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Welcome to the Month of May

I have a great selection of tips and action steps for you this month.

Remember you can work with all the tips or just work one or two.  The choice is yours.

The more you work with the better results you will get.  What ever tip you choose to work with it is important that you follow through each day.

Discipline always gives you freedom and rewards.

Are you ready to be set free this month?

It is all possible for you it simply comes back to thoughts, choices, commitment, discipline and most of all allowing and accepting.

You can choose for the month to be an amazing month of minimal input with maximum returns, a money making month or a month of drainage, emotions, tears and debts because you are not changing what you know you need to change.

This is the month when you can start to create the freedom you desire in your life.

Freedom comes really easily when you start to work with discipline.   Select one discipline action you are going to do daily to create the freedom you desire.

One I find is to make sure that I use cash when it comes to café’s and coffee shops. I was travelling the other day and stopped for a coffee – I was a little hungry so decided to purchase a small carrot muffin at the same time. The girl took the order then said that will be $12.50. I asked about the cost again and she replied $12.50

I then asked how much for the coffee she said $4.50 so the carrot muffin was $8.00. Something that would normally cost $3.50 – $4.50 max. By using cash it always makes me aware of costs. So I naturally turned down the muffin and just had the coffee. At the end of the day I really didn’t need the muffin. So a simple discipline of cash keeps me in line with my nutrition.

What type of month are you going to choose?

Remember life and what you pull to you always comes back to the choices you make each day. Make conscious choices, which you know are right for you and soon you start to attract amazing energies, people and opportunities into your life.

We have the month’s energy of five and the force energy of 16.

16 is a warning number for the future. It lets you know that the tower is going to fall if you do not make changes. It will only stand for so long.

Change does not necessarily need to be drastic often I find with people the smallest of change can create a new start.

Fear stops us from changing. We are moving into the unknown and we can’t see everything in front of us.

The five energy connects to nourishment. What nourishes you and what depletes you? The more you work on what nourishes you this month the more you will move forward. Be ready to entertain friends or relatives.

Send out invites to a luncheon or dinner. Cook something totally different to what you have ever cooked before. Lets share our cooking experience.

Don’t be surprised if someone calls you to stay a night or two. Just make sure that the one or two nights do not turn into longer then you wish.

The five energy is also about change so there will be changes that you need to make this month.

16 Energy is all about the tower. A warning number for the future. 16 energy is about the abuse of either your knowledge, passion or love.

If others have been taking advantage of your knowledge, time, passion or love then it is up to you this month to stop the abuse of your knowledge, time or love.  People only take advantage of you if you allow it to happen.

The 16 reduces to the number seven. The seven energy this month is connecting to the drainage in your life. The drainage can be emotional or financial.

The more you acknowledge what is draining you the more you will receive help from above to stop all drainage.

Our first exercise for the month is to take pen and paper and write out where you are feeling drained either emotionally or financially.

Don’t think that you are wasting time.  When you acknowledge and then accept the drainage – change will definitely be on the way.

Too often we focus on the how instead of just accepting and asking for help.

The last important energy that connects to the five and the seven is to surrender your problems and allow. Too often we want a solution, we ask for help from above but we actually don’t let go so the solution can come. We still try finding the solution ourselves.

With the seven force energy with the five month energy do your acts of faith then surrender and let go – trust that everything will fall into place.

The Key to this Month is Change and Nourishment

The Area in the Home to Work On

The Bathroom, toilet and Ensuite are great areas in the home to stop drainage.

We are working on the bathrooms and toilet.

The bathroom and toilet are areas in the home where you squash any bad luck.

Cleanse with a smudge stick or you may like to burn some frankincense in the both rooms.

Make sure you do not have red in your bathroom. Red in bathrooms and toilets will often relate to conflict with finances.

Make sure you clean out the bathroom cupboards.

No magazines in the toilet I hope – definitely make sure you do not have water pictures on the wall in the toilet. Water pictures on the walls in the toilet will connect to the feeling of your finances going down the drain.

One energy relating to abundance is making sure you have plenty of toilet paper. My mum has rolls and rolls – she is also constantly winning with her money.


Colours for the Month

Orange – White – Shiny

The colours for the month will be orange, white and shiny.

The main colour will be linked to shiny. How can you shine this month?

You may move from leather or canvas shoes to shiny Patton leather shoes.

You may wear silver or gold earrings instead of a colour. I found a super white top with words in silver studs.   I have also picked out my purple jeans with silver buttons.

I am sure you will find lots of way to shine.

The colour orange will help you move with the change that needs to happen. The white will help you close a door and create structure.

When you combine orange and white together it is a super combination to use both your knowledge and your wisdom.

Knowledge is great but when you have knowledge and wisdom you have power.

Now on the 16th this month we are going to work with purple and orange. The purpose for this day is to find who is pulling your strings. You or others. And if it is someone else find the truth of why you are allowing the strings to be pulled.

You should never be a puppet on a string allowing to be moved in directions other people want.

Stand in your own power.

One Word Game

One Word

This month I want to teach you the power of finding “one word”.

One word that connects to your goals, wants and needs.

I have been working with clients over the last few months and find it fascinating how this one word game can move mountains and open doors. Your mind goes away from the lack of or problems you may be experiencing to finding ways to bring to you the goals you want and desire.

