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Welcome to the Month of September

Four keys to this month’s energies to be a winner bring out any hidden talents and collect on your hard work

One Key –  have the confidence and strength to make the choice when a door needs to close – simply close it and walk away.

Second Key – look for wisdom behind the knowledge.  You will find the wisdom will come from either a child or from an elder.  Both are in the perfect state of mind – clarity with innocence from the child and clarity from experience from the elder.

Third Key – swap it –  Play the swapping game – you are simply working with the mind in swapping what you have to what you need.  Swapping what is really not working or nourishing you to swapping to what will nourish you.

Fourth Key –  Completing and finishing tasks and projects.  Focus on finishing off tasks and projects.  Simple things like making your bed of a morning will move you into a positive mind set.  Washing the dishes, drying the dishes and putting away will move you into power and confidence of being able to finish projects.

My first words of wisdom was last Saturday when riding in the 30km mountain bike race.  I was heading up this huge incline, it looked like it was never going to stop.

I had an eight year old beside me with his dad.  He turned to me and said – “Do you know the law of gravity”.  I said “what do you mean, the law of gravity”.  He replied “well what goes up must come down.  We only have to get to the top then we get to go down.”  Well said, my little man.

Remembering to always say “Thank You”

Before you start with the energies of this month say thank you for what you received last month.

Make a list of what was great about the month.

It is so important to acknowledge what has been given to us.  Acknowledge the small as well as the bigger things.

When you say thank you – it is an act of respect and gratitude.

You will always find the more you acknowledge the receiving side of life the more you will receive.

 What a great August – all the hard work you did in August will definitely be rewarded over the next few months of this year.

September – we have a nine energy coupled with a 20/2 energy so it will be all about releasing, letting go and allowing.

It will be about stopping the resistance to what you want and desire.

Stop trying to do things the hard way.  Life is about living, loving and thriving.

Time to think you have to go through heartache and headache to have what you want and desire in life.

It will all come back to the power of conscious choice living this month.

You are virtually playing the swapping game. Swapping and letting go of what does not work for you for what will work for you,

Nourishing yourself the right way will place you in perfect alignment to your goals and dreams.

The nine energy is about integrity and wisdom.

We can gain knowledge through books or courses or people who have walked before us but to maximize your knowledge you need to add wisdom.  You can add your wisdom or you can gain wisdom from a Master or often the best wisdom comes from within yourself.  Listening to your inner voice or as some people will say listening to that gut feeling you have.

The 11 year energy coupled with the 20 force energy for the month will be about listening to what is really being said, not what you think is being said then making the right choices.

You need to start to listen to that inner voice. Listen to, and take action on,  your gut feelings.  You and you alone have all the answers.  You just need to listen, take note and then take action.

Stop being in the half way lane.  Make sure you finish off jobs or projects.  Success comes when you complete what you start. Completing something comes back to you and a choice you need to make that you are going to collect.

Often people will not complete a project or a job simply because there is a hidden fear.  Find the fear, accept that there is a fear of something, then face the fear and move through the fear.

This month you may find that you are drawn to helping humanity in some way.  You may find you are called to help in some way for the welfare of the community.

When you work to be of service to others the rewards just naturally come your way.  It is about cause and effect – giving and receiving.

Just like the little 8-year told me last weekend, when we were half way up the mountain, about the law of gravity.  He asked me if I knew about it.  I said, “Not sure what you mean.” He then replied, “Well the law of gravity, what goes up must come down.”  Sure enough we completed the climb and at the end we had it downhill for 8 km.  He was right.

The nine energy is also highly associated with organization.  You can have all the knowledge in the world, but unless it is organized, you cannot collect the wealth.

The two energy of the 2 is about reflecting back on the past.  Time to let the past be the past and allow the future to be your new journey.

The 20 energy which is the first driving force energy will indicate that your plans may be delayed so don’t worry.

This month with the nine and the 20 will indicate that if you make the perfect choices for yourself then you will feel like the lid of the coffin has been lifted and you are free to be who you want to be, go where you want to go.  You will feel like you can walk your own path and not the pathway of others.

