Welcome to the Month of March

This month it is time to go to the top floor.

Visualise yourself getting into a lift, pushing the button which says top floor.

Then see yourself move quickly and easily to the top floor.

The door opens and there in front of you are the treasures, goals and dreams that you have been waiting for.

The moment you honour what you want, know you deserve and are worthy to have what you want and desire the universe will deliver to you.

It all comes back to you and the energy and conscious living of KNOWING and ALLOWING


With Gold being one of the colours this month I will definitely be able to test out my gold shoes.

I always remember the great time we had in Hawaii when I bought my gold sneakers at Jimmy Choo.

Who knows where those gold sneakers will take me to this month.


What does your kitchen look like on a daily basis?

The area in the home to work on is the kitchen.

The kitchen is the area where you manifest. So it is all about totally cleaning from top to bottom. No short cuts.

Cupboards, drawers, fridge, stove. The lot. All needs a total clean and moving around.

With the pantry and cutlery drawer move things to different places.

Too often we take things for granted we do the same old same old.

This month it is time to move items around so it makes you actually look for what you want.

Toss out anything, which is out of date, or you do not use.

Do you need to toss out any old cups or saucers or plates that have cracks or chips?

Do you need to buy yourself new items in the kitchen?

For me I know I need new saucepans.

Different Supermarket

This will be fun and exciting. I challenge you to go to a totally different supermarket to what you normally go to.

This month I am agreeing to go to Aldi’s I hear so much about them but avoid like the plague. When I think of Aldi’s it is kinder like me and Harrods of London. We have the unexpected and can look after everything for you in some way.

Share your supermarket experience and let me know how you go.

I must admit one of my best experiences in a super market was when a complete stranger asked me out on a date. Yes I went out and had a super time. It simply didn’t last very long. Another story another day.


The energy of the dog will always help you be true and do what is best for you.

Being in now in the year of the Dog we have double the power and energy of the dog.

Choose a dog that totally feels heart connected. One that when you look at it makes you feel centered grounded, heart connected with love and laughter.

I have worked with clients who have been uncertain about partnerships or certain friends in their life. Once they take the symbol of the dog and placed it near a picture of the person they are in doubt about, the answers they need come thick and fast. If the person is not right, you will know very easily. It will be up to you then to make the decision on what you are going to do about the information you have received.

To receive the information and to do nothing will only cause a negative flow of energy to you.  So, if you work with this tip then make sure that you follow through with the information you receive.

Years ago I was in a book shop and I picked up this book, which is the cover, is below. I open the page on the page below and could not stop laughing. My daughter was in the front of the shop and heart me laughing – she came back to see what I was actually laughing at. I showed her the dog. She said “Mum I have never heard you laugh so loud, I am going to buy the book for you so you always remember this moment.

Interesting when I went looking for a picture of a dog I came across our dog for Warriors of Wellbeing and he looks nearly the same as you can see below.


I have two meditations for you this month – Shower Power and Alternative Nostril Breathing. I have a video for both.

Shower power is excellent in the shower each morning. It totally locks in your personal power.

Simple and easy to do – simply stand in the shower each morning and place the palm of your hand on your stomach and the other palm of your hand on your back then repeat the following words.

I own my personal power

I lock in my personal power

Nobody has access to my personal power by me

I use my personal power with God’s (or you can say the universe) personal power

Together we make an almighty team

There is nothing we cannot achieve.

Alternative Nostril Breathing is a great exercise to still the mind and work on self-esteem. Great to stop the mind chatter.

All you do is simply place your index and middle finger to the area between your eyebrows and thumb against your nose and take a deep breath in and hold the breath.

Next you release the thumb and then on the other side of your nose place your relationship finger and release the breath. From here you simply repeat from one side of the nose to the other.

I have a video, which will help you heaps.

When working with your alternative nostril breathing you may like to set an intention of your goals before starting.

One easy affirmation to work with is

I allow the new, I release the old. Very simple and very effective.


Last month we had steps. How did you go?

This month we are working on self-esteem and self worth so we are working the stomach muscles.

If you find that you have lately put on weight around the stomach area – ask yourself have you also lost a little self-esteem or self worth or confidence in your self?

I am going to work on the plank as my stomach exercise. I used to be able to do 4-minute planks like Michelle Bridges – today I tested myself and I was back to 60 seconds. My aim for the month will be 4-minute planks by three sets. What do you think my chances are? Maybe we can hold a challenge and see how every one is going by the end of the month. Who is up to join me? Now you need a witness or someone to confirm you are doing it. Not sure who I am going to get. I am sure Robo won’t have any idea what I am doing nor will Daisy or Willie.

Your Hands 

Working with your hands is a powerful tool to connect to the mind and create a paradigm shift in your life in allowing yourself to receive.

When you work with your hands with aroma, intention and affirmation you will be amazed how a paradigm shift can take place.

Sandalwood Scrub with Lavender

We have recently developed an amazing Sandalwood Scrub with lavender that works great on the hand and the mind at the same time.  It leaves your hands feeling absolutely clean and fresh.  It also has the feeling like you are never going to let anything slip from your hands or life again.  Too often we let life, money, gifts or friendship slip away.  This month work on keeping and receiving.  I love to use the scrub first thing in the morning with an intention and an affirmation.  Nice and simple and really a great discipline action that keeps you on track.  A small action step such as this is simply you telling you that you are paying attention to what you want, need and desire in life.


I am I am I am ………………………(write your name)

I am powerful

I am worthy

I am deserving

I am in control

Today I stop all resistance to having  money, love, happiness, success, gifts and friendship

Today I choose to allow myself to receive everything I want, desire and need

Today I choose to allow myself to go to the top floor and reach my full potential

Today I am stepping forward in life.


Turquoise helps you to be true and do what is best for you.

Turquoise is sometimes hard to get. If you can only find blue howlite that is ok to use.

Turquoise is great for bringing together the male and female energies and heaven and earth energies a great balancing stone.

Great if you wish to dispel any negative energy around you.

Amazonite will help to guide you to who you are and what is your purpose.  This is a great stone when you need to see two side of situation.  Sometimes we can be one sided and see only one point of view.  I like it because it can also help you see another side of you.  The real person within the skin.

We have a great supply of amazonite if you need any – they are just $4.00 each plus postage.

Blue Lace Agate is great to help you communicate what you really want to say.  Not what others want you to say but what you truly want and need to say.  A very calming stone – simply massaging the stone will help the mind to ease and feel free – it will prepare you for the communication you know you need to have at some stage.  Blue lace agate is also a healing stone it can bring about a feeling of softness peace and harmony.

Our Catch up this month

Our Zoom online meeting this month will be on Tuesday 13th at 8.00pm

We need a minimum of six.  Please confirm if you wish to attend the meeting.

I will post the Zoom link on Monday on 12th on Facebook so you are ready for our meeting.  The Zoom meeting room will open at 7.55pm.

We will work on the breathing meditation – I will work on helping you find the answers you need to reach your goals.

Have an absolutely fabulous month of March.  This is your month to receive so allow it to happen.