Now the power comes in finding the perfect one word.

 Let me give you an example:

If you need to de-clutter, you have too much around you, which is blocking you the word may be simplify.

I started to work with the word “Laughing”. I know when I am laughing I am around other people, teaching or speaking to others. When I am teaching or speaking I am normally consulting so it links immediately to business and income.

The other day when I was run off the road by the lady having a mental attack and decided to run over a guy mowing his lawn then turn her car into me and run me off the road it was amazing how I got to laugh all the way through the event right through to organizing my insurance claim.

If you have problems finding the right word for you. You can book a short consult and I will sort it out for you.

One client was going to use her word as strong or real.

Once we chatted we changed it to “Inspiring”. When she is inspiring she is in her power, giving and receiving. She is working and earning so the perfect word that is opening doors at the same time.

Another client selected her word as “enjoying”. Within two days she was offered a change of career, which was too good to refuse. Enjoying to her was having fun and enjoying life to the max with a great job, good money, time with family and travelling.

Find the right word for you and see the magic unfold.

What do you do when you have the word?

Place the word on the fridge, you can write it out in your affirmation each day. Place where you can see it each day.

I have an example below.

Affirmation for the Month


 I am I am I am ………………..name

I am on fire to have an awesome month this month

I am receiving everything I want and need

It all comes to me in the most magical of ways

 The second part of the affirmation is optional use the word that you have chosen for the month

 I am Chris Brazel

I am laughing so loud with so many

I am receiving and having an awesome time

 One Member has “Inspiring”

I am …………….

I am inspiring in amazing ways with so many

I am receiving and having an awesome time

Fragrance, Aroma and Flower for the month


This is a great flower that connects to abundance. It is a flower that is associated with the richness of life and a life of ease. Try to work with yellow chrysanthemums.

Oil – Orange and Basil

Orange and basil are great to work with the mind to get a new look on life or a problem.  Too often we keep looking at a problem from the same direction.  Orange and Basil will help you think outside the square.

I love work with with basil also as a protection.  I will often have a pot of basil in the garden with my buddha asking for protection with my money and wealth.

The Animal for the Month

With your animals, pick either the dolphin or the cougar but do not pick both.

 The Dolphin or the Cougar

The Dolphin

The dolphin teaches you the wisdom of the sea and of emotions.

Often we need to go into the emotions, learn to swim with the emotions but also know when it is time to be free of emotion.   Know when change is needed for freedom. Come to peace with your emotions, and then set yourself free.

The dolphin teaches you that just as water is important in our life, so is air and breathing. As in Feng Shui, to create peace and harmony, you are creating the balance of wind and water.

When you work with the dolphin, work with your breath.   You can also work with sound, especially the sounds of waves.

You may find when working with the breath meditation have the picture of your dolphin in front of you.

 The Cougar

The cougar will help you take back your personal power, so you can make decisions on the changes you know you need to make.

Often we find it hard to make changes as we have lost our power within. We give our power away to others. The cougar knows how to stay in control as well as keep its freedom at the same time. If you feel you are not making changes because of others, then the cougar will give you the power to take you through the changes easily.


Working with the Breath and Words

Working with the breath. This is a really simple breath exercise.

We are focusing on receiving, keeping enough for ourselves and then sharing.

Too often we are giving and not receiving. Or receiving and then giving it all away.

A great meditation exercise to do first thing in the morning or as many times during the day that you can, is:

Draw a deep breath in and, as you breathe in, work with the words:

“I am receiving more and more in my life”. Hold the breath.

“I now supply all my needs”. As you release the breath, repeat the words:

“I share the rest with others”.

Repeat at least five times.

Online Meditation

Zoom Meditation

 Our Zoom meditation will be held on Tuesday 8th May at 7.45pm.

Zoom link will be posted on Tuesday morning. Remember we need a minimum of six so make sure you book in if you are attending.

Crystals for the Month




This is a super crystal to multiply. Whatever it touches it multiples.

A great one to wrap a $5.00 or larger amount around and allow money to increase into your life or wallet.

Don’t use a $20.00 note as with the energy of 20 your plans are always delayed.

Five being a number of changes with minimal input with maximum returns, allow the epidote to work for you.

Check to make sure that you have the right crystal. Epidote is not always easy to get. It should cost around $10.00 for a small piece.

If you need one just email or you can purchase through the website. We have a great range.


This is a great crystal to work with when you have a problem with money and need to find a solution. Jet helps you stabilize your finances. It is great to use for business finances.

Place in the cash register or you can place in the abundance corner of the house. I like to place next to my eftpos machine.

Again a difficult stone to find. A raw piece of jet should be around $8.00 – $10.00 and only the size of your fingernail. It is extremely light which is the easiest way to know you have the right crystal.

A tumbled jet should cost around $8.00

Again I have a supply of both. It is best to email or call if you need any crystals as they are not always on the website.

I have limited packs of the jet and the epidote for $15.00 plus postage.

Have a super amazing month.  Acknowledge and accept what you need to change then surrender, let go and allow.

We have the moon the dates and energy all in alignment for you to make major moves forward in your life and in your business.