Winning Back Life

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Winning Back Life

Winning Back Life for you and a loved one is a one day course where Chris Brazel will teach you how to take back control of the mind and your life through conscious choices and action.  

So often we give our life away – it is time to get it back.

This course is not about talking and then more talking.  

Talking is ok to start with but at some stage you have to take action.  Action gets the job done.  Talking keeps you in the emotion.

Lets recognise that we have a problem in society and we need to start to do something about it.  Depression, anxiety, suicide and general living is now more a try to survive then a joy of happy living.

Suicide with our young, with people in general is becoming the norm –  WE NEED TO START TO TURN THIS FACT OF LIFE AROUND.

And turn it around NOW.

When you start to make conscious choices, one step at a time, one day at a time you start to walk a new path.  Each step you take you are walking and moving closer to a happy loving life.  It all starts with YOU and conscious choices.

This course is all action based

with proven and successful results

Chris Brazel has transformed so many lives and homes over the past 21 years.  What she teaches is results driven.  Chris Brazel can flip a mind to a new way of thinking in a very short time.  She has been by the side of a person suffering a panic attack, an anxiety attack.  She has been by the side of a person who can’t get off the ground because they feel that their time is of little worth and they don’t want to live.

Each time Chris Brazel has changed their way of thinking, put them on track to see a better life.  She has shown them how to win in life.  She has taught loved ones how to help the person not coping – to start coping and day by day win in life.

She knows what it is like to have a loved one with serious mental illness.

What Chris Brazel decided was it was time to find action steps that the person suffering as well as the family member or friend can actually do something physically about their problem.  Talking keeps the person in the emotion.  Action no matter how small creates the mind empowerment that they are actually doing something about their life and their future.


  • Know You the Person – through personal profiling 
  • Are you destined for depression or anxiety – if so how to change your destiny
  • How to still the mind when it is racing a million miles an hour
  • Moving the body to move the mind – buddha walking, reversing, getting the mind over obstacles
  • Living in the present moment and making conscious choices – working colour, working with the breath
  • Learning the mind, body and environment energy connection
  • What the mind thinks the body feels and your environment reflects.
  • How to work with colours and your environment to create new mind patterns and paradigm shifts

Meet Robbie and hear his story

If Robbie can totally change his life around so can you.

It all starts with a conscious choice of choosing to live a life that you deserve to life.

Stop blaming, living in the past, being a victim.

You can be the warrior and the driver of your life to the destiny you want to drive to

Let Robbie Inspire You Now

Can’t make any of  my courses

but want to change right this minute

Buy the book – it will get you started

Meet my Sister Sue

Meet my sister Sue who through her trials and tribulations in her own life now leads an amazing life in helping others become owners of their own life.

Sue, I believe is one of the best in Australia in NLP – she knows what it is like when the minds just won’t do what you want it to do.  You feel trapped, lost and in a pit of emotions – not being able to see a way out.  Your family stands by not knowing what to do and how to help.  It was through Sue that I learnt so much in using my principals and techniques to flip a mind to create a life.  Join us for one of our bootcamps or courses.  You may like to work with Sue directly or with me.  Our door is always open to help you in the best way we can.  Life is too short to life in despair.

Life is far too short to allow emotions to control the mind.  

Allow me to show you how to stop the mind chatter –

take control of the emotions which in turn allows you to take control of your life.

We can create a wonderful world of wellbeing

If we work together as a team and help each other – we as a community can become happy, healthy wealthy and wise.


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