Winning in 2016 – Make this the best year ever

How did you start of this wonderful new year?

It is always interesting to see what you do on the very first day.

This time last year I raced Daisy – it was her fourth race, she wore number four and best of all she won and broke a class record. After this event I went on to obtain my Trainers License and complete Certificate four in race horse training. Which then moved me more into Daisy Power – and The Daisy Chain. Empowerment through colours, horses and environments. The mind, body and environment energy connection.

It will be interesting to see what this year brings.

As I went out early this morning to feed the horses the first thing that crossed my path was a tiny mouse that had got itself stuck in a bin.

This time he looked as if he was nearly dead. My thoughts were do I try and save him? The answer was of course “yes” So I Picked him up with gentle hands and thought the first thing you need is water. So got a little saucer and put water in it. Then I placed him down so his lips could feel the water. He immediately started to try and lick the water. He moved around in the water for a short time I then placed him on the grass. He knew where the water was but was free to go to the water or run away. I left him be for the morning. Went back and he had taken off. So another mouse lives another day.

What then crossed my mind was it was only the other day when my daughter described my work as “rescuing”. So maybe that will be what the year is about.

I know it is going to be fabulous. There will be a lot of doors that will close for people this year. If a door closes for you then it was definitely meant to close.

My first course this year will be held on weekend of 16th and 17th Jan. You arrive late Monday 15th for first session at 7.00pm. This course is totally aimed at teaching you how to win the easy way. Whether it be in life, winning against weight gain, winning with your finances. Winning in finding your partner. Maybe you simply want a new career.

Come and join me you will have the best time ever. The first session is totally on “YOU” your identity and your tribe. This is always the place to start when you want to win. Next is know the race you want to enter. It is one thing to enter a race to win but the key comes to making sure you are in the right race for you. When I speak race I relate this to the journey, road and pathway to your goals.

This course will feature “The Butterfly” Your Journey to Freedom. Our last group had goals such as getting engaged, financial freedom to move on with their career, loosing weight, buying a new car, selling a business.

All succeeded.

New car purchases – ticked
Won a large amount of money in lotto – ticked – this was not the way she thought it would happen but you never trie to work out how – ticked
Engagement ring for Christmas – ticked
9 Kg weight loss plus business opportunities opening up – ticked

What do you want in life? Don’t let another year go by going without your goals and dreams.

Email me for more info or call 041 2701 408.

Have a super day. Let me know how your day started.


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