WOW Yes! I Did It – Welcome to 2020

WOW Yes! I Did It – 2020

You have a very interesting year ahead of you.  Depending on your own personal year is how the year will unfold.

For those in their own personal year then be ready for unpredictability, roller coaster and lots of un-expected changes.

Patience will be the name of the game.  2020 is not a year to be stubborn about anything.  Go with the flow and stop all resistance to what the heart wants.

WOW Yes! I Did It

December, 2019

This month we have the energy of 12 as the natural energy and the driving force energy of 24.

With this year being also a 12 energy the key energy you will be working on this month is the martyr/servant energy.

You will also be working on the struggle and sacrifice energies.  Remember with the driving force energy of the 24 what you receive comes back to what you give out.  Your life is your responsibility.

Twelve energies can change very quickly to the reverse of the 12 which is the 21 end of struggle after a long fight or journey.  A sign to watch out that you are entering the end of struggle is watch for white cockatoos up high in a tree.

The twelve energy reduces to the energy of three which is such a lucky number but the luck of the number only comes when you stand in your power with high self esteem.  You speak up, tell the truth and get to the core of the problems.  Solutions always come very fast when you are working the on the real problem.  The universe loves to help you and will always help if you ask.  Think the seeds you plant in thoughts are what grows to fruition.  So for example, if you think lack of, or running out of, then that is what you will be in lack of or running out of.  Think of what you want to grow.  I was chatting with one member who is so lucky to have  three in her personal codes.  The conversation was around running out of finances and her reserves.  So her mind was in lack of and running out of.  What I wanted her to work on was what did she want to gro?.  She had lots of knowledge, wisdom, creativity and a space to work in.   So by turning her mind into growing she would be able to link to the universe and get help.  The universe always wants you to have the best.  The universe does not want you to be in survival or in lack of.  Her affirmation to move her head space into the right energy flow was - With the help of the universe I now use my knowledge, wisdom, time, creativity and space to serve and help others in return I am receiving money, cash, gifts recognition and rewards.  I know it won't take long for her to be back on track.  If you are feeling the same way try this affirmation and let me know how you go.

The 24 energy for this month is be in the present moment.  Take the responsibility of your life and work on the vision for your future.  

Fear is one element that could pop up this month.  What ever you fear is what comes to you.  With all the fires around at the moment it is hard not to fear loss.  After being evacuated the other night then being in Sydney for concerts, I immediately headed home to work on the home, the water solutions and the animals.  Going back home and facing the fear of the fire, accepting that it was only a matter of time and the fire would be coming through made it so much easier to come up with solutions.  Before being away or just in the fear of losing-  you can't work on the solutions.  If you work on the solutions the universe will work with you.  I now know the fire is coming but it feels like everything will be safe.  And if it isn't then insurance will buy what is needed in the future.

24 reduces to the energy of six which is team work, family, love, the home as well as business.

Most people seperate business or career from the home but they actually go hand in hand.  With any business interest the more you work on your home the easier it will be to attract what you want.  Your home = you so when you move, change, clean or re-new anything in your home you are creating the change in your business.  Louise our Good Foot Fairy knows this well.  We made changes in her treatment room with paint, changes of pictures, desk and chair now she is booked out weeks in advance to the exact number she set her goal to.  Louise went from what she didn't have in her business to now what she has.  A simple change of mind and auto suggestions with changes in her home.  If Louise can move her business to what she wants so can you.

6 energy will often indicate that you need to re-build.  There is nothing negative about re-building - it can be exciting.  

With the combination of the 12 and the 24 one of my goals this month after such and amazing Hawaii experience is to take our Hawaii Healing Retreats to a whole new level in  2020.  Lets work as a team and growing group and move WOW Hawaii into conference style at Turtle Bay Resort.  Don't worry you still get to go shopping in the main centre.  You will now just get the best of both worlds in Hawaii, the most amazing healing waters in the world.

Colours for the Month

Colours  to 15th December

This month we will focus on blue turquoise and green for the next ten days.

