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Where are Your Shoes Taking You?

Welcome to the month of June

Before you start to get into the wonderful energies of June spend a little time on being grateful for what you have collected, shifted or moved so far this year.

It is so important that we acknowledge and be grateful for the big and the small things in life. The more time you spend in being grateful the more you will receive. Little gifts and rewards build up.

A client phoned the other day in a panic for one of his monthly mentoring clients was leaving. I said to him that you are not being grateful for the time they have been with you and you are focusing on the lost and lack of.   Start being grateful for the time they have spent with you and allow that door to close as a new door will open and replace what you feel you have lost. As nothing is ever lost it is just a feeling or belief you have within yourself, which can be changed. A few days later he called excited to say that he had just had a client book in for a one-day session ready to pay exactly the same amount that the other clients paid for the month. So he was so much better off.

Where does your mind sit – in lack and lost or opportunities ahead?

June’s Energy

In June we have a six-energy month and a driving force energy of seventeen. So it is time to harvest and collect on all the hard work you have done so far this year.

The key to June is take responsibility for what is happening to you. No more excuses. Your life or your business is your responsibility for the success you wish to have.   Ask yourself are you in victim energy or warrior energy.

One key word to work with is recognition. Recognition can work in two ways. One in your receiving recognition and two in recognizing why you are not receiving. If you are not receiving then you are blocking. Why do you want to block what you are entitled to have?   You have access to anything and everything so simply turn the key.

The other day I was chatting with my sister about the latest book Train Your Brain. I thought our sales should have been much higher. Then she took my role and asked me the questions I am usually asking her and, as soon as she went through a list of things, I realized that I had been sitting on previous glories instead of creating a great new road for the new book. I recognized the problems as to why I was not receiving the recognition I was seeking.

Once you recognize where something is not working, then accept it and put a plan into place. Acceptance is a big energy to work with. You have to go from recognizing to accepting to planning with action.

Kym was totally in the zone with this on Sunday at our Paddle Boarding session –  she recognised that the goal that she was aiming for was not her real goal.  She suddenly realised why it was not arriving at her door step.  Once she recognised what she really wanted and accepted that with a smile on her face.  Her whole body felt change.  After the paddle boarding we put a plan of action in place and by the end of day on Sunday Kym was totally in the zone and completing tasks that before hand seemed hard now easily.  You will always complete tasks and action steps when you are on track to the goals you really want.  If you are not completing tasks or actions steps then question the goal you are chasing.

This month you may feel like you have to rebuild from the old to the new. It does not mean that you have to go back to scratch, but just build a new look or version of you or your business.

Creativity, writing and being in the present moment are all great connected energies this month.

When you create with art, cooking, writing, woodworking or other creative activities you cannot help but be in the present moment. Being in the present is where you can control the future. There is a great art app that you will love playing with – Katie and I are going to show you how it works so you can have fun.

This month you may feel like drawing the line in the sand with the 6/17 energy. Your word may be “enough.” Enough is enough. Time is up and you need to start to take control of your time and your power and abundance, especially money and wealth.

With the six energy for women make sure that you are up to date with your breast screening. For guys you make like to check on your blood pressure and cholesterol.

This month is about LOVE – love of self, love of family, loving what you do each day, loving where you live. The more you work with the energy of love the more you will start to recognize what is working and what is not working.

The driving force of the month is 17/8

The seventeen energy is a number of honor. A number that offers protection. Know that if you are making the right decisions for yourself or your family this month, you will be protected.

17 energy works on creating peace and harmony within the home. You may like to buy flowers for the table or entry. Flowers are great to give that energy of collecting as they represent the seeds that have been sown in previous months and now all you have to do is place the flowers where you would like to place a symbol of beauty.

This month buy flowers for a friend or someone special. When you give, you also receive.

The 17 reduces to the eight energy so a number of abundance, control, wealth, timing and karma. What ever is meant to happen is happening. Your destiny has already been mapped out.

Be really conscious of your time – how you spend it and whom you spend it with. The more you value your time the more the universe will help you receive the wealth. When you are happy to waste time and money, the universe sits waiting for you to wake up and take note. Once you do, then the universe will get back to help you along with favors.


The Area in the Home to Work On

This month we are working on doors, clocks and abundance Corners

We are working on the doors, clocks and abundance corners.

So you have three areas to work with.

My question to you is, “Do you enter your home through the front door or garage door?”

Constantly entering your home through the garage door means that you are staying in emotions that you need to move out of in order to move forward.

