WOW – Access Coding – Access Coaching Course

It is easy to manifest and attract what you want when you are in perfect energy alignment to you and your goals.

Everyone has access to what they want – it is us- the individual who stops the access.  We create blocks and delays when really life is meant to be easy and we are all entitled to the wealth and richness of life.  Life is about thriving not only just surviving.

Access Coding first teaches you about you.  You get to know everything about yourself.  When you know you – then you can be you.  You will have the keys to open the doors that you want to open.

By stepping out of the emotions and into action that you can face your fears, unblock the obstacles and open new doors and new opportunities to endless possibilities.

By knowing and working with your personal Access Codes then connecting your personal Access Codes to the universal energies you can easily pull yourself into alignment.  Once in alignment, life is easy, what you want, need or desire is already waiting for you to collect.

Access Coding teaches you Conscious Choice Living – the energy connection of the mind, body and your environment.  How to connect to the spirit and soul of you, which in turn opens the heart and allows the riches and wealth of life to flow.

Nobody needs to struggle, nobody needs to constantly live with financial worries or sacrifices – you can at this very moment have access to an amazing wealth.  Let me show you how easy it is to move forward and access what you want. 

It is your time to shine and live the ultimate life that sits and awaits you.

You can also be a Winner


Next Online –  WOW Access Coding and Access Coaching

Date:   Wednesday 1st July

Online by Zoom

Times:   7.30pm

Costs:       $995.00 

This course will totally show you how to easily access what you want.  How to make conscious choices each day with a purpose to be in total alignment and a magnet for attracting what you want.

Please note:

This course is over 12 weeks and payments can be in instalments.

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Access Coaching – Mindset Training – through the Mind, Body & Environment


What will You Receive

Personal Access Coding and Access Coaching

  • Your Personal Access Codes
  • One on One Session to connect to your goals with pure intention
  • Understanding your Access Codes and how to work with them
  • Creating the Vision
  • From the One on One First Step you will move into a group Online where we meet each fortnight and work through the 6 Steps to your total transformation
  • From Step One you will move into the 6 Steps Access Coaching System.

Each Step includes:

  • Working with the mind, body and environment
  • I will teach you how to train your brain working with colour and your home, meditations, affirmations and action steps
  • You will learn about conscious choice living in a real way.
  • You will learn the areas in the home that connect to your subconscious.  You will learn how to read your mind through each room.
  • You will learn how to connect to your subconscious and create changes in the way you think and what you are attracting.
  • Working with a specific colour is an awesome way to connect to the inner energy flow of your mind and body.
  • Working with the different areas in the home then helps you cleanse and clean both the inside and outside of your mind and body through your environment.
  • The success of the programmes comes from you making conscious choices each day with a purpose.
  • There are also discipline action steps to take through the course which helps you move into total alignment.  When you are in perfect alignment you can manifest and attract easily what you want, need or desire in life or in business,

No More Feeling like you are at Crossroads

You will Learn the Energy Codes of:

The Power and Energy of Colour

Over the 6 steps you will work with a specific colour

Working and connecting the inner energy of the chakras to your personal outer energy.

How to work with your personal colour in connection to your inner chakra colour

The Energy Connection of the Mind and Environments

Over the 6 steps you will work through the rooms of your home and learn the energy and subconscious of your mind and each room.  You will learn how to make changes in each room to create changes in your life.

What your mind thinks your environment will reflect.

Connecting through Oils and Aromas

You will learn the different oils to work with to train your mind to create.

How to work with the oils to find answers and to remove blocks.

Each oil has an energy code for you to connect and work with.


I have 6 meditations that you will learn to allow the mind to de-stress, align to your goals.

You will also have access to mind exercises to attract wealth and success into your life.

There is an excellent meditation to remove blocks and stress from your mind and life.

You will learn how to work with the Ho’oponopono healing meditations in various ways

The Power and Energy of Working with Animals

Working with the energy of animals is a powerful way to step out of the emotions of life.

Every animal has an energy code and vibration.  When you choose a certain animal to work with you are connecting to that energy vibration.

What is in the picture of the animal that you have selected is a representation of what you are thinking and feeling about your goals.

Crystals – Energy and Colour Codes

Crystals are amazing to work with.  Each crystal has an energy vibration and code as well as a colour that connects to your mind and your chakras.

Know your Access Code crystals so when you feel stuck, stressed or lost you can connect and work with through massage and the mind conscious choices with a purpose.

You are telling your mind what you want – not allowing the mind to control you.

The Power of Words and Auto Suggestion

What you think soon moves into the words you speak.  Then from the words you speak your life unfolds.

Know the power of the words you use and see life change easily.

Know your personal power words.

Are you Ready to Access Code your way to your Goals?

If you are ready, I am ready to help you know all your Access Codes so you are the driver of your life and your destinations.

Come join me – it will be fun.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because I know you can.

Where there is a will there is always a way.  The sky is the limit once you put your mind to it.

Come and join me.

Let’s have an awesome time.

Best of all lets kick butt to your goals.

This Time Next Year you will be standing as a winner.