It will virtually feel like angels go before you blowing a trumpet moving obstacles out of your way as you go.

The Area in the Home to Work On

This month we are looking inside and organising cupboards and drawers

This month we are heading into the cupboards and drawers.  What have you been shoving into the cupboards and drawers?

Cupboards and drawers are like life – you can keep on taking what is being said to you and allowing it to sit within, but then there comes the day and the cupboard is full and you explode.

Go through all the cupboards that you have not already cleaned, toss out what no longer is useful or you can’t use and give to others.  Why have shirts or dresses that you do not wear when you can give to charity and allow another person the joy of your clothing, items or shoes.

Work out what is the worst cupboard – it will be interesting to see where this cupboard sits as it will be a direct indication as to where there are blocks in your life or business.

Colours for the Month

Our colours this month are red and purple.

Red and purple together are great to invite the energy of service.

Red and purple are two great colours for strength, confidence, knowledge and power.

Red will help you find your true tribal energy, focus on what needs to be carried out and give you confidence to allow the wealth you deserve into your life.

Purple will link to the spiritual side of life, knowledge and belief in yourself and in others.

Challenge for the Month is 15 days without sugar or alcohol

Our challenge this month is to swap sugar and alcohol for a period of time to invite something you really want into your life.

Super to see our group start on the 3rdfor the 15 day challenge.   I know we will see amazing energy changes.

The reason you are doing 15 days comes back to the luck of the number 15.  It is also associated with re-building, accepting, taking responsibility and best of all connects with your finances and security.

I know for me just the 1stday of no sugar found a huge water leak problem which we have been trying to find for months.  Go the ‘no sugar’ and ‘no occasional glass of red wine’.

There is nothing wrong with a little sugar or a glass of wine to celebrate.  What we are doing is swapping for a period of time to listen to what our intuition and gut is telling us that we need to do.  Too often we close off, we know we need to create and make changes but we can’t see the wood for the trees.

Sugar is simply a substitute for what you really want.  You are filling a love tank with it instead of the real thing.

If you missed the start then just work on a 15 day challenge when you feel ready during the month.

The energy behind sugar is a 5 energy of change and movement.  Minimal input with maximum returns – It is a money making number.

Mind Body Exercise

I have a really out there mind and body exercise for you this month.  The fact of the matter is that this exercise is so powerful.  Just ask Sally one of our members, what happened within hours for her.  The exercise is simple – just go through the whole of your home or apartment and close the door on every room, then walk out the house and leave for at least an hour with all doors closed.  Longer if you can.  The trick is your intention to what you are closing doors on and then what you are opening doors to.  You are virtually physically and mentally setting an intention to close a door on a energy that you no longer want in your life.  You are then opening the doors to what you want to invite into your life.  Fun and simple at the same time powerful and rewarding.  As you close each door make the statement. I am closing all doors on ………………….The closing could be on lack of money to opening the doors to plenty.  Closing the doors on being a martyr and opening the doors to love and adventure.  Let me know how you go.

Affirmation for the Month

The affirmation this month is working with the words “Yes, I can.”

Three amazing words that immediately open doors. When you think you can, when you tell yourself you can for sure, it won’t take long and you will.

Yes, I can have …………………………………

Yes, I know I can have …………………………..

Yes, I can have ………………………………………  (repeat)

Yes, I know I can have …………………………..(repeat)

Yes, I can have ………………………………………  (repeat)

Yes, I know I can have …………………………..(repeat)

I have knowledge and wisdom.  I am organizing and using my knowledge and wisdom so I can have ………….……………………………..

By (date)

When you set a date and then follow through with discipline on a daily basis you will reach your goals.

The Animal for the Month

Check out what each animal represents then select one.  One only, not two.

It is important to focus only on one animal energy.


 The crocodile is the doorkeeper to the world.  He can see the past and the future.  He can show you what doors need to close in order to be able to open new doors.

Because he can go both on land and in the water, he helps you move from the energy of being tied up in the emotional side of life, to being grounded, so you can make the right decisions to move forward.

