What creates a Powerful Woman?

Energy 17/35 – Know that you are protected once you step out of mental frustration and exhaustion and take control of the steps you want to take to achieve in this world this year and in your lifetime.

Use your time to wisely.  Don’t sit in wonder when you can sit in power and use your knowledge, wisdom, creativity and most importantly time for yourself and to share with others.  17 energy helps you to do what honours you in a way your name will be remembered.

Powerful Women – what creates powerful women?

To me it is a woman who uses her knowledge, wisdom, expertise, time, creativity in some way to be the best she can be and to help others achieve and be their best as well.

One woman who I have always admired is Florence Nightingale – using her knowledge, wisdom, expertise, compassion to work through some of the most difficult times in war.  When the chips are down is when you see powerful women step up to the mark.  Being born in 1820 her driving code is that of a nurse in healing and helping others.  Her natural code was knowing what is the best way to help others.  The most interesting code is that she was known as the lady with the lamp.  Her destiny code was about the light.   This one lady who knew her purpose and her destiny.  All codes match to who she was, what she was renown for and what she is remembered for.

I found it super interesting to read the research that the majority of powerful men who have been achiever and leaders in the world have been supported by a women. Abraham Lincoln was a great leader – his achievements came to fruition with the true love of his life with Anne Rutledge. There are many more men which Napoleon Hill one of the great genius in obtaining wealth talks about.  Abraham’s destiny code was that of creating change and movement which he did.  His driving code was that of an accident – he was assented in his seventh year which is when a door will close if it is meant to close.  Both Abraham and Florence had the same natural code –  they both knew how to help the world in a more efficient and effective way.

We know a powerful man who achieves has the woman behind him, but the same evidence does not seem to appear for a woman who steps into power and are powerful achievers that they needs the guy behind Them.

What I have found is that the powerful women are ones who have determination, focus, guts and complete what they start, do not allow others to judge them – they go out on a mission.

I know for me I was lucky to be born into a family of strong and powerful women, so it was always easy to step outside the square.  It was done by the women in my family before me.

Yesterday I talked about the two 16 year olds who I admire that says to me Women in Power of their life.

If you look at the women around you today what do they say?

I did a Google search on women bloggers who are at the top – what did I see – nothing of real essence.  Certainly women trying to attract through a sexy body, with revealing clothes – but what was their message to other women – to me it seemed that you need to use sex and your body to achieve.  I didn’t even bother to read any of their articles as it felt like there was no essence of pure intention with knowledge or wisdom.

If you feel at the moment you are lacking in power – take a quick look around at the women you are working or associating with – do they give you a feeling of power or are they sheep in a paddock wandering around not really knowing where they are going just following the leader and heading up any road or hill where there seems to be a crowd.

Most women become mothers and mothers of children who will be some day running the world. How is the world going to be when run by sheep with no direction or pure intention?  How is our world going to be if run by people who have great knowledge of and use technology to the max with every app they can in order find to save time – but don’t know how to have a basic conversation?  Buy what ever they need in the shops but don’t know how to create.

I ask the women of today to open the doors to your own personal power – we need you today to be the power for the people for tomorrow.  What you do in your life could be the inspiration for the next generation.

If we are to save the numerous youth committing suicide, popping pills, or devoting time to nothingness then us grans, mothers and young women need to start today.  Become the warrior of your life so you can be an achiever and be of influence for the next generation.

You are never to old to be amazing women sharing your expertise, knowledge and wisdom to make a better world.  This world needs powerful women who know who they are, what they want and what roads they want to walk.

A powerful women can simply be one who knows who they are, when to say NO and when to say YES.  A person who uses her knowledge to her full potential

Florence Nightingale was a powerful woman using her knowledge, time, expertise and compassion for the human soul.

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