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Join the WOW Community in 2019 and have the best year ever

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Chris Brazel Director

WOW –  Yes! I did it

Join me at WOW Yes! I did.  Are you ready for a super amazing 2019?

Join the most amazing community of people around the world who take action, follow through and achieve all the happiness, health, wealth, success and love that they desire.  People who choose to be at their best.  People who love to share, communicate and most of all care.

People living a conscious life making conscious choices each day which in return rewards them in amazing ways.

Real people achieving real goals.  Everyone has Access to anything and everything that they want and desire in their life.  The only person blocking the access can be You so lets work together and make those dreams and goals come true.


2019 – Be ready for the most magical, fun and lucky year  of your time.

I am so ready and looking forward to an amazing year of fun, adventure and most of all the most amazing luck that can be given out.  I will be ready to receive.  Are you ready to start to change your luck this year?

WOW Yes! I did it

2019 Journal & Membership

2019 Journal and Membership

This year you have the choice of just receiving and working with the 2019 Journal or you can receive the journal and become a membership of the WOW Community.

What do you receive?

  • 2019 WOW Journal – online and download which can be printed
  • You can join the facebook private chat group and ask questions especially about the animal you have chosen each month.  This is one great benefit as it is amazing when people think they have chosen a great animal what their sub-conscious is really saying about the animal and the energy they are working with.
  • Podcasts for the month to work with in your own time to keep motivated and inspired
  • Youtube meditations to work with
  • Zoom meetings
  • Discounts on our events
Join Now

Come and join the WOW Community when you work together as a team you will always feel inspired and motivated.  As one person achieves their goal they will help you find a way to achieve yours.

WOW Yes! I did it

 WOW Events

2019 WOW Events

This year my aim is to have regular WOW events to help keep you on track and kicking goals.

We will have regular challenges both small and large to see how strong a mind we can create.

Our events will include

Paddle boarding – Sydney, Newcastle and Love to try and get one happening in the country – country are you up for it?

Walking and Hill climbs

Steps – how many steps can you achieve in a week

The Sugar and Alcohol Challenge – this was a huge winner last year

Bike events – the 30km Wild Hunter Ride in September.  This is a great event to practise for and join in.  A few hill but at the end of the day hills just creates powerful minds.  You get that amazing feeling “I can achieve anything”

Hawaii – November 14th – 21st  – Celebration and fun time with inspiration, motivation, education, water sports, water gardens, You have to hit the gong in the temple gardens.  Climb Diamond Head.  Swim the ocean and feel the freedom.

If you are a member then you will receive discounts on all our events.

Our 1st paddle board event will be held in Sydney on Sunday 6th January at 8.30am Narrabeen Lake.  We will be holding monthly Paddle Boarding as well as powerful walking and mind power swimming on the Northern Beaches this year.

Join our WOW Community

2019 is going to be the most awesome year with power lifting energy to help you reach your full potential and have the best year of your life.  Are you Ready?

WOW Yes! I did it

The WOW 2019 Journal

The 2019 Journal

Our journal this year will be a online and download which you can print if you choose.

The journal will be released on 10th January, 2019

You will have:

The energy of 2019 and the New Chinese New Year – what to expect and how to work with the year

Energy each month – universal both energy and force energy

Colours to work with each month to be in alignment to achieve your goals

Area in the home to work with – Working with specific areas in the home helps you to step out of the emotions and into goal setting

Working with your home is a great way to learn the different areas of the home and how to work with those areas.

Affirmations – writing an affirmation each month is a powerful way to work with auto – suggestion and the mind

Animals – each month will feature a different animal to work with to help you keep focused and on track.  Working with animals is a powerful tool to step sideways out of emotions and into doing.

Crystals – you will know which crystal to work with, the energy and the meaning so a great way to learn about crystals as you go.


We had amazing members achieve great things in 2018

WOW 2018 – Winners

WOW Yes! I did it

Sally our Top Winner

After a coffee meeting and her access code word which started out as fun then moved to stability.  Sally sold her home, bought a new home, reduced all her debts, she got a new job and in the meantime her husband resigned and gets a wonderful new job.