We then move to red and green our Christmas good luck colours to get ready for 2020.

Working with turquoise and green you have the wood and the water element.  So what seeds you plant you will see grow.

A great combination to get to the truth and matters of the heart.

From 15th - 31st December

Work with as much red as you can.  Place red lanterns and red streamers around the home.

Red is such a powerful and wonderful focus colour to work with.  It is Chinese Feng Shui traditions to place the red lanterns around the home to invite positive and powerful energies for the following year.

Don't forget to have your Christmas Tree full of angels, good wishes, streamers and happy items to celebrate the year, the family you have and the gift of life itself.  Christmas is a time for sharing.  it does not need to be expensive gifts a well wish, time for a coffee, a creative card you have made yourself are all wonderful items to simply say "thank you for being in my life".


Thank You - The importance of Gratitude

Remember to say thank you to those special people who have been around and helped during the year.

A thank you gift can simply be a card that you made.  A few kinds words can touch the perfect place in the heart.

Gifts do not need to be expensive they simply need to come from the heart.  That is true giving.

Remember to also give yourself the gift of acknowledging what you have achieved this year.  When you acknowledge what you have achieved personally or in career  you can stand in your power knowing you took action.

The Area of the Home to work with this month

It is so important to cleanse your home at the end of the month to clear all energies from this year and be ready to invite the new energies of 2020.

2020 is going to be a very interesting year.  A year that will be a definite roller coaster so be ready.  Roller coasters can be fun.

The best way to cleanse your home will be with a Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme Smudge stick.  I do find that just the sage, itself is not strong enough.  You can either use a bought smudge stick or you can collect and dry the herbs and create your own smudge combination.

Working with sound is another way to cleanse.  I find the best way to cleanse your home  is to smudge with herbs then open the windows and use the sound of bells or clap stick to invite the new energy into your home.  Alway set an intention before starting.  Be clear about what you want to invite into your home.

In our January Bootcamp, you will make your own clap sticks so right from the start of the year you will connect to sound, aroma and colour and creativity.  Three powerful energies to work with.  Because you have created your own clap sticks from the tree itself you will feel the power more as you work and cleanse.  There is one place left for the January Bootcamp 11th & 12th.

Sounds is always an easy and quick way to create new flows of positive energy

Crystals for the Month

Howlite -  Use Howlite to help you speak up, tell the truth and find the truth.  If you seek you will always find the answers.  Sometimes the truth may hurt but a little hurt never really harms you it helps you move forward and open new doors.

Lapis - I love lapis for protection but to also open my intuition and inner knowing.  Work with lapis to see the knowledge within to do what is best for you.    What is your inner gut trying to tell you?

Oils for the Month

Oils are Frankincense and Lemon.  You can also work with Myrrh if you wish

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is great to give you an uplifting feeling.

It is great to use when there are energies of bitterness around you.  If you have any feelings of resentment then work with this oil in the area of the home that connects to that energy.  For example:  if you have resentment in your career or with the people you are working with then use in the relationship corner of your home, office or desk.

I find working with fresh lemons great for detoxing.  At the moment I create each week a mixture of fresh lemons, garlic and ginger to help with energies of the heart and thyroid which connects to speaking up and doing what is best for you.  Very thankful to Anna Harmon of Soul Spaces for sharing this recipe.

Frankincense oil

I love to use this oil daily on my wrist on each arm.

When I place a drop on my wrist - I then rub with my finger and affirm my intention to unite my mind, body and my intentions. I ask for the wisdom of the day, protection for the day and to have an open my mind and my body to opportunities.

I believe Frankincense supports the body and mind.  It is a great energy oil to work with daily.

It helps you move the mind into a supportive state when issues begin to rise.  You have a feeling that you will find the solution no matter what.