 The Kangaroo

I love kangaroos, just love them.

I know on the country farms, some farmers think of them as pests.

For me, I cannot wait to wake up each morning and see how many are at my front door and in the paddock, as I head down the road to work with my horses or go for a run.

The kangaroo can only go forward, it cannot go backwards.  So when you start to work with the energy of the kangaroo, you are choosing to only move forward.  You are refusing to go backwards one minute longer.

The kangaroo teaches you that it is you who has to take responsibility for your journey and life.  The road you travel is your decision.

Kangaroos teach you to work with others and family, but at the end of the day, each person in the group or family must make their own decisions.

If you feel you are just making it through each day and you live in the struggle mode, then the kangaroo will help you find the way to get out of struggle and move into abundance.

One area that I have found works a treat, is to put a $1.00 coin on the front door of your fridge in the abundance corner (the top left corner).  The $1.00 has the symbol of the kangaroo on it, so when you place the coin there, where you see it on a daily basis, you are choosing to only move forward with your money from that moment on.  I have used this myself along with many clients and you always get results.

If you want to start to think a little outside of the box, then work with the rat kangaroo.  He teaches you to be innovative and to start to drum a new song.  Be the drummer of your own music. You do not need to always drum what has been drummed before.



The Meditation this month is simply about releasing from the past and accepting it is our responsibility for the future.

If you do not have what you want then you are the only one stopping it or responsible for not having it.

Take a picture of what you want.  Sit down, write out your intention that you allow yourself to have what you want, then play the following music and video from Youtube.

It is totally heart connecting.  Don’t worry if a few tears come forward allow the grieving to take place for after any rain there will always be a rainbow.  Think of the tears as the rain of cleansing of your heart and mind.

We will also have a circle meditation on 11th September by Zoom to work as a group of releasing and receiving.

Oil for the Month 

 Eucalyptus Oil

Have a small bottle sitting in the bathroom so each morning after your shower you can take three deep breaths and ask for clarity for the day and answers to questions you are seeking.

You can also have a small bottle in the car so when you are about to drive to a destination again take three deep breaths and see how much clarity you start to have.

Always have a question or an intention so the universe knows what to deliver.

Crystals for the Month


This is a great stone when you need to heal from hurts from the past.  Too often a rejection, or hurt from the past stops you from moving forward to the future.  So an excellent healing stone to heal and release.  Sugilite can help you attract people who want to live a similar life to what you do – it encourages a love of life and that there is always something good in everyone.  If you find you over indulge in anything this stone will help you enjoy things in moderation – so you get to enjoy and not use as a substance for what you really want in life.

Bloodstone –  bloodstone is known as an audible stone – great for meditation and finding answers. Work with this stone. Listen with open ears and you will find the answers.

Flowers for the month

The flowers for this month will be roses. The energy of roses links to St Theresa – the saint for manifesting abundance.

What I love about the roses is the protection of the thorns, in that once you remove the thorns you have stems of pure beauty.

Red roses are always a symbol of love and romance.

You may like to buy some roses for a friend or a stranger.

I have often bought a bunch of roses for strangers and just handed them the bunch.  Their eyes light up in amazement.

I bought two bunches of roses one day, knowing that I would know who to give them to.

Just after buying them I pulled in to get petrol – the guy at the counter was having a hard day.  So I went out to the car and got one of the bunches of roses and took them back into him.  He was astounded, then said, “Thank you, I just got engaged.”  I said “Well that is awesome, have a great day.”

The other bunch was to a Mum at the school when I picked up the kids.  She had been telling me while waiting for the kids that everything had gone wrong for the day.  To see her eyes light up was awesome.

Just buying roses for yourself is a present within itself.  When you give, you always receive.  The law of cause and effect.

Online Meditation

Zoom Meditation

 Our Zoom meditation will be held on Tuesday 11th September  at 7.45 pm.

Zoom link will be posted on Tuesday morning. Remember we need a minimum of six so make sure you book in if you are attending.

Have an awesome month.  Let me know if you need any help.  I do hope to see you at Wollombi on 12th.