You Can Train Your Brain

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Where Do You Go When The Lights are On, But Nobody is Home – Train Your Brain.

This books allows you to first accept and acknowledge what is happening in your life.  Then you have the opportunity to flip the book and learn fun, easy, practical and logical action steps to take back your power and lead the life that you choose.  When you are feeling down, depressed, and life is nothing but an anxious and terrifying journey I show you how to take one step at a time to take back your power and your life.

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Meet my sister Sue who through her trials and tribulations in her own life now leads an amazing life in helping others become owners of their own life.

Sue, I believe is one of the best in Australia in NLP – she knows what it is like when the minds just won’t do what you want it to do.  You feel trapped, lost and in a pit of emotions – not being able to see a way out.  Your family stands by not knowing what to do and how to help.  It was through Sue that I learnt so much in using my principals and techniques to flip a mind to create a life.  Join us for one of our bootcamps or courses.  You may like to work with Sue directly or with me.  Our door is always open to help you in the best way we can.  Life is too short to life in despair.

I am so lucky to be able to turn lives, families and businesses around.  If I can help you get on top of the world that would be awesome.


Train Your Brain through stepping sideways to create a new way to control the thoughts that control your life.

Daisy helping Ken get back into the love of working with horses.

The Butterfly Journey – a wonderful colour and creative way to win with the mind and to create change in your life.

Buddha Walking – a powerful way to work in nature with your eyes, feet, colour and movement.

Paddle Boarding – a super way to go above the emotions, control the mind, build self esteem and take back your power.

Join me in Australia or Hawaii for one of my courses.

The art of meditation through the mind, body and environment.  Learn the Ho’oponopono healing meditation and how to work with the mind and the breath and visualisation.  When you mind connects to the energy of the earth you start to create stillness with power.  You stop the mind chatter.

Learn the art of stepping and climbing.  Empower the mind through an adventure that has a start and a finish.  Go to the top and see the success you have achieved by taking one step at a time.


It started in the racing game and ended in Horse Therapy and Courses


The Power & Healing of Working with Horses

Ivory came next.

An absolutely beautiful old mare.

So gentle, caring and sweet.  A wonderful horse for my grand-daughter as well as my clients.

Willie was next.

Like Daisy he is a race horse which has won and broke a class record.  My connection with Willie started just after he was born.  I saw him when he was only days old and fell in love with him.  Little did I know I would end up owning him.

Willie has an energy of his own.  You will love his stories.  One minute you see him testing you the next you see him with an young boy as gentle and caring as he can be.  He knows exactly when it is time to behave.

Jazzie was next.  A beautiful mini horse.  Jazzie turns out to be the favourite with my students.

Win Jazzie over and you know you will definitely win in life.

She will get to the core of what is blocking you quicker then blink and eye.

Sweet Pea has been our last edition.

A beautiful ex race horse – large but gentle.  So quiet.  She really gives you the feeling of power when you work with her.

Great on the obstacle course and figure eights.


Join me for a session or course and see the magic and power of the horse


Horses Healing and Empowering YOU

Horses, Colour & Create Courses

This is a course that includes everything

Horses Heal and Empower You

Become A Horse & Colour Coach

One on One

Join me for a one on one session

Horses are amazing in healing and empowering you



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Check out my latest book.
Check out my latest book.

The Yellow Canary & the Treasured Land

A great book on change for children to adults

54 Days To Fall In Love

Your Feng Shui Journey to Self Discovery