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Bootcamps  2017

WOW – Yes! I did it Bootcamps

What are WOW Yes! I did bootcamps about?  They are about people taking action.

People choosing to stop thinking, wishing, hoping and wondering. They are people who have made a conscious choice to create a paradigm shift in their life.

They have chosen to be at their best.  To shoot for goals and most of all follow through to achieve their goals.

The goals can be from simply being healthy all the way to being wealthy, opening up new career paths, new flows of income, new relationships or maybe falling in love for the first time.

Meet Margaret who became an International Author and a New York Times Best Seller

Margaret joined my monthly Girls Raise The Bar coaching groups – within the year, she became a top 10 author on Amazon.  She had never owned her own home within 2 years bought her home and then went onto to become a  New York Times best seller.  Margaret is now an action person with new goals.

Your WOW Yes! I did it  – journey starts with learning about yourself.

Who are you?  What makes you happy.  What makes you positive?  What to do when obstacles appear in your way.

How to work the mind, body and your environment.  How to take back your power when someone has taken it away.

I teach empowerment and confidence through choice and action.  When you can make conscious choices, then take action in accordance to those conscious choices you start to create a paradigm shift within yourself.  You start to change what you currently subconsciously attract to working in the Now and consciously attracting what you want.  From people coming into your life to the material possessions you wish to acquire.

I believe in walking your talk.

So each year I set high goals along with you and work towards my goals as I teach you to walk towards your goals.

In 2016 one of my goals was to be on a reality TV show.

This I achieved in November 2016.  Not just any reality TV Show I made it to the UK Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Show.

The highest TV reality show in the UK with between 800,000 to 1 million viewers.  Now that was achieving.


WOW, Yes! I did it

January  21st & 22nd, 2017 

You can arrive on the Friday and have an awesome one on one session with Chris Brazel.

Or you can arrive on the Saturday for our first session of the day.  The choice is yours.

You will love our WOW – Yes! I did it Community.  It is awesome working with like minded people who are ready to stop talking and ready to start taking action.  Working with Chris Brazel is awesome, it is fun, exciting and most of all it is colourful.  Your life will never be the same again.

Friday 20th January, 2017

You can arrive on the Friday and include a personal one on one session with Chris Brazel


You can arrive on the Friday and be ready for an early start on Saturday.

The choice is yours.

The weekend is jam packed with inspiration, motivation, education and action steps.

Each day includes time in the classroom as well as time out in the environment learning mind, body exercises to create paradigm shifts, empowerment and confidence with focus.

You will learn after the weekend feeling empowered, focused, heart and soul connected to your goals along with an action plan to achieve your goals.

Saturday 21st – Morning Session

What is 2017 all about.  

What can we expect for ourselves as well as the universal energy for the year of 2017.

2017 we will enter into the  year of the Fire Rooster – how to work with the year of the Rooster to achieve your goals.

This will be followed by learning about your personal year and your energy months.

What are your strengths, what are your goals, what are your action steps.

What is your tribal energy and how to work with your tribal energy for 2017.

How to step sideways following your passion takes you to the shortest pathway to your goals

How to pay attention to your intention.

Saturday  21st includes:

Water exercises to move through the emotions to being grounded to conquer and achieve your goals

Obstacle course to move the body to move the mind

Mind maze to still the mind when it feels confused and threatened

Breathing exercises to focus with pure intentions

28 Transitional breathing exercises

How to work with the Hopononono meditations to achieve alignment to your goals

I also have a special Sacred Circle exercise which is extremely powerful to work with.

The Sacred Circle links to the five elements and to the energy of the Sun.

2017 being a sun energy year, I would definitely recommend doing this exercise on a regular basis.

Creative exercise Saturday night to open the sacral chakra of choice, abundance and prosperity

Dance and movement exercises to step sideways when you feel you have hit the wall to your goals

Sunday – 22nd

Early morning start with paddle boarding.  Paddle boarding is one of the best ways to work with ego, emotions and power.

If you are not up for the paddle boarding exercise I have another water exercise that you can work with.  

From the paddle boarding you will work the mind and the body with ball work.  Powering the subconscious to learn to receive.  

The ART of giving and receiving.  Ball exercises are one of the best ways to create change, receive answers and remove obstacles within the mind.

To become healthy, wealthy and success you need to learn the ART of giving and receiving.  The law of cause and effect.  What you give out is what you receive back.

Back to the classroom to work on Focus.  2017 is a year where it will be important to focus on your goals, pay attention to your intentions.

What you focus on is what comes to you.  Where you place your energy is where you receive your energy and your rewards.

Following our focus exercises we will work on a plan of action.  A step by step guide for you to follow through the year so you achieve the goals that you have set.


Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd $695.00

Includes:   Membership to WOW Club for 2017, course, work book,  WOW 2017 Coaching Journal value $195.00, accommodation and meals

Friday 20th –  $895.00

Arrive early and have the choice of a one on one session with Chris Brazel.  Normally one on one sessions with Chris Brazel are $270.00 for the hour.  When you book to arrive on the Friday you have your session plus accommodation on the Friday night for an early morning meditation start on the Saturday.

Please note that your one on one session can be anytime during 2017.  You may like to book a time later in the year to ensure that you are on track to your goals.

The WOW Ultra Coaching Journal

When you join the WOW Community and WOW team you automatically receive the WOW coaching Journal.

A journal that teaches you everything you need to know about the mind, body and environment energy connection.

How to work with colours, numbers, affirmations, mind body exercises, how to design your home to design your life.

Super amazing meditations to empower you through the mind.  Positive affirmations and the law of attraction.

How to work with animals and animal energy.  The power of animals in creating mind shifts.

Life is about thriving,  you own your life, you are the one driving the car.  You are in charge of your destiny.


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