The front door is where the chi enters your home – when you enter through the back door you are not allowing the new energy into your home, life or business.

When you enter from the garage door you are not aligning to the right abundance corners of the home. You are also not working and looking at the right career path.

Entering constantly through the garage door indicates that you are staying in past emotions. It is time to move on.

Now the other thing to watch is your front door opposite your back door?  If so this means that whatever comes in goes out.  How to fix curve the energy of use a wind chime or flutes at the back door.

If you have three doors in a row on one side of the wall which often happens in long hallways or Queenslanders, this will indicate problems with your finances.  To fix this energy, simply close the middle door.

Before you do any corrections always make sure you set an intention to why you are doing what you are doing.

The abundance corners and the career path can only be mapped out the right way when you enter through the front door.

If you are entering through the garage or back door, then you need to check what is your abundance corner from that angle, as that will be a clue to where you are self sabotaging.

Clocks are big energy movers so the placement is so important to the flow of energy in your home.

Never have a clock opposite your front door, as that will indicate that you are not welcome to stay for a long time. Not great if you want visitors to come and stay with you.

It is also important not to have a clock opposite any door in any room of the home or office.

Too many clocks means that you are always rushing and never settling down with time for yourself.

Clocks can work in your relationship corner, if you feel that area of your life needs a little movement.

Be conscious of the level at which the clock is placed. Too low means that movement and time was in the past and too high means that movement is in the future.

Interestingly, as soon as I wrote this, I noted that I had placed our large clock on top of the kitchen cupboards, so that will be moving as soon as I finish this month’s energies. It is amazing how often you do not realize what you do in your own home.

You will always become aware of energies when you are really ready to move forward in some way. As I mentioned above, when talking about the latest book, I was not putting the time and effort into the sales hence the reason why the clock may be high in the kitchen. I will let you know what happens once I change the position.

Clients have found clocks near their appointment books work a treat when it comes to business – massage businesses find it great.

Make sure that you do not have any clocks that are not working or are on the wrong time.

Watches – work similar to clocks – they are energy movers. When I am conscious of my time and working with my clients, I will wear a watch. When I know it is time to take time out and work on another aspect of my business, then I will not wear a watch.

I often find people who are not using their knowledge to the full extent do not wear a watch. Once they put on a watch, things change in their business or in their careers.

 Abundance corners. The abundance corner is always the far left corner when you stand at the door looking in. What do you have in each of the abundance corners of your home? Do you need to make changes?

One great way of working is to take everything out of your abundance corner and leave for a few days and then see what you like to put back in.

At my home at Arlingten Park, the laundry is in the abundance corner. Or should I say used to be. Once I painted the walls lime green, I have changed it to a mini office and it feels amazing. I am more focused and centered.

We actually have a large laundry house outside which was not being used. It is now being used. I don’t feel like all I have to do is the laundry, as much as I was before.

Water is a big thing where we are – when the laundry was in the abundance corner I was forever doing washing loads, which uses more water than necessary. Now the laundry is in its own little house, then I only do it twice a week, so hence a huge saving in water and time. Working with your abundance corners can work in many ways in creating change.

We are half way through the year. Have you opened the doors to the golden opportunities that are awaiting you or are you still struggling and only just surviving? If the latter, then we need to create change.

Colours for the Month

Green and Pink

Green and pink when combined has the energy of being free to love again.

You may like to work with a deep emerald green. Emerald green is a colour, which works with the past and the present. Take what you have been working on or working with and start to harvest from your hard work.

Emerald green with white is great to seek the truth of what you are searching for. Truth links to water – so allow the tears to come forth if they need to. When you connect to the truth it is a time of joy. You are allowing the truth to come forward to open your heart to your needs and desires.

Lime green is all about new abundance, ideas and growth.

Olive green helps you to be patient.

Spearmint green with pale pink helps you to be calm in opening the heart to love and to allow yourself to walk towards your true purpose in life. This is a great combination to get in touch with the real you – the one that lives within. When you get to know the real you within, the outside world will be able to see you shine. Too often we live in a pretend world not allowing ourselves the wealth we deserve.

Affirmation for the Month

Everything comes to me in divine timing

I choose this day to be my best and to reach my full potential

My purse is open and ready to collect

My door is open and ready to invite the new into my life

We are going to do something different this month.  We are drawing our animal and selecting our tree.


The six energy of the month and the driving force of 17/8 creativity with a start and finish is a major mind confidence player.

