healing.

The green and purple of lavender will help you know that you can be yourself, follow your passion, use both your knowledge and wisdom to have an amazing income.  Too often people who work spirituality or in the healing industry are always giving without receiving.  Life is a balance of both giving and receiving.

The Lotus

The lotus is the perfect plant that shows you what can come out of muddy waters.

If you are feeling bogged down, deflated or stuck in mud of some kind then the lotus could be the perfect plant to work with this month.

The different number of petals connect in different ways to your soul.

The Animal for the Month

This month you can either work with the Pig or the Kangaroo.

 The Pig

If this month is more about cleansing and letting go so you can rebuild and renew then work with the pig.

The pig works in conjunction with the moon.  The pig helps you to mentally cleanse so both the body and the mind can move forward.  The pig links to the energy of the moon, so when working with the pig, work with the waning phase of the moon.  The waning phase is the cleansing and letting go time.

Working with the energies of the moon will take you through the cycles of waxing and waning.  Decreasing and letting go, then building and renewing.

It is great for the seven energy to learn that life is a cycle and that we need to let go in order to build and grow – it is simply part of life.

 The Kangaroo

The seven energy is a spiritual energy.  Seven energy connects to the mystic and the magic. The seven energy needs to trust and to be open.  The more it can connect to the higher powers, the easier life can be.

It also connects to doubt, uncertainty and drainage (either emotional or financial).

Knowledge and a belief system is what keeps the seven energy safe and secure.

When knowledge is gained from a wise person or a wise place, then doubt starts to disappear and action can be taken.

 With the seven energy, it is important to step out of the emotions and to be grounded.

 The kangaroo is great for seven energy people, as it will ground the person but also give a determined choice of only going forward and no longer going backwards.


Wave Meditation – The Power of the Ocean

This meditation is very powerful for the mind in staying focused.

Often we start of with powerful thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm only to stop halfway.

When you can start and finish is when you get to win and collect.

If you cannot make it to the ocean you may find watching a surfing video will also work.

Online Meditation

Zoom Meditation

 Our Zoom meditation will be held on Tuesday 10th July at 7.45pm.

Zoom link will be posted on Tuesday morning. Remember we need a minimum of six so make sure you book in if you are attending.

Learning Intuition

Our online meditation this month will be learning to connect and find answers.

Have you ever held an item from a friend or needs answers – rubbed the item and within seconds thoughts and ideas and words or visions start to come to you?

Crystals for the Month

Zebra Stone



A powerful stone to use for cleansing and healing.

Healing can only take place when you stop resisting and start allowing the past to be the past.  The past can ever give us great knowledge and wisdom to move to higher levels in the future or it can be our muddy waters that keep us bogged down.  The choice is yours.

I love working with bloodstone for the receiving of messages.

It protects as well as gives you courage to make the decisions you know you need to make.

If you are looking for answers and solutions work with bloodstone and surrender the problem and allow the receiving to start.

 Zebra Stone

I love working with Zebra Stone.   It always grounds me and helps me find the right answers when linking to any of my creative projects or ideas.

Great to help you know You the person.  Not who you think you are but who you really are.

It is so important to know you the person.  What are your needs?  What is your true identity? What does your soul require and in which way?

Zebra stone helps you find you.  It connects you to mother earth.  It helps you follow your heart, dreams and desires no matter what other people say, you will be able to step out of the emotional ties and move forward.

Great to work with purple and white so you start to tackle the read problems when it comes to money and finances.

Monthly Spiritual Adventures and Healing – Wollombi

One of the Drawings at the Mapping Site

The Mapping Site – this amazing bare foot walking

The Lookout

Our meditation, spiritual healing and connecting courses will be starting in August.  

Spend a day in Nature and learn to connect to nature and the spiritual side of life.  Learn to read the environment in the most amazing ways.

A great way to ease the mind, find answers and connect to your soul.  What does you soul really need.

Please note that I am not teaching Aboriginal spirituality I believe that needs to come from an Aboriginal Elder –

I am teaching energy soul connections.