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Who is

Chris Brazel

The creator and word leader in Your Access Code.  Knowing YOU the person and YOUR connection to your body, mind and envirornment.

Chris Brazel is an International best selling author/trainer – What Chris Brazel writes about she then teaches You.  She consults, trains and designs for individuals, businesses and companies in Australia and overseas.  Chris Brazel is unique in all that she does.  The most amazing energy expert you will ever come across.  

Chris Brazel is an action base person who first researches then takes her research and then writes and teaches you how to work in today’s world.

Chris Brazel has over 19 years experience consulting, designing and teaching clients and students in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Belgrade, Canada, Singapore and UK.

Chris Brazel loves making a difference in people’s lives.  Her passion is people and helping who ever she comes in contact with how to Access the wealth, health, happiness, love that they want and desire in their life.  Once you meet Chris Brazel you will remember her for life.  You will never think the same way again.  Her voice will continue in your head to help you make the perfect conscious choice for you.  The power of the Mind in action.


Speaker - Trainer - Presenter

Chris Brazel is also an amazing presenter and speaker. She can win over an audience in seconds with her passion about energy. Chris Brazel teaches you that you are a product of your environment, you create your environment subconsciously and your subconscious is a reflection of your moods attitude and feelings. What the mind, thinks, the body feels and the environment reflects. Everything everyday is energy. Get the energy right you get everything right.

Once you have met Chris Brazel you will remember her for life. She will arouse in you a passion for your home and your work environment.  She is an action person.

Chris Brazel has appeared on numerous radio stations, TV Channels, magazines and in media articles. She also has her own Chris Brazel Channel.  In 2017 she was invited to be on I am a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here UK.  A show that reaches over 800,000 per episode.  Her part was on the Feng shui and colours of the camp site for contestants.  Another major TV show in Australia was My Restaurant Rules where she consulted on the Melbourne restaurant and appeared with Channel 7 for the show on colours and Feng Shui.   In 2015 she was the Ambassador for Chux Cleaning products with their new range of coloured cleaning cloths.

Chris Brazel works with clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Belgrade, New York, San Francisco, London, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Doha. Is it time you spoke with Chris? Email

International Best Selling Author


Train with Chris Brazel Australia or Internationally

Energy Alignment

Life is a journey with many destinations.  What I love about my work is no matter what the destination is, I know I have the energy, the knowledge, the expertise and skills to take you.  Most clients start with one destination but continue on for many more.  The moment you start to work with Your Access Code you step into perfect energy alignment you step into a whole new world where life becomes easy and everything flows to you in the most magical of ways.

Everything you do every day with a horse either takes you to winning the race or simply keeps you in the stable.

Life is about doing, horses teach you the ultimate about being in the present moment.

Pay Attention to Your Intention

When you make choices with intention and purpose you win. Pay attention to your intention and see the paradigm shift in your life.  It's easy, fun and best of all you see the results and rewards for all your effort.  Working with colours, your home environment and work environments are marvellous ways to pay attention to your intention.  Everything in your environment is a reflection of you and your present life.  Work with colour, make changes in your environment and you start to create changes in your life - you start to create the perfect pathway to your goals.

Aim High - Never Settle for Second Best

I teach through my experiences.  I believe everyone is unique and has a special purpose here on earth.  I love to show you the magic of life.  How easy it is to change and shift energies by stepping sideways.  One of my magical moments was when I received a phone call from the executive producer of the UK Celebrity Get Me Out of Here TV show.  A show with a massive audience.  I had set a goal to be on a TV reality TV show for 2016.  I followed through with my action steps.  The results was the UK TV show where I had the opportunity to present on the show in relation to the camp environment and the minds of the occupants.  It was awesome.  I set my goal and the universe gave me the highest level I could go.  AWESOME.


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