Not bad for 8 weeks effort in deciding change was needed, worked out her access code word and everything simply fell into place.  Right through to receiving free advertising to sell her home in one of the major newspapers worth around $5000 for free.  Now that is energy alignment.  The first person through the door bought the house well over what the agents had suggested.  Then when she purchased her new home she was able to purchase for around $80,000 less then the market price.  That is a WOW Moment.

WOW Yes! I did it

Congratulations to Francene

I know you put in the hours but it is amazing what you have conquered.  That huge credit card pay off – super amazing.

Earlier in the year you thought your wonderful dog was not going to make it.  Never mind what vets say when you work with the WOW Community and a powerful mind you can achieve anything – it was super news to hear about the health of your mate I am sure he is going to keep healthy.  Congratulations on your study and I know 2019 is going to be awesome for you.

WOW Yes! I did it

Meet Zavier

Zoe won this year with finding the most beautiful companion.  A paddle board session, an access code word, off to purchase a few items as a leap of faith.  One drawing and along came her beautiful little mate.  Well done Zoe.  2019 is your year for that soul mate to come into your life.  Are you ready?

WOW Yes! I did it

Well Done Desiree

Never give up.  This year has proven that Desiree can make it and will achieve her goals.  After a tough year which she has got through, in November she did the butterfly programme to help to kick goals.  One surprise she received at the end of her journey was a free trip to Belgium to have Christmas with her dad – how great is that for her and her daughter.  Don’t worry Desiree I can see you being a winner already in 2019.

WOW Yes! I did it

Anna & Paul always do their thing

I am always amazed at what goals Paul and Anna achieve.  They had to be very patient with the start of their new home in 2018 as it was exact timing for foundations to be laid.  They did it and now watch out Inverell and 2019.

WOW Yes! I did it

Janene changed the spelling of her name

Janene took the leap of faith and started to work on the change of the spelling of her name.  It has paid off.  She now has a new career move which is great and even better still she is about to open her mentoring for professional women in 2019.  There are so many women out there needing professional advice.  Janene is now ready to go to even greater heights in 2019.  Well done.  It takes guts to create change but once you step through the door the rest is easy.

Was it the footpath, the kangaroo trail walk or the paddle board to get these two amazing ladies moving and conquering?

Always be ready for what Chris Brazel might toss out there for you to do.

Just know no matter how far outside the square it may sound, know that you will kick butt and win the goals you are aiming to kick.

Trust and action are the key words along with the truth of what you really want gives you the key access to anything and everything you and need and desire.

WOW Yes! I did it

Lisa keeps kicking goals

Watch this girl go- every year achieving more.  Her goals have been to be debt free – that was easy.  Money and ability to travel, well in 2018 Lisa had amazing trips.

Lets see what goals Lisa sets for 2019.  Whatever this girls sets she achieves.  I am placing the challenge of her business  for 2019.  She would have to be one of the best Mindset trainers in the Newcastle area.  She teaches through proven successes.  There is no better trainer then one who has been there, done that and achieved.  Not by text book but by results.

WOW Yes! I did it

Go Kym and her Creativity

Was it the foot bath or the paddle boarding?  Kym has now set up a super creative business Putting U in the Picture.  She created a design that I have been trying to get printed for the last 18 months.  My brother was over the moon with his shirt.  If you need anything different, creative and wonderful then get in touch with Kym.  Lets see what 2019 brings.

WOW Yes! I did it

Where there is a will there is always a way

No matter what life throws at you – I know you can get on top and be the winner you were born to be.  Where there is a will there is always a way to find your way through the rocks and hardship.

Join me and the WOW Community and colour, conquer and create the life you desire.

Allow the power within create the real YOU.

 Everyone has access to anything and everything that they want in life.

Make conscious choices each day and see how easy it is to access the wealth of your life.

WOW Yes! I did it

I look forward to working with you in 2019

Lets have the best year ever.

To have the best year first we just need to decide.  How easy is that?

Next you just need to select three heart connected goals.  How easy is that?

Next we need to know what the universal energy is?  How easy is that?

Next we work in alignment to the energies when the time is about letting go we let go, when the time is about increasing the power we increase the power.

When we need to be focused and meet a challenge we focus and meet the challenge.

I am so looking forward to working with you this year and helping you in everyway to be your best and reach your full potential.