It is also stepping out of the hidden fear of judgement of others.    We love recognition but we fear judgement.  Drawing and creating is a powerful way to open the sacral chakra of choice where you get to open the purse to wealth in many way.s

 You may like to draw an animal once a week and show the team or you can work on your animal over the month.  The more you open the creativity this month the more rewards will come your way.  You will step out from behind the scene and opening your doors to a new world.


Trees – instead of the animal for the month

This month being a six/eight energy we are going to work with trees and plants.

Trees are a wonderful energy to work with to give that feeling that you are not alone, that you are grounded and you are working both on earth and reaching to the heavens.

The tree helps you to ground yourself so you can make accurate decisions and plans.

You may like to work with the energy of fruit trees, flowering trees or a Eucalyptus tree.

Apple trees are great if you are in the teaching or training industry and orange trees if you are working on collecting the money and wealth that you have been working towards.

The joy of the Eucalyptus tree is that it knows when to let go of the dead leaves so the new leaves can come forth. It does not waste energy or water on what is no longer living.   If you have been struggling with letting go of what does not serve you, then working with the energy of this tree and the oils will work wonders.

A crepe myrtle tree is another great tree to work with if you want that feeling of abundance and to connect more to your health and the love that you are seeking.

They stand as a communicator of cycles. Just as one door closes a new door opens. They teach you to adapt and understand both sides of the story.

The wood from a myrtle tree is great for cleansing. You may like to collect the myrtle wood with eucalyptus leaves and burn it as a cleansing of the old and an opening of doors to the new.

Rich ripe fruit on a tree reminds you that all you have to do is pick the fruit off the tree and enjoy it, as you have done all the hard work from planting to harvesting.


Body Sensing

Online Meditation Evening

Date:     5th June

Time:      8.00pm

Booking:    Please confirm and book your place via face book.

Numbers:    We need 6 participants to go ahead with the meditation

This is a great exercise to help you be in the present moment. Also super for setting boundaries if you find people take advantage of you.

When you find you stop focus on the movement around your body is where the blockage is in your receiving.

For example if your mind stops at the wrist on the right arm, then this will indicate that you are lost in which direction to look for the wealth. If the mind stops at the left knee, then you are being stubborn about knowledge you have and are not using to move forward.

How do you body sense?

Select a time and place where you will not be disturbed.

Take three deep breaths in.

Set an intention to what you want to know or answers you wish to receive in relation to your goals.

You start with your left big toe and you simply take the mind and visualize working around the body. The link is below.

Crystals for the Month




We are staying with the same crystals of Jet and Epidote.

That way you can truly cap on the energy flow of May and the changes you made to improve your cash and money flow.

If you find that you are always going back to the past and past grievances or mistakes then try wearing a Lapis bracelet to help you break free.

Oils this Month

I have two oils to work with this month.

They are rosewood and cedarwood. Two oils to connect to the tree energy.

Which one do you select? You can use one for the first two weeks and the other the last two weeks.


 Cedar wood is one of the oldest essential oils to work with.

It is an oil to help you along your journey of life, to give you strength, to let go of the weight you are carrying and to be persistent for you will reach your destination if you stay focused and determined.


A great oil to help you be centered. It calms the nerves, heals the emotions and moves you into the feeling of wellbeing.

Rosewood is great to create a sense of balance when you need to see both sides of the story or you simply need to create balance in your life.

Are you up for a little Challenge?

This is a great challenge to keep you focused and on track to transforming what you need to your goals.  Perfect for the person who wants to Business Profit mind train which is what the girls where doing on the weekend.

The challenge is riding in the Wild Ride in the Hunter Valley on the 1st September.  You have the choice of 15 km 30 km or 60km.  The choice is yours.  There will be three training events at Wollombi to help you make it through the transformation time and for the event.  Let me know if you are interested.  If you are not maybe your hubby maybe.  Bec is lining up Luke her husband to be part so she can come and watch.

WOW Yes! I Did It Events

Each month I will host a variety of events to help you keep on track.  Also a super opportunity to bring a friend along to see what we do.

The event calendar will be up later this week so you can plan ahead.

Have a super amazing month of June.

Allow yourself to rebuild if you feel you need to rebuild.

The important energy is not to allow others to judge you, what you can do and how high you can go.  Value your time and value you.

This month allow yourself to collect and harvest on all your hard work.  There is only one person blocking the wealth and that is you so lets open the door and step through to collect.  Book a time if you feel you need a little help.  A few members did this last month and it was so interesting seeing the change in goals and words.  Now doors are opening for them.