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Chris Brazel – Australia’s Leading Numbers, Feng Shui and Colours Expert.

Chris Brazel has been teaching students for the past 19 years.  Her students come from around the world to learn with the best.  Chris Brazel has taken the numbers game to a whole new level combinging the power of numbers with the energy connection of the mind and body through her amazing Soul Energy Feng Shui for the environment and Colours for the body, the mind and especially healing.



The Power of Numbers.

Chris Brazel has developed the most powerful and accurate system of Access Coding.  She can code an individual within minutes and be pin point accurate to what is happening in their life and in their business.  What would be happening in their life, their career right through to their finances.

When you learn her system you have access to direct information for your clients.  A brilliant business to build for yourself in person or online.

23 Day Butterfly Programme- Online

Colours & Colour Therapy



Chris Brazel’s WOW Mindfit Club releases a colour, feng shui and numbers journal every month.  You can work with the energies of the month to be in perfect energy alignment for manifesting and attracting exactly what you want in life.  An easy way to work with colour and energies for empowerment.

The ART of working with Colour

Every Colour has an energy vibration.

When you work with colour you start to work with the power of pure intention and conscious choices with a purpose.  You step into total empowerment of self.

Chris Brazel teaches easy ways to work with colour along with her amazing Colour Therapy 6 Step Total Transformation Programme.  A brilliant coaching system that totally changes lives.  One that you can adapt to your own gifts and talents.


Soul Energy Feng Shui

Soul Energy Feng Shui is the innovation of Chris Brazel combining both eastern and western feng shui.

Teaching how to read your environment to exactly to what is happening in your Brain Space and your Life.

How to read your Brain through your environment.

How to make simple changes in your environment to make changes in your life.

An amazing what to work in manfiesting and attracting what you want in life.

The Courses

You can book for one course for example:

The Power of Numbers

The ART of Colour

Soul Energy Feng Shui


You can join and learn the ART of Living Well which includes the 6 Step Total Transformation Programme, the Colour Therapy programme and the Access Coaching.

The Girls in Hawaii

Fiona is now a business coach helping her clients create amazing wealth in their business

Leanne has started her Real Estate business working with House Sold the Easy Way

Lisa the Cupboard Queen is doing amazing things with her business in the Newcastle area

Kym has her creativity business now up and running with Putting U in the Picture

Anna has her Soul Spaces business in Inverell.

When you study and work with me I love to take you to the top of the hill with your success.


The world is in much need of people able to work with the mind and help young people get on track with their lives.

MINDFIT is a special programme that helps you help others with teaching them how to traint their brain to be back on track with life.

Create Your Perfect Brain Space

Learn how to homestyle to create amazing places that works for manfiesting, attracting wealth and creating a  brain space for peace, love and joy.

With the Brain Space Courses you can move into home styling, or you may love to work with real estate styling for success under our House Sold the Easy Way system.  There are so many opportunities out there for this type of work.  I would love to teach you to help others.

WOW Top Achievers 2020

People who are members of my club who know the empowerment, law of attraction and successes they can achieve by working with numbers, colours and Soul Energy Feng Shui.

Renata Cruze

Top Achiever 2020 Overall

Fiona Davidson

Finance Achiever 2020

Neil Bailley

New Kid on the Block


Kim Williams

Longest Serving Member

Who constantly know how to change when change is needed

Chris Brazel Shop

Come visit my Shop – you have lots of choices from my famous MINDFIT scrubs, Books, Podcasts, BRAIN SPACE ART, St Benedict Keys rings and so much more.  The Shop that gives you back what the MIND, THE BODY AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT  needs.

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