Farm Stay Bootcamp

Bounce Back Happy – Parent & Child

Dates 29th & 30th May


 Numbers limited

A super fun weekend for both parent and child on a farm where each individual connects with each other.

They learn all about their mind.  

How to bounce back happy, positive, confident.  

They take part in creative exercises along with adventures in the bush.

The weekend is followed by an optional 6 Step Bounce Back Transformation Programme at home.



The Weekend Bootcamp  – Followed by an Optional  6 Step Total Transformation Programme for the whole family.

The Bounce Back Farm Stay Bootcamp is a 2 day camp on a farm in Wollombi  or stay in a cottage the farm.  Individuals connect to nature, creativity – learning the ART of living great through the mind, the body and environment connection.

Optional after The bootcamp.

Following the two days participants have the choice of a six step Total Transformation programme which they can take what they have learnt over the weekend and develop their minds and relationships further.  The six steps is by zoom in the comfort of their own home.




What happens at the Bootcamp?

Over the weekend parent learn about the mind of the child and the child learns how to work with their own mind.  A unique way of working that opens amazing ways to work with kids.

Each child receives their Access Codes so they understand how their mind works.  This is great for parents to get to know their child from a totally different perspective.

Over the weekend Chris Brazel will teach various mind, body and environment exercises from the systems she has created over the past 19 years. 




Your Childs Mind Codes

Every persons mind works in a totally different way. 

We are all born with a brain but how we develop and use that brain is different for everyone.  Chris Brazel has developed a proven coding system that helps a person understand their mind and how it works.  It also helps individuals understand each other’s mind space.

 Mind Body exercises

How to work with the mind to connect to the body.

This includes various exercises working in nature

Walking and working with the mind

Hills and steps working with the mind

Working with a ball

Working with numbers and reversing

Brain Spaces

How your mind connects to your environment

How to make changes in your environment to empower the mind

How to work with conscious choices with a purpose in your environment as well as with colour to clear and empower the mind

Colour and the Mind

How to work with colour

The energy and meaning of colours

The energy and meaning of colour combinations

Creativity and ART

How to work with ART and creativity to gain confidence, clarity and mind focus

How to work with ART and creativity to train the brain to follow through, finish and succeed

How to work with WORDS and affirmation. Words are powerful when used in working with the mind

Being Creative – Using Imgination 

At the Bounce Back Farm Stay Chris Brazel teaches children how to invent what they want.  The ART of imagination to creating what you want.

Here Chris Brazel teaches Koa how to make a go-cart out of a lawn mower a plastic box and an old chair.

An amazing way to help children find answers.  It is ok to get dirty or play in the mud.

Animal play an important role over the weekend.

The children learn boudaries with the animals.

How to treat and take care of the animal.

They learn the ART of touch, love and feel.

They also learn reponsibility and sharing with each other.

ART and Design

At all of our Bounce Back Bootcamps children learn to work with art and design to train their minds to be patient, to meditate through drawing and colours.

How to work with colours to help their mind to be happy, confident.

They learn about their bedroom – how to create a happy bedroom that makes them feel good.


The 2 day bootcamp is $995 which includes each person’s Access Codes, the two day course and a gift.  The Accommodation is available either in the cottage or camping at Mulla Villa, Wollombi.  The cost of the accomodation is extra and will depend if you are staying in the cottage or camping.

The Bounce Back Bootcamp includes one parent and one child.


6 Step Total Transformation following on at home is optional.

A proven self development programme for the whole family to enjoy and work through.  There is a zoom meeting each fortnight where we set action steps for the following 2 weeks. We work through different colours each fortnight to match our mind and brain spaces in the home.  You learn different meditations and affirmation along with mind body exercises.

A great programme to follow on from the weekend to re-inforce what is learnt and to keep the energy flowing.

My Best Review Ever from My Little Mate – 6 years

His mum thought instead of writing a testimonial she would interview her son and write out his answers.


Who is Chris Brazel?


She is the lady who helps me to feel happy.


What does she help you with?


She shows me what to do when I get scared or worried or sad.


How does she do that?


She teaches me how to do figure 8s so I can change my mind and she teaches me how to work with a ball when I am scared.


What is your favourite?


The ball is great as I can take to school and bounce and the other kids dont really know what I am doing.

What do you think Chris Brazel can do to help other kids?


Could she make something for me to remember to walk my figure 8s.  They are great but sometimes I forget.

How cool is my little mate?

Chat with Chris Brazel and learn more about her bootcamps, courses and programmes to Bounce Back Happy, Confident and Great.

Life was never meant to be a struggle.  Work with Chris Brazel and her amazing way of working with the mind, enviornment and the body.