Have you ever started our on a job only to find yourself with a problem?  Or should I say a dilemma?

This is when you need to take five, breathe, put a plan into place then take one step at a time.  Dilemmas are only send to you to help you make changes in your life.  To bring you to the present moment.

Today I decided the front paddock needed to be mowed.  I had actually left it for a while so hence very long grass.  Everything was going great until the mower decided enough was enough so stopped.  I tried to turn it on but the battery had decided it also had enough.  Next I thought well the battery needs to be charged.  No power points in this paddock.  I next tried to push back to the house but far too heavy.  Next I thought well there is only one way and that is to tow it back.  I didn’t have another person to ride on the mower so I thought who is going to steer?  Well no-one.  You just have to line it up Chris Brazel, I thought.  I brought the 4 wheel drive down. That worked fine.  Anchored and lined up the mower that worked ok.  Then I got to the gate.  Have you ever tried to squeeze through a gate with a mower behind with no-one on the mower?  A few changes of direction but we got through the gate.  Then I thought well done Chris Brazel you now have the. mower in the perfect place to re-charge the battery.  Great work.  Yes, but then the tricky bit came.  I had to get out of the house paddock.  I did not take into account the steep hill to go up without any trackson.  I tried going up straight, I tried going side ways, I even tried to back up.  No go.  So at sunset, the mower was fine but I was stuck with a four wheel drive in the house yard stuck and trying to work a way out.  Tomorrow is another day.  Where there is a will there is always a way.  I am sure once I sleep on it I will find a way.  If not I will just call NRMA and they can figure it out.  Never think of a problem or a negative as a problem think of it as a lesson to pull you on track with life.  Even though it has been an interesting afternoon, it actually feels empowering to know at least I managed to tow a mower without a rider up a paddock and through a gate.  Now tomorrow I may have to cut a fence and go bush but I will get the four wheel drive back on the road again.