Chinese Coins - Buddha Paper - Lucky Envelope

From 24th December - 31st December go into the void.  Remove your coins from your lucky envelope, take off the coins from your front door and put into the dirt to rest and cleanse.  You are ready to cleanse from 2019 and get ready for 2020.  If you have Chinese Coins in your wallet it will be time to remove and cleanse and have them ready for 1st January, 2020.

Buddha Paper

On the 1st January, 2020 select a red candle, sit in a quiet spot and write out your wishes for the up coming year.  When you have finished burn the buddha paper and put the ashes in a garden pot or your garden.  You then need to allow your wishes to come to you.  Keep lighting the red candle each day until the candle is finished.

Lucky Envelope

If 2019 has been a great year keep one x $2.00 coin and simply replace the other two coins to invite new opportunities to you in 2020.

If 2019 has not been a great year then replace all three x  $2.00 coins.

Traditional Coins on Front Door or Wallet.

You may have the traditional authentic Chinese Coins or you may have the fake coins.

It does not matter which type you have they will still need to be placed into a pot of dirt or the garden bed for cleansing.

When you return the coins  to your wallet with new red ribbon make sure that the yang side is up.  Also make sure that all coins are facing with the same symbol.  The Yang side is the right way.  That is money coming in.  Often people who do not believe that they can receive will either have the yin side facing them or one side yin and one side yang.  The yang side is the side with the four symbols.

Authentic coins are more powerful but often people with the fake coins also attract luck and money.

Interesting with the Fires and fire preparation I found our lost authentic coins.  I had been looking for them for ages.  The last time I lost them was just before the Brisbane 2011 Floods when I was cleaning up everything I found the box of coins.  This time I will not misplace as they are really valuable -  If you are interested in having a set of Authentic Coins let me know they range from $50.00 - $100 per coin depending on the emperor they match to.  I only have 6 available for sale.  Once these go that will be it.

Cindy bought her set two years ago - she is now in property development.  It is not just the luck of the coins it is also your belief in yourself and your ability, knowledge and wisdom - all energies combined create the wealth of your life.

2020 The New Year Ahead

2020 is going to be a very interesting year.  You really need to be ready as the year will either go one way or the other.

Great positive energies, with heart connections, powerful plans with rewards.

The other way will be the roller coaster - one day great the next day heading in a different direction.

Join our WOW Yes! I Did It Community and work through the year in the powerful way and as a team.

2020 we will be working more on the coaching side to achieve your goals each month.  Energy Access Coding you, your goals and the universal energies.

The Theme for 2020 will be working "This Time Next Year" then breaking it down to "This Time Next Month".  Putting a plan into place each month to ensure the goals you set will be reached.

I love the TV Show "This Time Next Year".  The achievements participants create and make are so inspiring.  When you have  determination to be in a different place or position the following year you tend to put more focus and energy into your conscious choices and daily actions.

I do hope you join me to take our WOW Yes! I Did It to new level.

January Boot Camp - Access Coding and Mapping out your year for Success

This is an amazing bootcamp - each year participants see their goals come to fruition which is awesome.

There is only one place left so if you have been thinking about coming book now.

The dates are 11th & 12th January.

You can arrive on the Friday or the Saturday.  We now have a large house for accommodation for everyone.

Click to find out more.

January Bootcamp

Courses In January, 2020

Access Coding - Level 1 - The Power of Numbers -    17th & 18th January - Wollombi

Vision Boards - 19th January, Wollombi

Full day creating your vision board according to the Bagua Feng Shui Map - Combined with your Access Codes to unblock you to ensure you reach your goals.  This is a brilliant workshop for team leaders, Fitness Trainers, Life Coaches, Real Estate Mentors and Coaches or Oil Networking Leaders.  You can use personally or professionally.

If you would like to move into working with energies and your passion to create changes in lives this is a great way to kick start your business. This workshop you can learn how to run a similar workshop and kick start your business - especially great if you are in the oil networking business and want to build your team.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Travel safe.  Have fun sharing and enjoying each others company.

Thank you for being part of my world.  I look forward to you joining me again next year.

All the best.